Jeopardy benchmark 3

King vs.
Feudalism Church
The End of The “Rebirth
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Final Jeopardy
$100 Question from H1
Which class was at the bottom of the
feudal pyramid in Medieval Europe?
$100 Answer from H1
$200 Question from H1
Arrange the following classes in order
(high to low) according to the feudal hierarchy:
$200 Answer from H1
Your Text Here
$300 Question from H1
What is a Fief?
$300 Answer from H1
The land (estate) that was granted to the Vassal
(lord, knight, Nobel) by the king
$400 Question from H1
What group of barbarians terrorized and
attacked Europe after the death of
Charlemagne, which lead to the beginning of
$400 Answer from H1
The Vikings
$500 Question from H1
The political order under feudalism was
dependent upon the relationship between
lords and their vassals (knights, nobles).
The responsibility of the vassal ( knight, Nobel)
$500 Answer from H1
An oath of loyalty and a pledge (promise)
of military service
$100 Question from H2
By 1050, what was the most powerful
and wealthy force in Europe?
$100 Answer from H2
Catholic Church
$200 Question from H2
In 800 C.E. Pope Leo entered in to a partnership
with Charlemagne; What was the deal of this
$200 Answer from H2
Leo would tell the people of Europe that
Charlemagne was picked by God to be
king, in return Charlemagne
would provide Leo with an army of God
$300 Question from H2
The Investiture Controversy between the
Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope was over
which of these reasons?
$300 Answer from H2
Who could appoint church officials (bishops), the King or the Pope
$400 Question from H2
What was the end result of the
Investiture Controversy?
$400 Answer from H2
Henry is forced to beg for his forgiveness.
Pope Gregory readmits him into the church.
The weakening and breakup of Germany
$500 Question from H2
Rank in order from high to low:
-Monks/nuns -Pope
Popefrom H2
$500 Answer
Your TextBishop
Monks & Nuns
$100 Question from H3
How did the black death bring about the end
of feudalism?
Thinking about economics
$100 Answer from H3
Surviving peasants gained more
economic power because there was less
workers after the plague so they could demand
higher pay
$200 Question from H3
What Pope declared the first crusade
with his speech at the council of Claremont?
$200 Answer from H3
Pope Urban the II
$300 Question from H3
What is a Crusade?
What was the goal of the crusade
$300 Answer from H3
Christian holy wars to retake Holy Land
of Jerusalem from Muslims
$400 Question from H3
Name two reasons King John upset his barons?
$400 Answer from H3
He raised their taxes so much that they were one step above peasants
He would through people in jail for no particular reason
He lost most of the English lands in France
$500 Question from H3
What document became the basis for future legal
reform when it forced the king to follow the rule
of law?
$500 Answer from H3
Magna Carta
$100 Question from H4
What was “humanism”?
$100 Answer from H4
Focus on individual worth of humans
& their potential to achieve great things
$200 Question from H4
What city-state did the Renaissance start in?
$200 Answer from H4
Who invented the printing press?
Your Text Here
$300 Answer from H4
Johannes Gutenberg
$400 Question from H4
Why was Leonardo da Vinci considered
a Renaissance man?
$400 Answer from H4
Because he was good at many things
(art, science, etc.) & constantly tried to learn
new things.
$500 Question from H4
How did the printing press & movable
type affect the Renaissance?
$500 Answer from H4
Made bookmaking cheaper & faster,
which helped spread Renaissance ideas across
$100 Question from H5
What was a positive result of the crusades?
$100 Answer from H5
Knowledge was brought back from muslim
People saw life outside their manor
$200 Question from H5
Why would a peasant want to join the
Crusades? (pick the best reason)
$200 Answer from H5
To be free from paying rent to their lord while
On crusade
$300 Question from H5
Why was law and punishment so
severe in medieval England?
$300 Answer from H5
People would only learn how to
behave properly if they were
frightened that something terrible
would happen to them if they broke
the law.
$400 Question from H5
The Magna Carta put an end to the
crazy ordeals(fire, water, combat) by
establishing the right of habeas corpus.
What is habeas Corpus?
$400 Answer from H5
The principle that accused person cannot be held
without consent of a court
$500 Question from H5
This sculptor worked in marble &
also painted the Sistine Chapel.
$500 Answer from H5
Final Jeopardy
This author wrote, “If one man kills another,
it murder, but if a hundred thousand men kill
another hundred thousand, it is considered an
act of glory!?”
Final Jeopardy Answer
Who is Tolstoy?
(The book is
Kingdom of God)