Western Art and Architecture frm 300 to 1400 ad

Western Art and Architecture
frm 300 to 1400 ad
T J Osler
Santa Costanza:
exterior, view from NW., ca. 350 A.D. Rome, Italy
Santa Sabina:
interior, nave, view from west, begun ca. 422-432 A.D. Rome
Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Passion of
Christ(probably from the Catacomb of Domitilla),
mid-4th century A.D.
Christ carrying the Cross, detail of 1st [far left] panel, mid4th century A.D.
Byzantine monumental Church mosaics are a crowning glory of Medieval Art.
One of the most famous of the surviving mosaics is in the Church of the Holy
Wisdom in former Constantinople—the image of Christ on the walls of the
upper southern gallery.
Byzantine: Ravenna, exterior, view from south, 526-547 A.D.
San Vitale: interior, view towards apse showing mosaics: [T] roundel portraits
of Christ and Apostles; [TC] Lamb of God with Archangels; [C] Christ enthroned
with Angels and Saints, ca. 547 A.D.
The Emperor Justinian and his retinue; detail of mosaic from the left side
[north wall] of the apse, San Vitale, ca. 547 A.D.
German, Carolingian, Torhalle (gatehouse of the Benedictine abbey),
Lorsch: exterior, view from north, 768-774
German, Ottonian, St. Cyriakus, Gernrode:exterior, Westbau, view from NW., 961-983
(west towers and choir enlarged late 12th century)
French, Romanesque, Abbey Church, Cluny:
south transept ("Tower of the Blessed Water"), view from NW., 1088-1118
Islamic, Spain (Umayyad Period), Great Mosque, Cordoba:
interior, arcades, begun 785-786; enlarged to 987
Great Mosque, Cordoba:
interior, dome in front of the mihrab, added 965 (reign of al-Hakam II)
Adoration of Mary , 1150 France
Enthroned Virgin and Child France 1260
Madonna and Child 1300
Byzantine Icon 1400
The western façade of Reims Cathedral, France. 12th century
Sainte Chapelle.
Notre Dame de Paris.
Interior of Coutances Cathedral, France