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Know Skin ?
Doterra Essential Skin Care
Know Me?
Kirsten Sheridan
HND in Beauty Therapy
International Cidesco Diplomat
Clinical Aromatherapy
Massage Therapy/ La Stone
City and Guilds Teaching Qualification
National Academy of Sports medicine – CPT
Know this complex organ
Skin Types and Conditions
Skin Type
 Normal
 Oily
 combination
 Alipoid - Dry
 Sensitive
Skin Conditions
 Oily
 Dehydrated
 Environmentally
 Pigmentation
 Premature Aging
Why Doterra essential Skin Care?
 Nature and science
 Generous amounts of CPTG
essential oils
 Cosmeceuticals
 Non of the bad
 No Dyes
 No Formaldehyde
 No Parabens
 No SLES or SLS
 No animal testing!
Skin Health – An internal
The Skin is a window into
the general health of the
body and all its organs
therefore the skin needs
to be supported both
topically and systemically!
Doterra Lifelong Vitality
Pack- Take daily for
optimum skin health!!!
Know Steps to healthy skin
Cleanse x2 -2x daily
Exfoliate 2-3x per
Tone 2x daily
Target 1-2x daily
Moisturize 2x daily
Spf – every 2hrs
What’s in it for me?
 What is in a
product is
 Rock star
 Therapeutic and
corrective benefits
of those ingredients
 Where do I start?
 Results?
 Realistic
Facial Cleanser
 Melaleuca – astringent /purifying
 Peppermint - vasodilator
 Cruciferous veg extract –antiredness/antioxidant
Vitamin Blend including:
 Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
 Stabilized vitamin C
 Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A)
 Vitamin B5 (panthenoic acid)
Cleansing for an oily and
Acne prone skin
 Rosewood . Eucalyptus.
Lemongrass. Melaleuca cleanse
impurities and manage sebum
 White willow Bark – cell renewal
 Black Cumin – Antioxidant
Invigorating scrub
 Grapefruit . Peppermint
 Lavender – Cell biogenesis (Involved
in cell regulation)
 Jojoba beads – Tiny spherulites have
exfoliating action and after
dissipation jojoba has a moisturizing
and hydrating action
 Brown and red algae – control
Reveal Facial System
Step1 – Refining polish
 Wild orange and lime – purify
 Pumpkin enzymes – Digest dead skin cells
(Pac men)
Step 2 – Peptide Activator
 Protein building peptides – peptides act
as chemical messengers within the skin to
produce essential proteins and functions.
Peptide activity includes building
collagen/elastin and controlling
Pore Reducing Toner
Lavender – cell biogenesis
Ylang-Ylang – Astringent / PH balancing
German Chamomile – anti inflammatory
Soybean extract – Visibly reduces pore size
Pumpkin Extract (Cucurbita pepo L fruit) – limits
inflammation by reducing histamine response
 Cruciferous extract – anti redness / anti oxidant
 Vitamin Blend – E, C, A , B5
Tightening serum
 Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh – DNA
repair, Tissue Matrix repair, cell biogenesis
 Rhizobian and acacia gum extracts –
Immediate lifting effect occurs as mechanical
network is formed over the skin pulling
wrinkles together making them less
 Proprietary Ogliopeptides – Act on synapses
impeding the message from the nerve to the
muscle producing a Botox (without the Toxic
overload) like effect. The less your muscles are
flexed the less wrinkles are formed – specific
biological activity.
Tightening Serum Cond.
 Oat Kernel Extract – reduces surface
area of wrinkles
 Proprietary Fluorocarbon – skin
respiration and hydration- reduces
fine lines and wrinkles
 Biomimetic Peptides – blocks melanin
reduces pigmentation
 Vitamin blend A, C, E, B5
Target problem areas
Clear Skin – Roll On
 Eucalyptus – Controls over active
sebaceous activity
 Geranium – hydrating
 Rosewood – astringent
Immortelle – Roll On
 Frankincense
 Helichrysum
 Rose
Reduce inflammation support skin
health at a cellular level
Anti Aging Moisturizer
 Lavender- Calming / cell biogenesis
 Jasmine – Calming and Balancing
 Geranium – Hydrating and healing
 Frankincense – Cell repair/ renewal
 Matrikine messaging – Internal mechanism to promote wound
healing and improves elasticity and tone
 Patented hyaluronic spherulites – reduce wrinkle depth and have a
plumping effect.
HA molecules are too big to penetrate the skin but if those cells are
dehydrated and then small enough to penetrate the epidermis and
then rehydrate = Increased volume /plumping effect
 Summer snowflake bulb extract – Guards against free radical
damage and also regulates melanogenesis.
Based on the ability of dormant bulbs to regenerate in Spring while
retaining enough moisture and elasticity.
Hydrating Cream
 Milk peptide complex –
regeneration of connective
tissue(Collagen and Elastin)
 Cocoa seed butter – supports
skin barrier and NMF
 Lavender- cell biogenesis
 Jasmine – Soothing and
 Geranium – Soothing and
 Frankincense – Cell renewal
and support
Customizing Skin Care
 Lavender – healing
 Geranium – Hydrating,
soothing and calming
 Melaleuca – over active
sebaceous glands
 Helichrysum – healing
and calming
 Lemongrass – purifying
 Ylang- Ylang – purifying
and astringent and PH
 German chamomilecalming/soothing for
sensitive skin
Skin Care Kits
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Doterra product Guide
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