Lecture Two - Dr. Al Plechner

A.J. Plechner DVM
Lecture Two
Lecture Two
April 7, 2015
Dr. Plechner
A modern
day animal
with an EI
mange is a
Inflammatory Bowel syndrome
After hormone supplementation and
immune regulation
Irish setter with EI imbalance
Irish setter with EI imbalance
Two weeks after adrenal-thyroid
supplementation and nomallizing IgA,
IgG and IgM.
Genetic EI imbalance passed from
mother to son
3 weeks after correction of adrenalthyroid immune system. (mother)
In 1971, clinical studies show an 8 week old
golden retriever male puppy with a severe,
generalized pyoderma.
Blood tests indicated a low cortisol, low T3T4,
deregulated IgA, IgG, IgM
In one week.
two weeks, T3T4 and
IgA,IgG & IgM were
remeasured. All had increased
and the puppy looked better.
happened? Why
would a steroid increase
the IgG, IgA, IgM?
researching endocrine
cycles, a biochemist friend
was asked to develop a total
estrogen test.
developing this test it
demonstrated that high adrenal
estrogen, causes deregulation
of IgA, IgG & IgM with the
case studies tested.
After adrenal thyroid immune
regulation, the puppy appeared like
Lecture One showed this basset hound
puppy with an EI imbalance
This is the puppy after adrenalthyroid-immune regulation
cancer patients
have an EI imbalance with
loss of control of the
immune system.
A cancer patient
Splenic mass
Splenic mass – 5 days later.
Excised mass – Hemangiosarcoma
As with the hemangiosarcoma patient,
a patient with a typical cancer EI
makeup has:
 Deficient
or bound cortisol.
 High adrenal estrogen.
 Deficient or bound T3T4
 Deregulated IgA, IgG & IgM
other related canines
developed Hemangiocarsomas.
The lesions were excised and
EI replacement done.
 All
three are still alive three years
later which has never happened
 One to six month of life before
death usually occurs.
of their offspring had the
exact same EI imbalance.
They were corrected with EI
therapy to help avoid the same
EI therapy
usually avoids cancer
development or at least slows
down its development until
very late in life.
Can you predict an EI
 Yes! A six
to eight week old animal
can be tested for Cortisol, T3T4 and
total estrogen! The IgG, IgA & IgM
will vary due to vaccination
this time, a new owner
may decide to either not
take the animal or fund its
EI imbalance for life.
Can you prevent the EI imbalance?
is not to say that you
cannot breed two animals,
it only says they may not
have an EI compatibility.
can mix and match
and breed parents with
different EI imbalances and
produce an average without
an imbalance.
Example – a female Brittany spaniel, a
national field trial champion named CeCe,
had low cortisol, high adrenal estrogen,
suppressed T3T4 and deregulated B & T
cells, not only did she stop running and
could not become pregnant, she developed
“Valley Fever” due to her suppressed T
EI therapy corrected the above.
 CeCe
was good enough as a national
field trial champion that the owners
decided to breed her.
 The male that was picked was
“Sundance”, he had a high cortisol,
more normal adrenal estrogen, and a
normal thyroid.
CeCe had a litter – the offspring appeared
normal, I was given one of the puppies and
chose to name her Murphy’s law!
7 months her EI
levels and littermates
levels were normal.
you identify the EI
imbalance in parents you
can breed it out. The
imbalance is in their offspring.
We need to have healthy animals so
that young people like this can become