(1) End labelling

Primer extension
• * This labelling technique uses random
oligonucleotides (usually
hexadeoxyribonucleotide moleculessequences of six deoxynucleotides) to
primer synthesis of a DNA strand by DNA
• * The DNA to be labelled is denaturated by
heating, and the oligonucleotide primer
annealed to the single stranded DNAs.
•The klenow fragment of DNA
polymerase can synthesize a
copy of the template, primed
from the 3-hydroxyl group of the
* If a labelled dNTP is
incorported, DNA of very high
specific activity is produced. (Fig
Nucleic acid hybridization
•The complementary feature of DNA base-pairing
can be used to provide information a bout the
sequence complexity of the DNA.
•If a DNA duplex is denaturated by heating until
the strands separate, the complementary strands
will be renaturated on cooling . (Fig 13)