Verifying Properties of Geometric Figures

Verifying Properties of
Geometric Figures
The ability to problem solve is a key skill.
You will be given a collection of properties,
and a collection of situations.
You must decide what property to use, then
implement that property effectively to
create and communicate a clear solution
Example 1
The vertices of a triangle are A(-3,6), B(1,-6)
and C(5,2). If M is the midpoint of AB and
N is the midpoint of AC, verify that
a) MN is parallel to BC
b) MN is half the length of BC
Example 2
Triangle ABC has vertices A(3,4) B(-5,2) and C(1,-4).
a) An equation for CD, the median from C to AB
b) An equation for GH, the right bisector of AB
The median of a triangle connects the
vertex with the midpoint of the opposite side
A right bisector divides the side of a triangle
equally in 2 at 90O
Pg 95
1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7a,
8, 10, 12, 14a,c
18, 20, 23
These will take 2
periods to