Complete program in English

GP Update Course,
the Netherlands
23 May 2014
GP Update Course, the Netherlands
The Hot Topics course is the premier course for GPs in the UK and Ireland, and PAO Heyendael
and NB Medical are delighted to bring the course to the Netherlands in collaboration with
the department of Primary Health Care of the Radboud university medical center. It is the
most popular course for GPs in the UK, receives outstanding feedback and is attended by
over 10,000 GPs a year. It is a one day course which updates GPs with all the latest evidence,
guidelines and developments from the international literature and gives them the resources
to practise evidence-based medicine in a very time efficient way. Evidence-based medicine
could not be more fun: the course is up-tempo, full of humour, very dense in take home
messages. It is ‘different’!
The course provides:
•A series of short, engaging presentations presenting the most recent findings which will
have an impact on clinical practice
•A detailed 350 page book summarising the evidence for over 100 conditions commonly
seen in primary care
•A Dutch add-on to the book which comments on the topics presented in relation to the
actual guideline advice (NHG-standaarden).
•An electronic, instantly searchable PDF version of the book which is hyper-linked to the
original sources and patient resources
•Free additional access for one year to the CPD site
The course will be led by Dr Simon Curtis and Dr Zoe Ballantyne of NB Medical Education. For
more information see
‘I attended the Hot Topics course this weekend and just wanted to say it was brilliant again. Don’t feel so guilty about that pile of journals as I learned so much.’
09.00 Registration
Chair: Dr Nynke Scherpbier
09:30 Welcome
Prof Pim Assendelft
09:40Lectures session I
11:30 Refreshment break
12:00 Lectures session II
13:30 Lunch
14.15 Lectures session III
15:30 Refreshment break
Speakers and
Prof W.J.J. Assendelft, head deparment Primary
Health Care, Radboud university medical center
Nijmegen, the Netherlands
teacher NB Medical Education and GP
Brighton, Great Britain
medical director NB Medical Education,
partner at a training practice in central Oxford
and a tutor in primary care at Oxford University
Great Britain
A.W. van Esch, GP/teacher, GP training
institute,Radboud university medical center
Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Dr N.D. Scherpbier-de Haan, GP, head Primary
Health Care Training Institute, Radboud university
medical center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
15:45 Lectures session IV
17.00 Closure
- Medically unexplained symptoms
(including new Dutch guideline)
- Peripheral arterial disease
- Atrial fibrillation
- Update on new antiplatelet agents
- Chronic kidney disease
- Management of non-visible haematuria
and proteinuria
- Menopause and HRT
- Heavy & irregular menstrual bleeding
- Polycystic ovarian syndrome
- Aspirin for cancer prevention
- Mental illness and physical health
M. Klomp-Kooi, projectmanager, PAO Heyendael,
Radboud university medical center
Nijmegen, the Netherlands
- Erectile dysfunction
- Chronic non-cancer pain
- Neuropathic pain
- Autism in adults
- Lower leg pain in runners
- Tennis elbow
- Uveitis and red eye
- Traveller’s diarrhoea
- Obstructive sleep apnoea
- Tinnitus
- Cholesteatoma and discharging ears
- Multimorbidity
- Reducing unplanned hospital admissions
The course will take place in the Auditorium
of the Radboud university medical center,
Geert Grooteplein 15, 6525 EZ Nijmegen,
the Netherlands.
Radboud university medical center
PAO Heyendael / 87
Mrs Yvonne Savelkoul-Broekman,
project officer
P.O. Box 9101
6500 HB Nijmegen
The Netherlands
• Accreditation is granted for Dutch GPs.
• At the end of the course you will receive
a certificate.
Payment and registration
•The registration fee is € 200,-. For GPs
associated with the department primary
healthcare of the Radboud university medical
center the fee is € 100,- GPs in training can
participate free of charge.
• You can register on:
volg ons: @paoheyendael
T +31 24 361 96 71