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Tau fa’amata’u
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“au fai news” 10
Governor Lolo Matalasi
Moliga did the honors of
cutting the ribbon officially
opening the 7th Pacific Water
and Expo Conference hosted
by the American Samoa
Power Authority from September 9-11 at the Gov. Rex
H. Lee Auditorium. It’s theme
is “Water and Energy in the
Pacific”, which the governor
says is “most fitting” given
that they are the lifelines of
[photo: JL]
the islands.
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Fa’aulu Senate pili si’i ai
alauni Senatoa ma Faipule
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le pili taufaaofi lea na fa’aulufale i luma o le maota maualuga i le taeao ananafi e sii ai alauni mo senatoa ma faipule, ua
fa’aigoaina e ni isi o senatoa e fa’apea, “e le fai mo i latou o
lo o nofoia nofoa a Itumalo i le taimi nei, ae fuafua mo fanau
o le lumana’i”.
O le tulafono taufaaofi e pei ona fa’aulufaleina e le afioga i
le Peresetene o le Senate ia Gaoteote Palaie Tofau, o lo o talosagaina ai le toe fa’aopoopo o le ta’i $10,000 i alauni o Senatoa
ma Faipule.
E ta’i $30,000 i le tausaga alauni o senatoa ma faipule o lo
o i ai i le taimi nei, peita’i o le tulafono taufaaofi lea ua i luma
o le maota maualuga, ua talosagaina ai le sii atu i luga i le ta’i
$40,000 i le tausaga.
Mo le Peresetene o le Senate ma le Fofoga Fetalai o le
maota o sui, e ta’i $40,000 i le tausaga alauni o lo o i ai, ae o le
pili fou e si’i ai i le ta’i $50,000 i le tausaga.
E lei atoa se 5 minute na fetufaa’i ai afioga i senatoa i le
taeao ananafi e fa’atatau i le tulafono lenei, i se iloiloga puupuu
na valaauina e le taitaifono o le Komiti o le Paketi ia Lagolagi Fonoti Savali Vaeao ina ua mae’a le tauaofiaga a le maota
maualuga, ae tasi loa le finagalo o afioga i senatoa e pasia le
pili taufaaofi, ma sauni loa e tuuina atu i luma o le maota mo
le palotaina.
Saunoa Laolagi i le taimi o le iloiloga e faapea, o lo o i ai
se vaega tupe fa’aopoopo a le Fono Faitulafono i totonu o le
Paketi mo le tausaga tupe 2015, o lo o fa’amoemoe e fa’atupe
ai le pili taufaaofi lenei mai se vaega o le tupe fa’aopoopo lea a
le Fono, ua mae’a fo’i ona la feutana’i ma le alii peresetene o le
Senate, ma ua fa’ailoa fo’i lona lagolagoina o lenei fuafuaga.
Na vave ona saunoa le afioga i le alii senatoa ia Soliai
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Chief Election Officer denies
challenge against Vui Florence Saulo
Vui says will seek relief in High Court for malicious acts
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
Chief Election officer Tuaolo Manaia Fruean
has denied the challenge launched by Tualauta
candidate Lucia Bartley against Representative
Vui Florence Saulo. Bartley and local resident
Esther Fiatoa are challenging the authenticity
of “Vui Florence Tuaumu Saulo’s birth certificate”, however Tuaolo has concluded that Vui
satisfies the US national requirement, in accordance with Article II Section 3, and denied the
“If an appeal of my decision is not filed
with the High Court in accordance with ASCA
6.0303, Vui’s name shall appear on the ballot as
a candidate for the office of representative in the
upcoming 2014 general election.
Bartley told Samoa News yesterday morning
that they will appeal Tuaolo’s decision concerning their challenge of the authenticity of
Vui’s birth certificate with the High Court.
Last Friday, Lucia Bartley and Esther Fiatoa
filed a petition with the Election office pointing
out that the Appellate court did not rule on their
challenge filed in December 2012, citing it did
not have subject matter jurisdiction to hear the
(Samoa News should point out that the copy
of the petition which Bartley provided to Samoa
News shows an unsigned document, and efforts
to get a signed copy were unsuccessful.)
The unsigned copy indicates that the two
women asked the Chief Election Officer for
his honest and thorough review of the required
documents from candidates. “During the vetting process as you scrutinize birth certificates,
please pay close attention, ensuring you are
looking at either an ‘original copy’ or one that
(Continued on page 12)
(Faaauau itulau 13)
Lolo calls Pacific
Water Conference
theme “most fitting”
“Water and Energy in the Pacific”
lifelines of our island countries
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu , Samoa News Reporter
“It’s forecasted that there will be drought in 2015 and given
the adverse economic and social implication of this event, we are
working earnestly to ensure that the anticipated negative effects
are minimal,” said Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga during his
opening remarks at the 7th Pacific Water and Expo Conference,
being hosted this year by the American Samoa Power Authority.
Lolo said the theme for this year’s conference — “Water and
Energy in the Pacific” — is “most fitting because these two commodities are the lifelines of our island countries.”
“Ironically water is a God given commodity requiring no
infrastructural system to produce, and given the frequency with
which it rains, it is plentiful.
“It is freely given, and our people should not be burdened
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by B. Chen, Samoa News Correspondent
The brand new Segaula — a catamaran that was christened last week and will be used mainly
for transportation between the Manu’a Islands — was placed on a trailer Monday this week
at the main dock in Fagatogo to undergo planned maintenance for warranty purposes. This is
according to Chief Warrant Officer Matt Ricks of the local marine safety detachment unit of the
US Coast Guard (USCG). Samoa News received several telephone calls and inquiries from the
public who saw the vessel on a sling on Monday, wondering if the Segaula was already damaged,
only days after it arrived in the territory.
“There are no problems with the Segaula,” CWO Ricks explained through a telephone interview with Samoa News yesterday morning. “Basically, there were just administrative issues that
needed to be cleared up.”
He said the Segaula was placed on a trailer so the engine manufacturer can carry out planned
maintenance work that included changing the gear oil. The maintenance was coordinated by
Cory Armstrong — who represents the company that built the Segaula — and officials from the
Dept. of Port Administration. CWO Ricks explained that the goal is to have the engines last for
a while so in order to do that, they need to “break it in slowly, meaning the oil has to be changed
frequently in the beginning.” He added, “It’s basically preventative maintenance work.” Meanwhile, the Segaula has the green light to travel, but only with six passengers or less on board, as
the US Coast Guard still hasn’t yet issued a certificate of inspection for the vessel. Ricks said part
of the delay has to do with poor internet connection — with the necessary paperwork processing
[courtesy photo]
delayed between here and Honolulu.
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014
O.O. INC. Senate moves forward with bill to
increase Fono office allowances
by Samoa News staff
Call 699-4484, 699-2092, 699-5047
for more information.
A Senate bill to hike the office allowance
for members of both Senate and House was
introduced yesterday in the Senate, followed
by a committee review chaired by Sen. Laolagi
F.S. Vaeao, chairman of the Senate Budget and
Appropriations Committee. At the end of the
hearing, senators agreed to moving the measure
to the floor for a full Senate vote and the bill
could be presented today for second reading.
Local statute prohibits the current Legislature from hiking their compensation, but they
can do so for the next Legislature. However, the
current legislature can raise their office allowance and in accordance with the statue, each
member of the Senate and House gets $30,000
annually, while the Senate President and House
Speaker each receives $40,000 annually.
This allowance is for the purpose of defraying
expenses relating to, or resulting from, the discharge of their official duties; however, an
accounting of the expenditures incurred by the
member is not required. Unless the member so
elects, the allowance is not taxable and will not
be reported as income purposes for taxes.
(Samoa News should point out that some
lawmakers have included the allowance as their
income and therefore claimed it in their taxes
— based on a bill enacted into law several years
The committee hearing yesterday lasted less
than ten minutes before senators all agreed to
endorse the measure and present it to the full
Senate for a vote.
Laolagi explained that the Fono’s fiscal year
2015 budget has an increase of about $600,000
from FY 2014. Of the $600,000 half of the
money is slated for the hike in office allowance
and the rest for Fono operations.
(Allowance is listed in the budget under
materials and supplies).
He also that this matter has already been
discussed with Senate President Gaoteote
Tofau Palaie and therefore there is no need
to have a separate funding bill for the allowance increases. Sen. Soliai Tuipine Fuimaono
moved to end the debate and for the committee
to prepare to approve the measure for submission to the full Senate to pass the measure.
He says all senators are fully aware of the
importance of this measure.
The statement was echoed by other senators
including Sen. Alo Fa’uuga who said that this is
an important bill for future generations looking
at being lawmakers.
Gaoteote agreed, saying, along with other
senators, this hike is not only for the current
lawmakers but for future generations in American Samoa.
Despite numerous objections,
Samoa’s first casino opens
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu , Samoa News Reporter
Litter hurts. .
Do the right thing
“A casino is now open in Samoa with 100 slot machines and six tables,” said Samoa’s Prime
Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi in an exclusive interview with Samoa News last
week, where he also pointed out that despite numerous objections, it’s finally open.
He told Samoa News that the idea behind the government’s decision to have a casino, is so
tourists will spend more time in Samoa and spend their wealth there. He also said it will boost
Samoa’s foreign exchange, create new activities for tourism and generate more money for the
Samoa government. He said what was recently opened is one of two venues for the White Sand
Casinos, at Aggie Grey’s Lagoon Beach Resort in Mulifanua, with the second one to be opened in
Apia with 220 slot machines and 24 tables. He told Samoa News that some of the income generated from this project will be allocated for education and sports, and that the casino has already
created 100 job opportunities for those in Samoa, with more opportunities when the second casino
opens. Samoa News asked about the local laws governing casino operations — which ban Samoan
citizens from entering the casinos. He explained that those holding Samoan passports are banned,
but those with foreign passports are allowed to take advantage of the casinos, which will be open
from 2p.m. to 4a.m. Monday through Saturday. They will be closed on Sundays.
“US passports, New Zealand, Australia, passports aside from Samoan passports are foreign
passports — and those in American Samoa who travel all the way to Las Vegas can now come
over and try the casinos we have. It’s closer to home and only 45 minutes from Tutuila.”
At the opening night held in August, Samoa Observer reported that Prime Minister Tuilaepa
reminded everyone that the road to the casino’s opening was not easy — as there had been many
objections about the government’s decision to legalize gambling, including strong opposition from
the churches and critics of the government. But the government persevered because it could foresee
the benefits for Samoa, he said. Besides, he said, the decision to issue gambling licenses was not
new. He recalled that some 30 years ago, the government had approved a casino license for another
hotel company. A Memorandum of Understanding was drafted, but the Casino was never built.
The Prime Minister said that the casinos are made available for people who are interested in
them. “Gambling is a personal choice,” he said. “One can still gamble sensibly.”
Senators concerned about LBJ
board micro-managing hospital
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Page 3
“Let CEO do his job”
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
LBJ Medical Center board chairman Mase
Akapo told lawmakers that former hospital
chief executive officer Joseph Davis-Fleming
was terminated because he was not doing his
job and was not qualified for the post, and any
threat of a lawsuit against the hospital is that
person’s individual right.
Mase, along with LBJ chief financial officer
Pauline Gebauer, appeared last Friday before
the Fono Joint Budget Committee for the hospital’s FY 2015 budget.
LBJ’s total FY 2015 budget total is $52.67
million — which is the same amount for FY
LBJ’s largest revenue source totals $13.49
million under Medicaid and and Medicare; followed by $7.90 in DOI funding; and $3.5 million from the 2% wage tax. ASG’s subsidy is $6
million and LBJ is projecting to collect $7.77
million in cash collections.
At the start of the hearing, Sen. Galeai
Tu’ufuli said he is very concerned with hospital
management and he said it’s the cause of the
many problems currently faced by the hospital
— but he didn’t elaborate.
He told Mase that the law is clear— the
board appoints the chief executive officer and
the chief financial officer to oversee the management of the hospital.
He says the CEO is the key to the success
of the hospital and also the person who carries
out policies set by the board; however, when the
board “micro-manages” the hospital— then that
becomes a problem.
Sen. Alo Fa’auuga said he supports Galeai’s
concerns, and he has previously called on the
board and management to work together in harmony in order to get things done right at the
He then pointed out that news media have
reported that the former CEO has threatened to
file a lawsuit against the hospital and he asked
as to why.
Mase responded that perhaps this is the right
and appropriate time for the board to make a
statement, adding that he didn’t want to respond
to the media’s report about the lawsuit.
He said the former CEO was removed by the
board because the person wasn’t qualified for
the post and that if the man had remained, there
would have been more problems at the hospital.
Mase also said that following Davis-Fleming’s
performance evaluation — which was reported
by the media — the former CEO failed in all
five evaluation categories and therefore he was
According to the chairman of the board, the
former CEO has the right to sue the hospital —
that is his right as a human being.
Senate President Gaoteote Tofau Palaie
quickly pointed out that this is a budget hearing
to debate financial affairs of the hospital and
that Alo can discuss with Mase after the budget
hearing other details about the termination of
the former CEO.
Asked by the committee, Mase said that they
are still advertising the post of CEO and once
it is filled, he will give up his duties as acting
Sen. Soliai Tuipine Fuimaono also said he
supported Galeai’s statement and recommended
that when a new CEO is hired, to let the CEO do
his job and he told the board “not to interfere”.
According to the budget document, LBJ is
projecting to receive $400,000 in FY 2015 for
its share from the fuel excise tax. Sen. Nua
Saoluaga pointed out that $47,500 is budgeted
in the excise tax for personnel costs, but the
law is clear that this share is to go for the purchase of medication and medical supplies, not
Mase replied that this is incorrect as cited in
the budget, and will be removed and placed in
the right budget category.
Both Sens. Magalei Logovi’i and Laolagi
F.S. Vaeo asked the hospital to revisit its budget
to make sure that the money LBJ receives from
the excise tax goes to pay for medical supplies
and medication and is not used for personnel
Several questions were raised by Gaoteote
and other committee members over the 2%
wage tax, in which the hospital projected to
collect over $3 million in FY 2014, as well as
2015. According to the law, 50% of the wage
tax goes to LBJ operations and the other half is
for the off island referral program.
Gaoteote said that, based on financial reports
from the hospital, there should be money in the
account for the 2% wage tax to pay for the off
island medical referral program. He says if $3.5
million is budgeted to be received from the 2%
wage tax, that means some $1.7 million should
go to this important program.
Mase explained that LBJ didn’t receive all of
the $3.5 million budgeted last year. He said that
only $1 million was received and this helped
restart the off island referral program. And
since June and July, the hospital has not turned
down any patient in need of off island referral
based on recommendations from the referral
committee, he said, adding that if recommended
by the committee, then the airfare of the escort
(Continued on page 14)
by B. Chen, Samoa News Correspondent
The Office of Samoan Affairs (OSA) was packed on Monday
with village mayors and county chiefs who attended a special
Q&A session hosted by the public awareness committee selected
to educate the public about the veto override amendment which
will be on the ballot during Election Day in November.
(The referendum was put out for a vote during the 2012 elections but didn’t garner enough votes to pass).
Monday’s session was led by local attorney Fainu’ulelei L.F.
Ala’ilima Utu, who explained the true meaning of the veto override amendment, and said the reason why the amendment didn’t
pass the first time around was because a lot of locals didn’t
understand what it was about.
He also said it was critical to get the information out to the
village mayors and county chiefs as they are the ones who assist
greatly during the election process.
The referendum amends the American Samoa Constitution
and if passed, will give the Fono the authority to override the
governor’s veto, instead of the U.S. Secretary of Interior.
Fainu’ulelei said American Samoa is unlike any other US territory or state, in that the local Legislature does not have the
power to override the governor’s veto.
He said although our local faipule and senators are referred
to as ‘lawmakers’ their authority is limited, based on the lack of
veto override power. He said Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga
has expressed his support of the referendum and added that it
was the Governor who appointed the members of the pubic
awareness committee to conduct outreach about the veto override. Committee members include Fainu’ulelei, Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale, Sen. Afoa Moega Lutu, and Tapa’au
Dr. Daniel Aga.
The committee made a presentation last night for the residents of Tafuna and Ili’ili at the Fagaima Methodist Church hall
and tomorrow, they will head over to the Fagatogo CCJS Church
hall to speak to villagers from Fagatogo, Fagaalu and Utulei.
Fainu’ulelei said the goal of the outreach is to keep people
‘well-informed’ about the subject matter so they can have a full
understanding of the referendum when they cast their votes later
this year.
Youngsters enrolled in the Early Childhood Education (ECE)
program which officially started this past Monday, Sept. 8, will
have to be dropped off and picked up by their parents until such
time that approval is granted for them to utilize school buses.
A DOE official told the Samoa News earlier this week that
school bus transportation for the more than 1,300 children
enrolled in the ECE program this school year has been discontinued, after federal representatives inspected the school buses
and discovered that they were unsafe to transport the territory’s
youngest students, as the buses are not equipped with child
restraints (seat belts).
(Continued on page 5)
“Va’aiga Fou Mo A Taeao!”
“A New Vision for A Brighter Tomorrow!”
Sui Tauva mo Uosigitone
POB 4856, Pago Pago, AS 96799-4856
tel:(684) 677-3182 Landline and Facsimile • Cell: (684) 733-7999
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mai ai loa i aiga ma nonofo ai nei i Fifiuta, Manu’a mo le 14 tausaga.
Ae o le a se’i ou mua’i taina le vaiafei ma ou sausauina le pa’ia tele ma le mamalu o Sa ma Faiga o Samoa. Ia tulouna ia le pa’ia maualuga ma le mamalu tele o
Sua ma le Vaifanua, Fofo ma Aitulagi, Itu’au ma Alataua, Sa’ole ma le Launiusaelua, Afifio Ma’opu, o le pa’ia lava lea i le Faleagafulu. Afio le pa’ia tele i le La’au
na Amotasi, Afifio Fa’atui ma le mamalu tele o To’oto’o o le Fale’ula ma ‘upu i le Manu’atele. Susu ‘au’auna pa’ia a le Atua o lo’o galulue i fata faitaulaga e fia,
aua le tauasuina o le vai o le ola mo le manuia o le atunu’u. Fa’atulou atu fo’i i le Tafatolu o lau Faigamalo Tutuila ma Manu’a, i lau Afioga a le Kovana Sili o
Amerika Samoa, i lau Afioga a le Peresetene o le Senate, i lau Afioga a le Fofoga Fetalai ma le mamalu tele o le Fono Faitulafono, fa’apea le Fa’amasino Sili ma le
mamalu o le Ofisa o Fa’amasinoga. Ae le vaea ai le fala o’oto i le pa’ia ma le mamalu tele o lo tatou motu tuaoi ia, Pule ma Tumua, Itu’au
ma Alataua, le Va’a o Fonoti ma le Fofoga o le Fua, Aiga i le Tai ma le Va’a Tau o Nafanua. Aiga ma a latou Tama, Tama fo’i ma o latou Aiga. TULOU, TULOU LAVA.
Ia fa’ata’alolo ia le paia tele o le la’au ma ona lau aua e leai se e gafataulimaina ou Sa ma Faiga Samoa. Ae ona o lo’u fia pa’i i vai o le tama, e i ai ona ‘ou valuvalusia a’a o le fau, pe tefa le tauala, aua
nai o’u mo’omo’oga. IA AVEA A’U MA OU SUI O LE KONEKERESI I UOSIGITONE, e MOMOLI ma FA’ATINO lou FINAGALO, aua lou lumana’i manuia Amerika Samoa.
Fa’afetai Tele.
Soifua ma ia Manuia.
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samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Monday’s issue of the Samoa News incorrectly named the
owners of Pacific Independent Distributors (PID) as Frank and
Helen Gaisoa, in a Community Brief that identified PID, under
the umbrella of the Tautua Mo Oe (TMO) family of businesses
as the major sponsor for the Miss American Samoa beauty
Frank Gaisoa Sr. is the owner of TMO and it is his son Fritz
and daughter-in-law Helen who own and operate PID.
Samoa News apologizes for the inadvertent mistake.
2014 planned to
be “best ever”
By Jeff Hayner
Samoa News Reporter
This year’s Coastweeks 2014 will kick off next week Monday,
September 15 with canoe races that will begin right behind the
DDW Cafe. The opening ceremony is scheduled to begin at 4:00
p.m., followed by the races.
Locally, Coastweeks is coordinated by the Department of
Commerce (DOC), but it is their goal this year to involve other
agencies, the private sector and the public in their quest to sustain a clean environment. The DOC, specifically the American
Samoa Coastal Management Program (ASCMP), along with
other ASG departments have been holding meetings to gather
ideas from the public and private sector for ways to make Coastweeks 2014 the best ever.
This year’s Coastweeks will run from Sept.15 - Sept. 27.
“This year, we’ll be kicking off it off with a canoe challenge,
where we will be having participants from the government agencies and private sectors competing,” said Marvis Vaiaga’e who
is the Consolidated Permit Review Manager for the Department
of Commerce under ASCMP. He also says there is an island
wide coastal cleanup planned for next week Friday, September
“The island wide cleanup will involve some of the faith based
groups and the general community, along with government
agencies,” he said.
For closing day, they have planned a Beach and Family Day.
“We have a big invitation to the entire community to bring their
kids and family out to help us enjoy our coastal resources and
celebrate how important it is to us here in American Samoa,”
he said. Coastweeks is a national celebration of our coastal
resources, and the celebration is focused on the environment and
the importance of the territory’s coastal zone. Look to Samoa
News for the opening day activities and ongoing celebration of
this year’s 2014 Coastweeks.
According to their schedule, some of the events will include
educational events and workshops during the two weeks of the
celebration, along with a Mangrove Restoration Project that
will take place on Thursday September 18. In an attempt to
give back to the environment, they will be planting mangrove
seedlings and plants. On Friday September 19, there will be a
Seafood Festival spotlighting benefits of healthy coastal zone
restaurants, and interested participants will be invited to display
their signature seafood dishes.
One of the outreach projects will have the ASCMP Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff conducting GIS participatory mapping workshops with high school students to share
how to use tools developed for mapping and to support land use
and coastal zone management.
Keep reading Samoa News for more exciting events being
planned for Coastweeks 2014.
More bans added to
Election bill—signs, billboards and free beverages
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
According to proposed amendments the
Senate included in an administration bill
passed in third reading last Friday in the Senate,
erecting campaign signs and billboards during
an election year as well as setting up tents to
distribute free any type of beverage at locations of polling stations on election day, will be
banned under local law.
Both the Election bill and the Immigration
Amnesty bills were acted on by the Senate.
Original language of the bill proposed four
major changes:
1 Ban on setting up tents to distribute
free food — including BBQ plates on election
day at locations of polling places;
2 provides for a run-off in case of a tie
vote between two or more candidates, when
there is at least one additional candidate not
involved in the tie for the local House race;
3 have American Samoa comply with
federal law mandating 45-day timeframe to
deliver absentee ballots to uniformed service
and overseas voters for the Congressional race;
4 include as election fraud the use of
Samoan customs — such as gift presentation or
anything of value.
The Senate agreed to all these provisions and
added more. For example, erecting tents to give
any types of free beverages on election day —
similar to the ban to set up tents to distribute
free food on election day — is prohibited.
Another amendment added by the Senate
is banning any campaign signs or billboards.
Former chief election officer, Sen. Soliai
Tuipine Fuimaono suggested during a Senate
hearing early last week that such a ban is necessary to ensure peace and harmony in the community, especially within extended families
during election time. During his many years at
the election office, Soliai says that he has witnessed many conflicts with the leading matai
and their families over the campaign signs —
where the matai endorsed a candidate, while
the extended family endorsed a different candidate, thereby erecting campaign bill boards and
other signage on communal land.
Soliai said that this is one of the big issues
during election year which divides families, and
it’s best that a decision is made by the Senate to
amend the law to ban campaign signs to ensure
peace and harmony within families, as well as
the community.
The Senate also approved in third reading
— without any changes — the administration’s
Immigration Amnesty bills.
The two bills are now before the House for
consideration. The House has yet to act on their
version of the administration bills.
Prior to passing the Immigration Amnesty
bill, Sen. Laolagi F.S. Vaeao pleaded with
the Administration to fully enforce all current
immigration laws going forward. He says he
does not want to see another amnesty bill submitted in the future, because there are 1,000 or
more foreigners living in the territory without
their immigration status being legal.
“The Senate is approving this bill, which I
fully support, with the hope that the administration will enforce all immigration laws going
forward to ensure there are no more illegal foreigners living in American Samoa,” he said.
Sen. Afoa L.S. Lutu pointed out that this is
an important bill in moving forward to address
current immigration issues. He said this is the
first step towards protecting local borders.
If enacted into law, the Immigration
Amnesty bill will allow more than 2,400 foreign nationals, who registered during the recent
amnesty campaign to reside legally in the
The bill also includes just over 1,000 people
lawfully present and already in the Immigration
Board queue awaiting their quota to become
available. The total number of foreigners to be
allowed under the proposed amendment to current law stands at 4,111.
Reach the reporter at [email protected]
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except for some local and federal holidays.
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DHSS Assistant Director Lupe Sunia Fiso and staff members representing the different programs under the DHSS umbrella were at the Pago Park to provide helpful information through
[photo: BC]
presentations during the 2nd Annual Pago Pago Youth Rally earlier this month.
➧ Community Briefs…
Continued from page 3
Parents were informed of the decision last week during orientation sessions hosted by the ECE administrators.
Last Wednesday, the Project Notification Review System
(PNRS) under the Dept. of Commerce unanimously approved,
with special conditions, a Land Use Permit Application for
the construction of a new power plant for the American Samoa
Power Authority (ASPA) in Satala, where it was located before
it was completely destroyed by the Sept. 29, 2009 earthquake/
The multi-million-dollar project is being funded by insurance monies and the Federal Emergency Management Agency
(FEMA), who conducted an Environmental Impact Assessment
of the site two years ago.
Samoa News understands that the PNRS took some time to
approve the permit because of strict FEMA guidelines.
Last year, ASPA put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for
the design and construction of the Satala Power Plant and at
the time, ASPA Executive Director Utu Abe Malae explained
that the RFP “is open to any contractor who does this kind of
work,” but added that the work is somewhat specialized and
challenging, because bids for the generators are separate from
the building. The new power plant will include office spaces that Utu said
would be limited to the plant operators and plant engineer. The
engineering and administrative staff will remain at the ASPA
Tafuna office.
Since the Satala power plant was damaged in 2009, all of
ASPA’s administrative personnel and operations had to be relocated to Tafuna. Once work on the project begins, it is expected to be completed within an 18-month time period.
Samoa News asked Utu in an initial interview if there is a
difference between the new proposed power plant and the old
one that was damaged in the ‘09 tsunami (i.e. more generators,
structure size, etc).
Utu responded that the new power plant will be about the
same size, “but these newer engines are more ‘fuel efficient’.”
There will be seven engines with a total of 23MV and the
equipment costs $36 million. The building and facilities have a
separate price tag of $14 million.
Utu said the new plant will be located on slightly higher
ground and the critical equipment will be outside the “VE Flood
Zone boundary”.
Local veterans will have the chance to voice their concerns
about home loans and any claims for assistance next week as
three representatives and counselors from the VA will arrive
in the territory next Monday to answer any and all questions.
Those who want to voice their complaints about their claims are
also welcome.
Interested veterans who want a chance to have their issue
addressed are mandated to set an appointment with the local VA
office. This is to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak to
the counselors. In addition, everyone is required to bring with
them a copy of their claim(s) and a DD-214 form.
The sessions will be held at the VA Center at the Tradewinds
Hotel in Ottoville beginning Tuesday, Sept. 16.
In two weeks, the title of American Samoa’s Best Dance
Crew (ASBDC) and the grand prize of $2,000 will be awarded
to one of the ten local dance groups taking part in the ongoing
competition sponsored by McDonald’s American Samoa and
hosted by the Dept. of Youth and Women’s Affairs (DYWA).
The competition is aired live on KVZK-TV Channel 2 every
Thursday and can be seen live at the Fale Laumei in Utulei free
of charge.
The first five groups performed last Thursday and the
remaining five will take center stage tomorrow night. But tomorrow’s performance could be the last for some of the groups, as
four teams will be eliminated. the remaining six will move on to
the Dance Off competition set for next Thursday, Sept. 18. Two
acts will be eliminated that night.
The show’s finale is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 25 during
which the Top Four will compete in a dance-off before awards
are presented and the names of the winners announced.
In addition to the grand prize, second place winners will
receive $1,500 third place will get $1,000 and fourth place will
go home with $500 - all provided by McDonald’s.
Consolation prizes will be awarded to the remaining groups.
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Page 5
Happy 2nd Birthday
J erome E tuati T aula
Happy Birthday you
adorable bub! The
word ‘cute’ was made
up just for you. You
may be little in size,
but you bring loads of
happiness to everyone
around you.
We Love You
All your families and
Your Brother Douglas
and Sisters Ana &
Especially Dad &
Mom; Junior &
Lealofi Taula
Special love from Aunty Evaga
Issues & Subjects We Must Address &
Act On For American Samoa
Essential Air Service For Manu’a
High Cost of Hawaii Airline Fees to Hawaii
Exploration for additional Air Carriers to American Samoa
High Cost of Electricity and Water
Explore Alternative Energy i.e. Solar, Wind, Wave &
Thermal possibilities
New Hospital to improve Health Care System
Water Catchment via a Dam to Store Water
Obesity Prevention Programs
Exploration of National Guard, Air National Guard and
Naval Reserve possibilities
Anti-Ocean Monument Sanctuary Expansion
Maintain our own Customs & Immigration
Coastal and Stream Erosion Mitigation
Improvement of Pago Pago Harbor
Jet Ramp Way for our airport
Safety reflector marking on right edge of our roads
Let’s Walk The Talk Together!
Paid for by the supporters of Mapu Jamias for U.S. Congress
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014
it’s at in
American Samoa
Amouli Beach Fales
Contact us for SPECIALS
(684) 254-2050 or
email [email protected]
Aitulagi Building 2nd Floor
Fagatogo Square
Fagaima Road
Suite 208B
Ph: 699-3848
Ph: 633-3848
Fax: 699-3849
Fax: 633-3849
Business Hours are Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm
(on Lion’s Park Road)
TAKE-OUT ORDERS, Call 699-5099
Located inside the Pago Plaza
633-0773 or 733-9644
Check out our daily lunch specials!
Serving breakfast & lunch. MON THRU SAT 7:00am to 2pm
Island Funeral
in Nu’uuli
“Lean on Us in Your
Time of Need”
24 Hour Services
The Dept. of Human and Social Services (DHSS) is partnering with other government depts. and agencies, including the Dept. of Youth and Women’s Affairs (DYWA), as well as different local organizations to recognize September as National Recovery Month.
The festivities kicked off a week ago Sunday with a special church service, followed by a ‘wave’ in Utulei last Friday.
Other activities for this month include a ribbon tying project from Pago Pago to Fagaalu. [photo: BC]
Page 6
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Page 7
KNOW HOW TO RECONNECT WITH FAMILY Communication is important before, during, and after any disaster. Just knowing that your family, friends, and those who are important to you are safe is reason enough to have a !
family know how to get in touch with each other if you are not together? 1. Make a family emergency communication plan 1. Parents Phone Numbers 2. # 3. # 4. Work Phone Numbers 5. Out-­‐of-­‐Town Contact (In the event phone lines are down or there is no answer) 6. Meeting Location (Both in your neighborhood or around town) 7. Medical Information 8. Insurance Information 2. Have a family discussion to determine a meeting place and who would be your out-­‐of-­‐state point of contact. 3. Practice your emergency communication plan to make sure it works E taua ## ae # tupu, i le taimi ua tupu ai, ma le taimi ua uma ai # ##. E tatau ona # ## aua e maua ai se lagona filemu pe a iloa o # saogalemu aiga, uo, # ma e ua taua ia te oe. O le fesili e #!iloa e tagata uma o le aiga auala e ## ai pe afai ua # valavalaina? 1. Tapena nei mo auala o ## 1. Numera Telefoni a Matua 2. Numera Telefoni a Fanau 3. Numera Telefoni a # 4. Numera Telefoni a Fale-­‐faigaluega 5. Numera mo se isi i # i fafo (I # pe laina telefoni pe le tali mai se tasi o aiga) 6. Nofoaga e toe # ai (I totonu o lou vai "# # le #) 7. # mo gasegase # 8. # mo Inisiua 2. Fai se talanoaga mo se nofoaga e toe # ai # ma se tasi i # i fafo e ## iai. 3. ### au tapenaga ina ia iloa ai o # lelei Page 8
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014
“O tautai
matapalapala ua
iloa ogasami o
penina tautele”
It is with profound humbleness that I offer my sincere fa’afetai tele and
fa’amalo to the people of Tutuila, Manu’a, Aunu’u and Olohega; and also the
people of Samoa for their prayers and well-wishes for me during my time of
illness. Like in every sickness, there is nothing more desirable and more
welcoming and encouraging than the healing power of prayer. I was always
uplifted and spiritually comforted because I felt your prayers and well-wishes all
along, and they were always soothing and comforting in my moments of
I thank the various denominations and churches; servants of God and all
the prayer groups; families, relatives, friends, individuals, and the countless of
those whose kindness, love and faith I can never ever hope to repay. Thank you
all from the bottom of my heart. I have recovered and am ready to serve the
people of American Samoa again, God willing.
And so it is with this renewed health and refreshing spirit that I humbly
seek re-election as your representative in the United States Congress. I
respectfully ask for your vote for me for the United States Congress the next two
years in the November 4 Elections.
Thank you and God bless,
This ad is paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Eni Faleomavaega for Congress
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Page 9
“O tautai matapalapala ua
iloa ogasami o penina tautele”
Tulouna ia oe Samoa o le atunu’u tofi, i le afua mai Malaetele na
ma’ape ai tofiga, se ia pau mai i Agalega sa teu ai malo, ma valo’ia ai le
suluia o Samoa i ‘ave o le Tala Lelei. O upu o le Tu’itu’i Fa’atau a Samoa,
o Samoa o le Ati-poia, o le Ati-pouniu, o le Ati-fasia. O Samoa ua so’o ona
ta’iao, o le maota e malamalama. E lasi fo’i vasa, ae ua iloga le tolotolo o
fa’amoemoega lelei. Pe o le a fo’i le ninimo, ae ua maitaulia e le tautai
matapalapala ogasami o penina tautele.
Ta’alolo la’ia ou paia fa’aleatunu’u i To’oto’o Sisina ma le Au-fueloloa, o le latou fatu aiga tausi lena.
Ae ou te mua’i fa’atulou atu i le paia o Lupesina o le Tala Lelei, le
mamalu o le Aufaigaluega a le Atua, o lo’o asuina le ipu vai o le ola, aua
Samoa ma ona tagata. O a outou taulaga si’i ma tapua’iga i ao ma po, lea
e fa’aifo mai ai pea i lagi manuia o Samoa atoa i ona auga-tupulaga.
Tulouna lava
Ou te fa’atulou atu Tutuila ma Manu’a, o oe o le ao mamala mai le
fa’asouga o ao ma le atu folasa. O ou pa’ia ua fai ai oe ma papa e le
gae’e, a’o o le oneone fo’i e le utufia. O le paia lava lea ia Sua ma le
Vaifanua, Fofo ma Aitulagi, Itu’au ma Alataua, Sa’ole ma le Launiu Saelua,
fa’apea afioga i Ma’opu.
E le vaea fo’i fala o’oto i le paia maualuga i le Motu Sa, le La’au na
Amo tasi ia Samoa, le afifio o Fa’atui ma le Fetalaiga i To’oto’o o le
Fale’ula. Tulou, tulouna lava.
Ou te fa’atulou atu i lau faigamalo Tutuila ma Manu’a, i le afio o lau
afioga i le Kovana Sili, lau Tofa Lolo Matalasi Moliga ma lou tausi – le Tina
ole Atunu’u. Afio fo’i le afioga i le Kovana Lutena Lemanu Peleti Mauga
ma lou faletua, o le ao-telega lava lea i le nofo i matagaluega ‘ese’ese ma
ofisa o le faiga malo a Amerika Samoa.
Tulouna lau afioga i le Peresitene o le Maota Maualuga ma le mamalu
o afioga i Senatoa. Tulouna le Fofoga Fetalai ma Faipule – o Sui Filifilia o
Itumalo Palota i le Maota o Sui, o pa’ia lava ia o le Fono Faitulafono a
Amerika Samoa.
Tulouna fo’i lau afioga i le Fa’amasino Sili, le vasega o ali’i Fa’amasino
ma le ofisa o Fa’amasinoga. Tulouna lava.
Ona ou tu ai lea i fatifatiga ma ou matamata i uluvao tetele, i le
tapua’iga mamalu i le usoga ia Tumua ma Pule -- i le afio o lau afioga le
Ao o le Malo o Samoa: Lau afioga Tupua Tamasese Efi ma lau Masiofo; lau
afioga i le Palemia; le mamalu i le Palemene ma le Malo o Samoa, ma ona
tagata nu’u uma. O le paia lava lea i Aiga ma a latou Tama, o Tama ma o
latou Aiga, Itu’au ma Alataua, Aiga i le Tai ma le Va’a o Fonoti. E ui ina ta
vao ‘ese’ese ia ta faiga-upu-fai fa’a-malo, ae o ta’ua lava o le uso tu’ofe.
Tulou, tulouna lava.
Tutuila ma Manu’a, Aunu’u ma Olohega, ma Samoa atoa… le mamalu
i ‘auauna paia a le Atua i so’o se fata faitaulaga, tama ma tina matutua,
tupulaga lalovaoa o le atunu’u, ae maise o le au fai tatalo: Ua outou seu i
le vateatea lupe o matagi, lea ua to’a malie ai peau lagalaga. Ua mou atu
fo’i galu tau ma galu fesoua’i, ona ua tali mai a outou tatalo fa’atauanau i
le Atua mo a’u, a’o apulupulusia i tofaga ma fala efu lo’u nei tagata
fa’atauva’a. Ua o’o ifo i le ta’ele o lo’u agaga le mafanafana o lo outou
alofa, i a outou talosaga mamana. O a outou tatalo na avea ma lamepa i le
pogisa, i taimi na mu itiiti ai le fa’amoemoe, i le luluti o le apulupulutia o
le tino-ma’i ma le sapo-tu-vale o le manava, tulou. A o ai ea lenei tagata
noa ua e manatu mai pea lava i ai?
Paga lea, ua le tasi ae ua atulasi lo outou agaga faitama fa’apito mo
a’u. E le lilo lo outou alofa i sa’u upu, e le lanu fo’i lo outou agalelei i
so’u manatu, aua o a’u lava ua na o se auauna vaivai ma le fa’atauva’a. E
ui ina tata fa’alau fesilia’i, a’o lea ua to’a peau taulaga, ina ua lafo le malu,
ona o le agalelei ma le alofa o le Atua, e ala i le mamana o a outou tatalo.
Fa’afetai, fa’afetai, fa’afetai tele.
Ua le lava upu o le gagana e sula ai lou alofa ae maise o au talosaga
mamana Tutuila ma Manu’a, Aunu’u fo’i ma Olohega. E fai fo’i o lena, ae
i le taimi a’o o’u tauavea le tofi o le atunu’u i nei tausaga e tele. Talofa e,
ua e taoto lava i le mageso o le ta’ata’a, ma e tofa i le gaoa ma le pefu o
le ala, ona o lau fa’aeaea i lo’u nei tagata vaivai. Ae o le a ‘ea se ‘auala
ou te toe taui atu ai lenei fa’aaloalo faifai pea ua matua’i maualuga?
Tau ia ina ou fa’apea atu ma le agaga maualalo lava: Malo le tiu,
malo le fili fetu’una’i, ua malie le pale; malo le fatu, ua malie le ula i lau
teu fa’atupu ma au fa’aaloaloga fa’atamali’i. Tutuila ma Manu’a, Aunu’u
ma Olohega, afai lava sa i ai se mea na pona i lau silasila ma lau
fa’afofoga i le tele o nei tausaga o o’u tauavea le tofi o le atunu’u i
Uosigitone, ou te tatalo ma le agaga maualalo, ia natia fa’amanu-gase ma
e fa’amagalo mai se sese o le auauna.
Ou te fa’afetai i le afioga i le Maluolefale o le Alataua, lau afioga
Faiivae Iuli Alesana Godinet ma le faletua ia Ilaisa. Ua oulua sautia ma
timu’ia pea lava pea e ala i lo oulua agalelei ma la oulua lagolago mo a’u
i nei mau tausaga e tele. E momoli fo’i la’u fa’afetai tele i nai o’u aiga
uma, o uo ma e masani, o pa’aga ‘ese’ese ua le mafai ona ou tolaulauina
i le taimi nei, fa’afetai tele lava.
Tutuila ma Manu’a, Aunu’u ma Olohega: Ua lagona le toe fa’afouina o
le mafaufau, le agaga, fa’apea le tino ona o le alofa o le Atua. Ona osofia
ai lea o le manatu tumau pea ia te a’u, e le mavae le fia tautua tuavae pea
mo oe e ala i le tofi i Uosigitone mo le isi lua tausaga o lumana’i, pe a
tusa ai ma lou finagalo. E ui ina o le a ou toe tagi-sa fo’i ia te ‘oe, ae pau
lea o le ‘auala e mafai ai ona aoga lo’u fa’atauva’a, e tali atu ai i lou
agalelei ma lau fa’aaloalo. O a ni aso o totoe o lo’u nei ola, ta te fia aoga
pea e asu vai ma molimoli lou finagalo i le Laumua i Uosigitone, aua se
manuia o si o tatou atunu’u, ae maise se lumana’i manuia mo Amerika
I le mamalu o sui tauva uma mo le tofi o le atunu’u i Uosigitone i
lenei faiga palota, fa’amalo le finau, fa’afetai le agaga fia fai mea lelei aua
Amerika Samoa ma lona lumana’i. Ia tatou maua pea le fa’atamali’i a o
tatou alo faiva i le fa’amoemoe, ma ia manuia lava le palota.
Lo’u atunu’u e, o la’u tatalo i le Atua ia tumau pea Lona alofa ma Ana
fa’amanuiaga i totonu o ou pa, ia si’omia ai ou maota ma ou laoa, ma ia
lau usiusi pea le tamaoaiga o ou la’o’ai aua tupulaga fai a’e i le lumana’i.
Sau se aso, a o se taimi lata mai ona tatou feiloa’i lea i fanua i le finagalo
alofa ma le agalelei o le Atua. Ia manuia lava le atunu’u pele.
Totogia e le komiti mo le toe filifilia o Eni Faleomavaega mo le Konekeresi
Page 10
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Le afioga i le ali’i Faipule mai le Itumalo o Manu’a #1 ia Fetui Fetu Jr
[ata: AF]
Tau fa’amata’u e se ali’i
faipule le “au fai news”
tusia Ausage Fausia
Na avea le le fiafia o le afioga i le ali’i faipule
mai le itumalo o Manu’a #1 ia Fetu Fetui Jr, i
le tatagi soo o le telefoni a se tasi o faipule i le
taimi o le tauaofiaga a le maota o sui ananafi,
ma itu na ia lafo ni fa’aupuga tau fa’amata’u i
tusitala, lea sa ia fa’aigoaina o le “au fai news”.
E le gata na tu’uaia e le ali’i faipule “le au fai
news”, o i latou isi tagata e masani ona tatagi a
latou telefoni i taimi o tauaofiaga a le maota o
sui (e ui e leai ni fa’avae o ana tu’uaiga), ae sa
ia folafola fo’i lona togi o le tagata i le nofoa
pe a toe tatagi sana telefoni, e ala i lona saunoa
e fa’apea, “koeikiiki lele aku loa ma le gofoa i
luga iiga”.
Na foliga le fiafia le ali’i faipule i le taimi na
fai ai lana saunoaga, ae na avea o se mea malie
i le fa’afofoga a ni isi o sui mamalu o le maota.
E le o se taimi muamua lenei ua lafo ai e
ni isi o afioga i faipule ni saunoaga e a’afia ai
fua vaega o Tusitala i ni mataupu e afua mai i
totonu lava o le maota.
O le mataupu na tula’i mai ina ua tula’i
le tamaita’i faipule ia Vui Florence Saulo e
fa’alauiloa le aso o lana iloiloga, ae fa’afuase’i
loa ona tatagi le telefoni a le afioga i le ali’i faipulea ia Faimealelei Anthony F. Allen.
Na vaaia e le Samoa News le tau autago
solo o Faimealelei i lana taga e aumai lana telefoni ma fa’aleo laititi. E lei atoa se minute ae
toe tatagi fo’i le telefoni a Faimealelei, ae o le
taimi fo’i lea na tu’u atu ai e le Fofoga Fetalai
ia Savali Talavou Ale le avanoa e saunoa ai i se
mataupu na sii ai lona aao i luga.
Na muamua fa’amalulu le afioga a Faimealelei i le maota ona o le tatagi o lana telefoni,
peita’i ina ua mae’a lana sanoaga ma toe alala
i lalo le sui mamalu, na toe tatagi fo’i lana telefoni, o le fa’atolu ai lea ona tatagi le telefoni,
ma avea ai loa ma itu na tula’i ai le afioga i le
ali’i faipule ia Fetu Jr ma fa’aali lona le fiafia
i le fofoga fetalai, ona o le tula’i soo mai o le
fa’afitauli i telefoni a ni isi o sui mamalu.
Na taua e Fetui Jr i lana saunoaga e fa’apea,
o le tatagi o le telefoni a se sui mamalu i taimi
o iloiloga ma tauaofiaga a le maota, o se tulaga
“le mafaufau” lea i totonu o le maota.
Saunoa Fetui Jr e fa’apea, “so o se taimi ou
te ulufale mai ai i totonu o le maota lenei, e tu’u
lava i le ‘vibration’ la’u telefoni”, ae foliga mai
lava o lea e tau fa’atonu ni isi o sui mamalu i
mea laiti ma faigofie.
“Lau afioga i le Fofoga Fetalai, e sili ai pe
a e saunoa sa’o mai ai ia i latou nei atonu e
fa’afofoga atu ai i sau saunoaga”, o le talosaga
lea a Fetu Jr i le fofoga fetalai, ona ua fiu fo’i o
ia e fautua i sui mamalu i a latou telefoni.
Na mae’a le saunoaga a Fetu Jr fa’asaga
i faipule, ona fa’asaga lea i luga o le vaega e
masani ona nonofo atu ai Tusitala ma ni isi o le
fono ma saunoa e fa’apea, “Ae maise fo’i luga
i le ‘au fai news’ lea e masagi ona kakagi kou
kelefoni, vaai e ke’i lava i le lele aku o le gofoa
i luga iiga e”. E na o le sui o le Samoa News le
sui o le “au fai news” sa i luga i le vaega o le
maota fono i le taimi na fai ai le saunoaga a le
alii faipule.
Na fesiligia e le Samoa News le afioga i le
Sui Fofoga Fetalai ia Talia Fa’afetai I’aulualo,
o ia fo’i lea o le Taitai o le Komiti o Tulafono a
le maota i sona finagalo, e faatatau i le mataupu
e pei ona atugalu ai le alii faipule mai Manu’a, i
le tatagi soo o telefoni a ni isi o faipule i taimi o
iloiloga ma tauaofiaga a le maota.
Saunoa Fa’afetai, e i ai tulafono e fa’asa ai
ona tatagi telefoni i taimi o iloiloaga ma tauaofiaga a le maota, ua uma foi ona ia fautuaina sui
mamalu e tusa ai o lea tulafono.
Saunoa fo’i Fa’afetai e fa’apea, e mafai e
soo se faipule ona saunoa i mataupu faapea, ae
mafai fo’i ona fa’asala e le Ta’ita’i o le Komiti
o Tulafono a le maota le faipule na te le usitaia
tulafono a le malo. Na taua e se tasi o faipule
e le i finagalo e fa’ailoa lona suafa e fa’apea,
e le tatau i le alii faipule ia Fetu ona ia lafo ni
saunoaga fa’apea i luma o le maota fa’asaga i le
“au fai news” po o ni isi fo’i sui e le o ni faipule,
aua e leai so latou leo e mafai ai ona tali atu i
ana saunoaga i totonu o le maota.
Na taua fo’i e le faipule le tatau ia Fetu Jr ona
fa’aetete mai lona soona faia o nei ituaiga saunoaga fa’apea, ona o saunoaga nei o lo o pu’e
ma teu i fa’amaumauga a le maota.
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia
[email protected]
Teutupe: Fa’amoemoe
si’i totogi tagata
faigaluega Kovana
tusia Ausage Fausia
E ui o lo o fa’atulaga i totonu o le Paketi a le malo tupe e
fa’atupe ai siitaga i totogi o tagata faigaluega a le malo, peita’i
na fa’ailoa e le Teutupe i luma o le Komiti o le Paketi a le Maota
o Sui i le vaiaso nei, fa’atoa mafai lava ona faia nei si’itaga pe
afai e talia mai e le alii kovana ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga.
E le o se taimi muamua lenei ua talanoaina ai i luma o le
Fono siitaga o totogi o tagata faigaluega a le malo, e le gata na
talanoaina i iloiloga o le paketi o lo o fa’agasolo i le taimi nei, ae
na toe talanoaina i le vaiaso nei ina ua molimau le Teutupe a le
malo ia Ueligitone Tonumaipe’a e fa’atatau i le pili a le maota o
sui e si’i ai totogi o le kovana ma le lutena kovana.
O le afioga i le tamaitai faipule ia Vui Florence Vaili Saulo
na ia lagaina le mataupu, ina ua ia fesiligia le teutupe po o i ai
se tupe ua fuafua e le malo i le tausaga tupe 2015 e faatupe ai
siitaga mo tagata faigaluega a le malo, lea na tali mai ai le teutupe, “o lo o i ai le vaega tupe e faatino ai siitaga o totogi a tagata
faigaluega mo le tausaga tupe fou”.
Na talosaga Vui ia Tonumaipe’a e fa’amaonia atu i luma o
le komiti, pe mafai fo’i ona fa’atino loa lea si’itaga i totogi o
nai tagata faigaluega, ae na tali le teutupe, “e mafai ona fai siitaga o totogi a tagata faigaluega, a ioe mai lava le alii kovana e
fa’agaioi loa si’itaga a tagata faigaluega, lona uiga o le a fa’atino
loa, ae o le tupe e fa’atino ai nei si’itaga ua mae’a ona i ai i
totonu o le paketi mo le tausaga tupe fou 2015”.
Na fesili le afioga i le alii faipule ia Taotasi Archie Soliai i le
teutupe, po o i ai se fuafuaga a le malo e totogi siitaga a tagata
faigaluega mo le tausaga tupe lenei 2014, ae na tali le teutupe, e
le i maua se la feutanaiga ma le kovana e tusa ai o lea mataupu.
Na fa’apupula atili e le teutupe i luma o le komiti e fa’apea,
o tausaga tupe taitasi uma lava e fa’atulaga ai e le malo tupe
mo siitaga o totogi a tagata faigaluega, ae talu ai ua taofi e le
kovana le toe faia o ni siitaga i totogi o tagata faigaluega, atoa
ai ma le toe fa’a faigaluegaina o ni isi tagata faigaluega fou, o le
mafua’aga lena ua le mafai ai ona fa’ataunu’u lea tulaga.
Ae na toe saunoa Taotasi e fa’apea, e lagona lona fa’anoanoa
i le leai o se fuafuaga a le faigamalo e faatino loa siitaga o totogi
mo tagata faigaluega, ao lea ua talanoaina e le maota se tulafono
taufaaofi e sii ai totogi o le kovana ma le lutena kovana.
Sa ia taua fo’i e fa’apea, ua uma ona talosagaina e le fono i
le taimi o iloiloga o le paketi le tatau lea ona fai siitaga i totogi
(Faaauau itulau 14)
Le Peresetene o le Senate ia Gaoteote Palaie Tofau, ma ni isi
o afioga i Senatoa e aofia ai le Aloali’i ia Afoa S. M Lutu ma le
Maopu ia Soliai Tuipine Fuimaono i le taimi na talanoaina ai
[ata: AF]
le pili e si’i ai alauni a senatoa ma faipule.
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Page 11
Tusia: Akenese Ilalio Zec
Vaega: 64
Tatou fa’afo’i pea le vi’iga ma le fa’amanu i lo tatou
Matai oi le lagi, ina ua o tatou va’aia ataata o ta’uleleia i
lenei aso fou.
E ao ai ona o tatou fa’apea ifo, “Le Ali’i e, e le lava
upu o le gagana e sula ai Lou alofa ma Lou agalelei mo i
matou, ae ua matou o atu i ou luma i lenei aso, e fa’afo’i
atu le vi’iga ma le fa’afetai i Lau Afio e fa’avavau,
fa’avavau lava, amene.”
Ua toe fa’asolosolo mafaufauga o Petelo i si ona uso
fa’alogogata o Samuelu, ae maise ai o le aso na fa’atotolo
solo ai e Samuelu i a Solo, o lona uiga, ua iloa e Samuelu
le mea lea, a’o lea fa’atoa ia iloaina.
Leitioa fo’i a musu Samuelu e fai se la uo ma Losalia,
ona o le mea tonu lava lea. Ua toe nofo tata a’e i luga
Petelo, “O, ia ua mate ai Solo, ae ailoga ua tofo Solo i le
mamafa o o’u lima, e feololo lima o Samuelu e tau tu’u
mai, a’o o’u lima, e matua’i gau lava pou o le isu o Solo
pe a ou tagolima i ai.”
O mafaufauga ia o Petelo na i’u ai ina o’o i le mea’ai
lea na a’ai ai Misi ma Solo i le afiafi lava lea, o lona uiga
e ‘ai si ali’i o Solo, ae pei e ula mai i a te a’u, ona o lea o
lo’o fai si a la fa’alapiti ma Losalia.
O nei mafaufauga uma ua totogo a’e i le loto o Petelo, o
mafaufauga lava e feoa’i ai to’i ma naifi, ae sa fa’asilisili
i le tama lona manatu, ia tausia le filemu, ma e le to’ilalo
Paid for by the supporters of Mapu Jamias for U.S. Congress
(Faaauau itulau 14)
Feleti Barstow Public Library
Children’s Programs
September December 2014
HOURS: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
10:00am - 2:00pm
Programs are funded
with support from the:
Tuesday Wednesday
(0-4 year olds with
2:00 - 5:00
(all ages)
Word Play!
2:30 – 4:30
2:00 - 5:00
Sounds Great!
2:30 – 4:30
Fizz, Boom, Read
2:30 – 4:30
(all ages)
Books and
(all ages)
(0-4 year olds with
2:00 – 5:00
(all ages)
11:00 - 1:00
2:00 – 5:00
2:00 - 5:00
(all ages)
(all ages)
2:30 – 4:30
FUN Movie!
2:30 – 4:30
Page 12
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014
➧ Chief Election Officer denies challenge…
Continued from page 1
Location: Room 209, Tedi of Samoa - Fagatogo
Office Hrs. 9am to 2pm
(684) 633-0179
Family owned & operated since 1998. We are
American Samoa’s only full time Pest Control
Company. We provide a very affordable and friendly
• We provide services for Houses, Boats, Cars, Offices,
Warehouses, Storage, Restaurants, Furniture pieces,
stores and cafeteria and health clinics
is stamped ‘certified to be true
“Any other copy including
an affidavit — presumably not
authorized by statute — ought
to be rejected,” said Bartley
and Fiatoa, pointing out to the
Chief Election Officer that he
can use various methods in
his investigation to get to the
bottom of this and find out
the indisputable truth on the
validity of the birth certificate
of Saulo.
They state that “government
Archives Office and Public
Health Department keep extensive, accurate records and provide a wealth of information to
assist in verifying birthdays.
Vital Statistics copy is questionable (because it can be
altered) whereas micro-film
copy from Archive Office is
“Those places (among
others) have been instrumental
in our research on this matter,
and sources of great value and
relevant information,” they
told Tuaolo.
Issues & Subjects We Must Address &
Act On For American Samoa
Essential Air Service For Manu’a
High Cost of Hawaii Airline Fees to Hawaii
Exploration for additional Air Carriers to American Samoa
High Cost of Electricity and Water
Explore Alternative Energy i.e. Solar, Wind, Wave &
Thermal possibilities
New Hospital to improve Health Care System
Water Catchment via a Dam to Store Water
Obesity Prevention Programs
Exploration of National Guard, Air National Guard and
Naval Reserve possibilities
Anti-Ocean Monument Sanctuary Expansion
Maintain our own Customs & Immigration
Coastal and Stream Erosion Mitigation
Improvement of Pago Pago Harbor
Jet Ramp Way for our airport
Safety reflector marking on right edge of our roads
Let’s Walk The Talk Together!
Paid for by the supporters of Mapu Jamias for U.S. Congress
The women allege that they
have information “from a most
credible of sources (MCOS)
on established rules and procedures that are used by the
Office of Public Health in the
case of a baby born NOT in the
hospital (such as it was with
They also note that they
would gladly sit down with
Tuaolo at his office to go over
their findings.
In response to the petition,
and its denial by Tualolo, Vui
issued a statement on Monday
late afternoon, pointing out that
over the past two years, she’s
had the honor and opportunity
of being one of Tualauta’s two
representatives in the Legislature of American Samoa,
House of Representatives.
“And for the past two years
I have worked diligently to
represent your interests, no
matter what the circumstance.”
She notes that this year’s
election season has brought
with it new challenges, and it
has also brought more of the
Vui in her statement says
that “two years ago, my campaign for this seat became the
target of false accusations and
outright lies perpetrated by two
individuals who were fellow
contestants in the Tualauta
“Their tactics at trying
to win this seat was a smear
campaign aimed at me personally, specifically challenging
my eligibility based on my
Rather than running a clean
campaign by concentrating
on their virtues and qualifications that would entitle them
to the job, they focused on my
citizenship, claiming that I was
not an American Samoan.
Without proof or evidence
of any kind to support their
allegations, they set out to do
In addition, she says that
two years ago, their (Bartley
and Fiatoa’s) challenge was
denied by the Chief Election
Their attempt at a legal
suit in court died a sudden
death when it was summarily
dismissed by the Appellate
“While their accusations
managed to launch an investigation by the Speaker of the
House, it eventually turned up
nothing as I was able to serve
out my first full term in office.
“Yet two years later, they
persist and are at it again,” Vui
stated. “If I did not know then,
I certainly know now that this
attack carries with it a personal
grudge. This attack not only
aims to disqualify me, it also
goes to ridicule and mock my
heritage and my family.”
The Tualauta faipule said in
her statement, “It is one thing
to challenge something based
on sound grounds and good
reason. It is quite another to
recklessly fling accusations
time and time again, despite
those accusations having been
rejected and unproven the first
time they were made.
“This so-called ‘challenge’
is nothing more than harassment,” she categorically stated.
Vui urged patience to her
constituents and said, “Do not
let the ramblings of two disgruntled candidates sway your
attention from the fact that I am
here to serve you. I have served
you with all that I have for the
past two years, and I will continue to serve you for the next
two, if you let me…”
As for Esther and Lucia’s
challenge, Vui says she will
respond accordingly.
“The Chief Election Officer
has again denied their challenge as of September 5, 2014,
but I am sure they will continue
to harass and accuse me as they
did two years ago.
The law provides a remedy
to those who have been injured
by such malicious acts so I
will seek my relief in the High
Court. I had thought in the past
that they would learn from
their mistakes and all of this
would be just water under the
bridge. Now I must do what I
need to do.”
The statute referenced by
the Chief Election Officer is as
follows: ASCA 6.0303 Appeal
to the High Court.
(a) The challenger or the
challenged may, not later 4:30
p.m. on the 5th day after the
decision of the Chief Election
Officer, appeal directly to the
Appellate Division of the High
Court in the manner provided
by law for civil appeals to the
High Court.
(b) When the appeal is perfected, the High Court shall
hear the matter as soon thereafter as may be reasonable.
The determination by the court
is final.
Samoa News also notes that
the US national requirement
pointed to by Tuaolo, Article
II, Section 3 of the Revised
Constitution of American
Samoa, states that “A Representative shall;be a United
States National; be at least
25 years of age at the time of
his election; and have lived in
American Samoa for a total of
at least 5 years and have been
a bona fide resident of the representative district from which
he is elected for at least 1 year
next pre­ceding his election.
A delegate from Swains
Island shall have the qualifications of a Representative
except that in lieu of residence
in a representative district, he
shall have been a bona fide
resident of Swains Island for at
least one year next preceding
his election.
Samoa News should point
out that what constitutes proof
of US National status is not
identified in the statute.
(See Photo on page B8 of
today’s issue.)
➧ Pacific Water theme…
Continued from page 1
financially to acquire it. Nevertheless, people are compelled to
pay for the water they consume because of the cost connected
with the required infrastructure to capture, purify and distribute
the water,” the governor said.
He said the economic viability of the two major economic
assets, “our canneries” are also dependent not only on the sufficient water quantity, but also on the cost at which water is sold.
Lolo pointed out that the challenge he has issued to ASPA is not
only to substantially reduce the cost of water but also to “maintain water quality to meet national standards.”
The governor said our dependence on fossil fuel will continue to hinder the efforts to expand the economy and obstruct
improvements in the people’s quality of lives.
“Again, God has given us the sun, the wind and the ocean
deemed to provide free energy for our use. Fortunately, technology is now available for us to harness and convert these God
given gifts to usable energy, for American Samoa’s energy costs
continue to be the stumbling block frustrating our efforts to grow
our economy and reduce the financial burden on our people.”
Lolo said he hopes this conference will come up with innovative approaches to empower the accomplishment of the collective vision to increase the supply of water and energy while
reducing costs, thus improving our people’s quality of life.
Pacific Water and Waste Association (PWWA) Chairman,
Opetaia Favai, Chief Executive Officer for the Water Authority
in Fiji said they, too, have challenges and we have shared and
relayed our concerns.
“We need to think outside of the box, and we need to look at
ways to sustain water,” he said.
ASPA Board Chairman, Fonoti Perelini said the challenges
are there and he hopes that for the next four days they will be
able to come up with solutions.
The Expo Conference continues today at the Gov. H. Rex
Lee Auditorium in Utulei.
➧ Fa’aulu Senate pili…
Mai itulau 1
Tuipine Fuimaono ma ia faatu le mau ina ia faamuta felafolafoaiga a le komiti, ae sauni loa e tuu atu le pili i luma o le maota
mo le faapasiaina.
Na taua e Soliai e fa’apea, e leai ma se senatoa na te fesiligia le taua o le tulafono taufaaofi ma le agaga na mafua ai ona
fa’aulu i luma o le maota.
“Tatou sapasapaia lenei tulafono taufaaofi, o nei lava mea e
aoga mo nai a tatou fanau i le lumana’i”, o le saunoaga lea a Alo
Faauuga e lagolago ai le mau na fa’atu e Soliai e fa’amuta loa le
talanoaina o le tulafono taufaaofi.
A o lei saunoa le sui peresetene ia Nuanuaolefeagaiga S. Nua
le tulafono e fa’atolu le mau, sa ia talosagaina le vaega tupe lea
na ‘veto’ e le alii kovana mo le tausaga tupe lenei 2014 e le o
faaaogaina, pe le mafai ona tuu atu e fa’aopoopo i le alaga tupe
e fa’atupe ai le pili taufaaofi, ae na saunoa Laolagi e fa’apea, e
le tatau ona aafia le vaega tupe lea ina nei faigata ai le tulafono,
ae o le alagatupe a le fono mo le tausaga tupe 2015, o iina lea ua
faamoemoe e faatupe mai ai le pili.
Saunoa Gaoteote e fa’apea, e le o talosagaina e le Fono se isi
vaega tupe faaopoopo mo le pili taufaaofi lenei, ae o le tupe lea
ua maea ona tuu i totonu o le paketi a le fono mo le tausaga tupe
fou, o se vaega o lea tupe ua faamoemoe e faatupe ai siitaga o
alauni a senatoa ma faipule.
“E mafai lava fo’i ona tatou fa’aaogaina le vaega tupe lea
ua fuafua e faatupe ai siitaga i alauni a senatoa ma faipule, e
fa’atupe ai ni isi gaioiga a le fono, peita’i ua manatu, e sili pe a
aumai le tupe lea e fa’atupe ai siitaga i alauni, aua e le mo tatou
o lo o i ai i le taimi nei, ae aoga mo a tatou fanau o lo o aga’i mai
i nofoa a itumalo o le atunu’u”, o le saunoaga lea a Gaoteote na
lagolagoina e le afioga i le Sa’o ia Magalei Logovii.
A o le i fa’aulufale i luma o le senate le pili lenei e sii ai
alauni a senatoa ma faipule, o le isi lea mataupu na aofia i felafolafoaiga a afioga i faipule ina ua latou toe talanoaina le pili a
le maota o sui, e faatulaga ai siitaga i totogi o le kovana ma le
lutena kovana.
Ua fa’atolu ona talanoaina e faipule le pili e sii ai totogi o le
kovana ma le lutena kovana ae le i maua lava so latou finagalo
Na taua e ni isi o faipule i le taimi o le latou iloiloga ananafi
lo latou lagolagoina o le tulafono e sii ai totogi o le kovana ma
le lutena kovana, e tatau fo’i ona fa’apena ma totogi o senatoa
ma faipule, e tatau fo’i ona sii i luga, aua o i latou o ta’ita’i o le
Saunoa le Sui Fofoga Fetalai ia Faafetai Talia I’aulualo e
fa’apea, o totogi o le fono faitulafono faapea ai le kovana ma le
lutena kovana, o totogi ua fa’atulafono, e le mafai foi ona faia i
ai ni siitaga sei vagana ua sui le tulafono.
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
Translation of this story can be found in today’s issue of
Samoa News: “Senate moves forward with bill to increase Fono
office allowances”
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Page 13
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Page 14
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014
American Samoa Government
Applications for temporary workers as Election Officials and
Poll Workers will be available at the Election Office in Tafuna,
and the Department of Human Resources at the EOB in Utulei,
from September 8, through September 19, 2014. Prior
experiences in the local election processes will be highly
Application form must have your voter ID number and must be
turned in to the Election Office or the DHR before the deadline
of September 19, 2014.
➧ Lupe o le filifili…
Mai itulau 11
ai, afai ua alofa Losalia i a Solo, o le a le mea o le a ia
mafai, afai fo’i ua alofa Solo i a Losalia ia o le mea lea e
tatau ona fai.
A’o ia, o le a fa’atafatafa a fuga e pei o le fetalaiga i
vaifanua o le Sa’ofa’apito ma Salevalasi.
Na toe a’apa ane nei Petelo i le kitala, alu loa ma le
pese, “Ua ou vaivai ua ou fia moe, ae le mafai ona galo
oe, i si o’u nei fa’amoemoe, moe, moe…..”
Ae tali mai le pili o lo’o nofonofo lelei lava ma tilotilo
ane i a Petelo, “Ioe, Kelo, moe loa oe, se ua ga o mea gau
lava mea a ta’ua e maua, moe loa, ‘kagi so’o, kagi so’o.”
O a lava la nisi mafaufauga ua a’e nei i le loto o Petelo,
ua tasi lava lona manatu, “E sili a le toa na te pulea lona
loto, na i lo le toa na te a’ea le ‘olo.” O le manatu lea na
mafai ai ona fa’ato’ato’a e Petelo lona loto i lea afiafi. Ae
se i tatou liliu atu i le Faletua o le Fa’afeagaiga o Sila ma
lana fanau po’o fea ua o’o i ai i lea afiafi. Manatua fo’i le
lo’omatua o Litia lea na alu ane i le fale o le Faifeu, o lea
ua i’u lava ina moe ai. Fai mai e ao lelei lava e le i maua
se moe, aua ua fai nei le talatalanoaga ma le Faletua o
Su’e. E leai ni upu fo’i lea e fetufa’ai ai i ni mea e lelei
ma mautu ai le mafutaga a tina o le aulotu, ae ua na o le
fa’avi’ivi’i lea ua fai nei e le lo’omatua i le Faletua o le
Fa’afeagaiga i lea po.
A uma lea, ua muimui lea, a uma lea liliu ane i lea tina,
o tala e malepelepe ai aiga, o tala e maua ai le feitaga’i
i le va o le tina o le aulotu lea ua fai nei i lea afiafi.
Ae manatua, o Satani lava ia e sau e fa’aosooso ina ia
fa’aleaga lea ma fa’aleaga atu lea. O le mea tonu lava lea
ua tupu nei i le Faletua o Su’e ma le lo’omatua o Litia.
E faia pea…
➧ Fa’amoemoe si’i totogi…
Mai itulau 10
o tagata faigaluega, e foliga mai foi ua lua tausaga e lei faia lava
se siitaga mo ni isi o tagata faigaluega a le malo.
Na taua e ni isi o faipule i le taimi o le iloiloga e fa’apea, o
se tulaga e le manuia le fuafuaga ua faia e le faigamalo e taofi
ai siitaga i totogi o tagata faigaluega a le malo, ao latou nei o lo
o pito sili ona pagatia i le fa’atinoina o galuega i totonu o ofisa
ma matagaluega.
Saunoa Fetui Fetu Jr e fa’apea, e le tatau ona tuu umia e le
malo siitaga o tagata faigaluega e aunoa ma le fa’atinoina, ona
o tupe ia ua uma ona pasia atu e le fono i totonu o le paketi ma
fa’atulafono, e tatau fo’i i le malo ona usitaia ma mulimuli i ai.
Ina ua fesiligia e le komiti a le maota o sui le teutupe po o
malosi tupe maua faalotoifale a le malo e faatino ai siitaga e pei
ona taua, na tali le teutupe, talu mai le tolu tausaga talu ai, o lo o
maitauina pea le aga’i i luma o tupe ao a le malo mai lafoga ma
soo se auala o lo o maua mai ai tupe lotoifale.
Mo se fa’ataitaiga e pei ona taua e le molimau, e amata mai
i le 5% e o o atu i le 20% le maualuga o lo o siitia ai tupe maua
a le malo, ma o se tulaga fo’i ua mautinoa ai le malosi o tupe
lotoifale e fesoasoani ai i ni isi o galuega fa’atino a le malo.
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
➧ LBJ board managing…
Continued from page 3
is also paid by the hospital.
However, Gaoteote said there is one patient, whom he (Gaoteote) ended up paying the airfare for that person to travel off
island— and he will personally contact Mase on this issue.
Additionally, there are patients who were unable to travel on
LBJ, because the hospital insisted it did not have the money, the
Senate president noted.
Some lawmakers still plan on getting more information from
the hospital on the actual amount of money it has received under
the 2% wage tax for FY 2013 and FY 2014.
When asked by the committee about the close to one-million
in Hawaiian Airlines miles earned by ASG travel that was to
help with costs of travel for the referral program, Mase replied
that nothing has come to the hospital.
Rep. Vui Florence Saulo says that her biggest problem with
the wage tax is that all wage earners — even non residents —
pay this tax, but when patients are billed by the hospital, there is
a resident rate and a non-resident rate.
Mase said the board continues to work on ways to assist
non residents, and there is also a program to assist low income
samoa news, Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Page 15
tusia Ausage Fausia
E 60 aso lea ua poloaina e
le fa’amasinoga fa’aitumalo
e taofia ai i le falepuipui i
Tafuna le tamaitai o Dianne
Panapa, ina ua ta’usala o ia e le
fa’amasinoga i le solitulafono
mama o le fa’atupu vevesi i
nofoaga faitele.
O lea fa’asalaga o lo o
tuli fa’atasi ma isi fa’asalaga
fa’afalepuipui, sa tu’uina atu
e le fa’amasinoga i mataupu
tau solitulafono e lua na ulua’i
tu’uaia muamua ai o ia e le
O le mataupu e pei ona
fa’asala ai Panapa e le
fa’amasinoga, na afua mai
i le aso 10 Oketopa 2013 i le
afioaga o Alao, ina ua la poloka
ma se tasi o tamaitai le auala a
le malo i ma’a, atoa ai ma lona
alu ma se fasi paipa u’amea i
le alii ave pasi na a’afia, ma
avea ai ma itu na fefe ai le
ave pasi ma ia faafesootaiina
ai loa le Ofisa o Leoleo mo se
Na taua e le alii ave pasi i
leoleo e faapea, e toalua ni
tamaitai ua la poloka le auala
a le malo i Alao i ma’a, ma ua
le mafai ai e lana pasi ona toe
aga’i mai i le taulaga.
Na taua e le alii ave pasi e
fa’apea, na te’i ina ua fo’i mai
lana pasi mai Tula i le aso e pei
ona taua, ae tau mai lana vaai
i se pa maa o lo o poloka ai le
auala, ae o le taimi foi lea o lo o
talo talo atu le ua molima ma le
isi tamaitai ia te ia e taofi lana
Ina ua latalata le pasi a le
alii na aafia i le vaega o lo o i ai
le pa maa, sa ee atu le ua molia
ia te ia ma palau vale atu, ao ia
uu se fasi u’amea i lona lima,
ma o lo o aga’i atu ia te ia.
Na faasolomuli e le ave pasi
lana pasi i tua ona o le popole i
lona saogalemu atoa ai ma lana
pasese o lo o i totonu o le pasi.
Na taunuu leoleo ma latou
vaaia ai le ua molia ma le
tamaitai na la toalua o lo o
nofonofo mai i le faletalimalo,
ma auina atu ai loa le ua molia
i le ofisa mo suesuega.
Ina ua fesiligia Panapa e
leoleo, sa ia ioeina ai lona
polokaina o le auala i se pa
maa, atoa ai ma lona alu ma se
fasi paipa u’amea i le ave pasi,
talu ai lona ita i lana tala sa lafo
atu ia te ia.
Na finau le loia a Panapa i le
faamasinoga mo se fa’asalaga
faanofovaavaaia, ae ua lava
aso e 5 na taofia ai le ua molia
e avea ma ana fa’asalaga i
lenei mataupu, peitai na finau
le malo ina ia tuu i ai sina
fa’asalaga faa falepuipui, ona o
le matuia o le gaioiga sa ia faia.
E le gata ua fa’asala e le faamasinoga Panapa i le toese mo
le 60 aso, ae ua poloaina fo’i o
ia ina ia avea o ia ma tagatanuu
lelei, i le taimi e magalo mai ai
i tua. O le aso 29 Oketopa 2014
lea ua faatulaga e magalo mai
ai Panapa i tua mai le toese i
Ua teena e le Vaega Iloilo
o le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga le talosaga na fa’aulu e
Kalilimotu Hunt ma Tuputausi
Hunt, mo se poloaiga a le
fa’amasinoga e fa’aleaoga ai
le tagi na fa’aulu e le Faletupe
o Atina’e fa’asaga ia te i laua,
e mafua mai i lo la le usitaia o
tuutuuga o le fa’aaogaina o se
vaega tupe fesoasoani mai le
feterale, lea na faamatuu atu
e fausia ai le la fale i lalo o se
polokalame ‘Section 1602’.
O le mataupu lenei na tofu
atu i luma o le fa’amasinoga,
ona o se talosaga na faaulu e
le Faletupe o Atina’e fa’asaga
ia Hunt, ina ua la le tausisia
tuutuuga o le polokalame e pei
ona faamatuu atu ai le vaega
tupe e $68,000 e fausia ai le la
fale i Auto, i le polokalame mo
tagata e maualalo le tamaoaiga.
Talu ai ua finau le faletupe
ua le tausisia e Hunt tuutuuga
o le polokalame, na talosagaina ai loa se poloaiga a le
fa’amasinoga e fa’atonu ai
Hunt ina ia toe totogi le tupe e
$68,000, atoa ai ma tupe tului.
Na finau Hunt i le
fa’amasinoga ina ia faaleaoga
le tagi a le Faletupe, ona e leai
se malosi o le Vaega Iloilo o
le Fa’amasinoga e iloilo ai le
mataupu lenei, se’i vagana ai
le Vaega o Fanua ma Suafa,
ona o le mataupu o lo o a’afia
ai mataupu tau fanua.
Na taua e le Faletupe i
lana tagi e fa’apea, o le aso 4
Novema 2010 na faamanuiaina
ai Hunt i le vaega tupe e pei ona
taua, ma tuu atu ai le maliliega
ina ia mae’a le galuega i le aso
3 Novema 2011, e ui o aiaiga
na tuu mai e le feterale mo galuega nei e tatau ona mae’a i le
aso 31 Tesema 2012.
Na finau le Faletupe i le
fa’amasinoga, e uma le tausaga
e 2012 e lei maea le galuega a
Hunt, o lea na tuu atu ai e le
Faletupe le aso 3 Aokuso 2013
e tatau ona o o atu i ai ua mae’a
le galuega, peitai ina ua toe
asia le galuega i le masina o
Fepuari 2014, e le i mae’a lava.
I le faaiuga a le faamasinoga
na taua ai e fa’apea, e talitonu
le fa’amasinoga o lo o i ai i le
Vaega Iloilo o le Fa’amasinoga
ona taulimaina le mataupu e pei
ona talosagaina e le Faletupe,
ona o mataupu ia o lo o aofia ai
tagi mo vaega tupe e toe totogi
atu e silia i le $15,000.
E talitonu foi le faamasinoga, o le mataupu lenei e le
tatau ona tuuina atu e iloilo e le
Vaega o Fanua ma Suafa o le
Fa’amasinoga Maualuga, ma,
o le talosaga a Hunt ua teena.
O le afioga i le faamasino
sili lagolago ia Lyle L. Richmond na iloiloina le faaiuga,
i lalo o le lagolago a le afioga
i le alii faamasino lagolago ia
Muasau T. Tofili.
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia
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