ACA and Women`s Health Power point

No Pre-Existing
Condition Exclusions
Young adults stay on
parents’ policies
No lifetime/annual limits
80/85 Medical Loss Ratio
Well-women visits
breastfeeding support
Domestic violence
All FDA approved
Bright Futures
Maternity Coverage
Access to GYNs
Family Planning
Reinforces current federal rules
Federal funds only for rape, incest, life of
pregnant woman (Hyde limitations)
Does not pre-empt state law
Health Exchange
-exchanges may offer current or new plans that include
abortion coverage
- exchanges must offer at least one plan does not include
abortion coverage beyond the Hyde limitations
Parents and single
Up to 138% of FPL
$26,300 family/3
125,000 West Virginians
◦ Including 63,000 women
Family of 4 at 250% of the FPL (age 40)
= $57,625/annually (2012)
Subsidy for policy
Subsidy calculator at
All clinically preventive measures
◦ Without co-pay, deductible
236,000 West Virginians
◦ free preventive services in 2011
Improved prescription
drug coverage
◦ $45 million in prescription drug
◦ Doughnut closes by 2020
It’s not a cut. Medicare spending will
Increase but at a lower rate; from annual
growth of 6.8% to 5.6%
Seniors will not lose any benefits; they
gain preventive benefits and better Rx
Medicare trustees say the health care law will
extend the solvency of the Medicare Trust
Source: Kaiser Health News 8-23-12
In billions
$260 Hospitals
$156 Medicare Advantage Plans
$ 36 Skilled nursing
$ 66 Home health
$ 17 Hospice
$171 Other
Remember: Providers will
have millions of new paying
customers to make up for cuts
◦ To age 26
◦ Does not have
to be dependent
Once considered largely a man’s
disease, there was a time when
doctor’s rarely looked for coronary
heart disease (CHD) in women. The
reality is that CHD is the leading
cause of death for both men and
women in the United States and in
most developed countries around
the world. However, over the past
40 years in the U.S., there has been
a striking reduction in CHD deaths
in men, but reductions in women
have lagged behind. More women
than men die of CHD every year,
which has been the case for the
last 25 years.
Establish Goals
Set Priorities
Aila Accad, RN, WV Nurses Association
Ellen Allen, Covenant House
Elena Bailey, National Association of Social Workers
Jeannie Clark, Perinatal Programs, Office of Maternal, Child and
Family Health
Anne Dacey, RN, WV Perinatal Partnership, WVU National Center of
Excellence in Women’s Health
Rachel Huff, WV FREE
Sue Julian, WV Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Wendy Lewis, Partnership of African American Churches
Kira Miskimmin, Planned Parenthood Health Systems
Margaret Chapman Pomponio, WV FREE
Laura Phillips, The Phillips Group, Inc
Kim Barber Tieman, Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation
Others to be added
Perry Bryant, Executive Director
Renate Pore, Policy Director
Ashley Adams, Eastern Pan Regional Coordinator
Lisa Diehl, North Central West Virginia Coordinator
Doris Selko, Southern West Virginia Regional Coordinator