Architecture Time Period

Architecture Time Period
Tanner Karp
• Neolithic architecture was said to have started in
southwest Asia.
• Used mud-brick to build house and villages.
• Houses were plastered and painted with pictures of
• A great example would be Stonehenge which is in
 Ancient Egypt- They still used mud-brick but they also
used limestone. Example- Great Pyramid of Khufu
 Ancient Greece- Three types of architecture was Doric,
Ionic, and Corinthian. Example- Parthenon
 Ancient Rome- Created the Coliseum and the
Aqueducts. Example- Roman Colosseum
 In medieval architecture there were three main phases of
the architecture.
 The three phases of architecture were Pre-Romanesque,
Romanesque, and Gothic.
 Pre- Romanesque led up to Romanesque which they use
slightly pointed arches, and barrel vaults in their
architecture. Gothic used pointed arches, and ribbed
 An example would be the Tower of London.
 Renaissance architecture used symmetry, proportion, and
 They used orderly arrangements of columns, pilasters, and
 Instead of a flat roof, in renaissance architecture they
came up with the dome. They also created semicircular
 An example would be Chateau de fontainebleau in France.
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 This architectural style had concern for color, light,
and shade.
 This style tried to show the wealth and power of the
 To get light into the building they used several
windows to bring in sunlight.
 An example would be the Pantheon in Paris.
 In Neo-classical architecture they used many visuals and
 Neo-classical architecture was mostly used in public
buildings like museums, libraries, and academies.
 An example would be the white house in Washington
  During this architectural period craftsman
homes became much more popular.
 An example of this architecture is the
Einstein Tower in Potsdam, Germany.
This architecture type became popular after World War 2.
No decorations on the buildings. It was just a plain old
building with no statues, cool designs, etc.
An example would be the A.I.A. Headquarters in
Washington D.C.
 Modern architecture had non-orthogonal angles,
and unusual surfaces.
 There still is no use in ornaments, statues, art,
cool designs, etc.
 An example of this architecture would be the
Vanna Venturi House in Philadelphia,
 Deconstructive comes in all shapes and sizes.
Circular, rectangular, triangular, etc.
 A type of this is blobitechture. The buildings just
look like big blobs.
 An example in the background is the Wexner
Center in Columbus, Ohio.
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