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Dear Parent:
Your son/daughter, __________________________, has sustained an athletic injury. In
order to promote healing, it would be a great assistance if you would make certain that
the initial treatment indicated below is followed.
In order to continue the care for you son/daughter, please remind him/her to see me
tomorrow. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at school at
[School Phone] or home [Home Number].
[Your Name]
Athletic Trainer
As a result of my initial evaluation, it appears that he/she has a/an:
Treatment Recommendations
___ Ice
Apply 20 minutes; repeat 3-5 times daily. Do not
leave on overnight. DO NOT apply any heat or
heating balm.
___ Compression
Wear elastic wrap or special taping. Loosen if
there is a loss of circulation or feeling, a
tingling sensation, or increased pain.
___ Elevation
Elevate the injured body part as high and as
often as possible during the day. While sleeping,
place a pillow under the body part to keep it
elevated above the heart.
___ Crutches
Crutches have been properly fitted and the
athlete has been shown how to use them.
___ Physician Visit
This injury requires attention from a physician.
Diagnosis and results form all physician visits
Must be presented in writing and turned in to
the Athletic Trainer.
___ Injury Observation
It does not appear necessary for your child to
see a physician today. However, if the injury
appears to worsen or does not show
improvement, I would recommend seeing a
___ Follow-up Treatment
See the Athletic Trainer tomorrow at the time
indicated below
___ Sports Injury Clinic
Please bring your child to the free sports injury clinic held
on Saturday mornings. The clinic address is: