Clinics or satellite centers

Clinics or Satellite Centers
Brandon, Christina, Miranda, and
 A.K.A. satellite clinics: they are composed of
a group of medical or dental doctors who
share a facility. Some are operated by
private groups.
Surgical Clinics
 A.K.A. SurgiCenters
 Perform minor surgical procedures.
 Patients are sent home immediately after
 Examples
– Valley Immediate Care
(in Medford OR.)
Urgent or emergency care clinics
 Provide first aid or emergency care to ill or
injured patients.
 Saint Alphonsus and Saint Luke's
Outpatient Clinics
- Usually operated by hospitals or large
medical groups
• Provide care for patients who are not
admitted to the hospital
• Highly specialized types of care
• Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center
• St. Luke’s
Clinics dealing with one specific disease
Oncology center in Boise, Idaho called Cancer
Center of Idaho (CCI)
Diabetic Clinic in Boise, Idaho called
Humphreys treats 2500 local people with
diabetes every year.
Kidney Dialysis center in Pocatello
Most Kidney problems are kidney stones and
blood in the urine.
Rehabilitation centers
 Offers physical, occupational, speech, and
other therapies
 Drug and alcohol recovery
 Examples
– St. Alphonsus Rehab
– Saltzer Medical Group
Health Department
Offers Pediatric Health care
Treatment of STDs
Respiratory Disease
CDHD - Central District Health Department
Medical Center Clinics
Most medical center clinics are found in colleges
and at universities.
Provide Medical classes for practicing medical
Offer care and treatment for different diseases
or health conditions.