New Horizon College English
Book 3 Unit 8
Yang Bo
Pre-reading Activity
While-reading Activity
Post-reading Activity
Pre-reading Activity
Background Information
Lead-in Questions
Background Information
The process of making a genetically
identical organism through nonsexual means.
 Bill Clinton:
the 42nd President of the United States
Background Information
(deoxyribonucleic acid 脱氧核糖核酸)
the chemical at the center of the cells
of living things which controls the
structure and purpose of each cell and
carries genetic information during
Lead-in Questions
1. When people heard about Dolly, what did they
think was within reach?
2. How did the American government react to
3. What is the gravest concern about human
cloning for society?
While-reading Activity
Language points and important expressions
Language points and expressions
word that…/of…关于······的消息
e.g. Word of his sexual scandal has been spread fast on
the streets.
to succeed in (doing) sth. 成功地做了某事
e.g. If they succeed in establishing a cease-fire, the UN
will send in peace-keeping forces.
Language points and expressions
to work for适用于;为······工作
e.g. China’s successful experience in economical
development may work for most of the developing
within (one’s) reach在伸手能及的范围以内,近
e.g. Rather than choose an ambitious goal beyond his
reach, he would choose a goal within his reach.
to come to life活跃起来,表现生动
e.g. The dull play really came to life through the
performance of these young people.
Language points and expressions
in the wake of 随着,紧跟着
e.g. Human societies have to suffer one disaster after
another that follows in the wake of the ecological
to draft guidelines for为······起草指导方针
e.g. She was busy drafting her speech for next month’s
speech contest.
Language points and expressions
in the first place首先;起初;其一
e.g. It is unwise to love at first sight. In the first place
you know little about each other and in the second it
is hard for such love to last long.
to fall into可分成;属于
e.g. Things of a kind come together; people of a mind
fall into a group.
Language points and expressions
to be identical to/with . 与······一模一样;就等于
e.g. His indulgence in online love affairs is identical to
neglecting his studies.
in terms of从······方面(来说); 根据;按照
e.g. He thinks of everything in terms of money.
What if…? 要是······怎么办 / 怎么样?
e.g. Don’t get involved in love games too early. What if
you suffer from failure in love?
Language points and expressions
with sth. in mind出于······目的; 考虑到某事
e.g. Failure is the mother of success. With this in mind,
he began to take a new look at the failure in this
to get around/round 克服; 回避
e.g. She is trying to get round this tricky problem by
changing the subject.
Language points and expressions
to be comparable to/with可与······相比;类似于
e.g. In the eyes of some people, love is comparable to a
maze, full of lures and traps.
to puzzle over努力思考
e.g. He puzzled over the problem for hours, without
making head or tail of it.
to wonder about对······好奇;想知道;对······疑
e.g. I keep wondering about why some people can reap
without sowing.
Language points and expressions
regardless of不顾,不管
e.g. Those who, regardless of objective conditions, act as
they think fit are less likely to succeed.
to leave confusion over留下难题,迷惑
e.g. The teacher’s explicit explanation left the students
no confusion over that abstract theory.
Post-reading Activity
Spell the following words with the help of their definitions and
the first letters.
1. C_______ v. make an exact copy of a plant or animal by
taking a cell from it and developing it artificially.
2. C___________ n. a group of people specially appointed
to do certain work.
Post-reading Activity
3. T________ n. an organ or plant moved from one
person or one place to another.
4. R_________ v. be similar to sb. or sth., esp. in
5. I
n. a person or an animal that lives in
a place.
6. D
v. doing sth. on purpose; intended.