Finding the Distance Between Two Points in New

Finding the Distance
Between Two Points
in New York State
Question: What is the distance, in miles between Ithaca and
Watertown, NY?
First, open your Earth Science Reference Tables to page 3, the Generalized
Bedrock Geology Map......................
Find the two cities, Ithaca and Watertown (red dots)
Using an index card or blank piece of paper, line up one edge between the two cities. Be accurate!
Make a small, straight mark on the card at the location of each city (red lines).
Move the card to the key. Be sure to use the “miles” side since that’s what
the question is asking for. Place one of the red marks on the 0.
With one of your red marks at the 0, make a mark at the end of the key
at 50 miles (see blue line).
Now slide the card along until the blue mark is at 0. Make a note that the
distance between your first red mark and the blue mark is 50 miles.
Make another mark at the end of the key (second blue mark) and note that
the distance between the two blue marks is another 50 miles.
Slide the card over until the second blue mark is on the 0. Note that the
distance between the blue mark and your second red mark is another 10 miles.
Now just add up the miles. Ithaca is 110 miles from Watertown.
Things to remember.......................
1) Read the question carefully. Be sure you know
whether you’re measuring miles or kilometers.
2) When making the marks at the cities or mountains
be sure your line is on the dot representing that city
or the triangle representing the mountain.
3) Be accurate. Make small straight marks and keep track
of distances measured at the key.
4) Don’t be lazy. Go back and check your work!