The Sports Medicine Team

Chapter 2
The Athletic Health Care Team
Sports Medicine
Definition: “A field that uses a holistic,
comprehensive, and multidisciplinary
approach to health care for those engaged in
sporting or recreational activity.”
Practitioners include primary care physicians,
orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, sports
physical therapists, dentists, exercise
physiologists, conditioning coaches, and
sports nutritionists.
Key Team Members
Team Physicians
NATABOC-Certified Athletic Trainer
Coaches in public school settings should be trained
Basic conditioning procedures.
Maintenance and fitting of protective equipment.
First aid and CPR.
Operation of an automatic external defibrillator.
Recognition and management of common sports
• Skills instruction.
Sports Medicine Team
The Sports Medicine Team includes: team
physician, athletic trainer, coaching staff, and
other related health care practitioners.
Sports Medicine Team
The team’s role in medical management of
athletes includes:
Coordinating pre-participation physical exams.
• Providing medical management of injuries
and illnesses on and off the field.
• Coordinating rehab and a safe return to
participation after illness or injury.
• Providing education and counseling for
coaches, athletes, and parents.
• Providing proper documentation and medical
record keeping.
Athletic Trainer
BOC-certified athletic trainer: an allied health
care professional with extensive education in
clinical care & prevention of sports injuries.
Athletic trainers receive formal instruction in:
• Injury prevention.
• Recognition, evaluation, and immediate
• Treatment and rehabilitation.
• Health care organization and
• Professional development and
BOC Certification
To qualify:
Complete a CAATE-accredited
Athletic Training Education
Program (ATEP).
Take certification examination
that is now offered via a
national network of
computerized testing
Professional Settings for
Athletic Trainers
Secondary Schools
Professional Sports
Rehabilitation Clinics/Hospitals
Industrial Settings