Geometry - Center of Gravity Activity Name ________________________________ A

Geometry - Center of Gravity Activity
Name ________________________________
1. Graph the triangle with vertices A(0,0), B(30,12), and C(12,0).
2. Find and plot the midpoint of each side. Show your work.
AB : M = ____________ (Label point X)
BC : M = ____________ (Label point Y)
AC : M = ____________ (Label point Z)
3. With a ruler, draw CX , AY , and BZ .
4. Write the equation of the lines from Question 3 in y = mx + b form.
a) CX
b) AY
c) BZ
5. Using your equations from Question 4, find the point of intersection of lines CX and BZ .
6. This point found in Question 4 is known as the center of gravity. In geometry, what is the name we give
to this point of concurrency?