The Church Worker and his/her Stewardship Life

The Church Worker
and his/her
Stewardship Life
Part I.
What is Stewardship?
“As each has received a gift,
use it to serve one another,
as good stewards of
God’s varied grace.”
(I Peter 4:10)
Introduction: A Timely Theme!!
A. Something is wrong in our church-life
B. Some interested and careful
observers of church-life tell us that we
must study and practice stewardship
if conditions in our Church are to
-- Are these critics right?
I. What is this Stewardship?
A. Naturally, the meaning of the word must
first be brought out
B. Contrary to what one might think, the
state of being a steward is not necessarily
menial or degrading
C.In a particular sense, stewardship is a
term which defines mankind’s
relationship to his God
D. Viewing ourselves from this angle --
1. We realize –
a) That we are not “the captain of our souls”
b) Nor “the master of our fate”
2. And that stewardship is –
-- Sanctification
II. Where Is the Proof That
God Expects Us and in Fact
Requires Us To Fulfill the
Role of a Steward and That
Our Stewardship is an Act of
A. The Bible states it in various ways
B. We belong to the Lord in a much fuller
sense than did the slaves to their masters
in by-gone days
C. Stewardship is the Law
III. We Can Also View God’s
Direction for Us in Regards to
Stewardship from Two Other
Angles as Well
A. We are stewards by virtue of creation
B. We are stewards by virtue of our
IV. Our Own Experiences Also
Confirm The Biblical Statements
A. We have the Law written in our hearts
B. All of this also applies even to the
V. Let Us Then Go On – To Dwell
Briefly on the Duties of Our
A. In a general way
B. In a detailed way
C. Our stewardship should not be a
haphazard thing
-- But a regular, systematic exercise
D. If you find exercising our stewardship to
be a difficult, burdensome, tiring
-- We might remember . . .
We Are Good Stewards
1. Not in order to win a reward
2. But in gratitude for the abundant
mercies daily bestowed upon us by
the God of our salvation
Part II.
Faithfulness in Stewardship
“Moreover, it is required of
stewards that a many be
found faithful (trustworthy)!!”
(I Corinthians 4:2)
Introduction: Stewardship Is One
of the Terms Which Defines Our
Relationship to God
1) It Shows Us to Be Servants of God
2) It Stamps All of Our Talents and
Possessions with the Mark of Divine
3) It Governs our Lives and Regulates
All that We Think, Say, and Do
4) It Is the Life of Sanctification
A. Every human being should
know that he/she is a steward
under God -1. By Creation
2. Also by Redemption
B. Every Steward Must be
Taught to Realize -1. That His/Her Standing Puts Certain
Obligations upon Him/Her
2. That the Prime Factor of Efficiency in
Christian Stewardship Is –
I. We Shall First Define the Term
– “Faithfulness.”
A. In general, faithfulness is a character element
B. Faithfulness is a quality sought in persons
holding certain positions
C. Faithfulness may be and is applied to certain
D. Faithfulness includes – Sincerity, honesty,
application, diligence, thoroughness, selfforgetfulness, readiness to make sacrifices
E. Faithfulness – Is a high virtue in any walk of
II. How Does This Fit In With
Christian Stewardship?
A. Faithfulness in a Christian steward . . .
is first of all the inward attitude
B. Those Christian Stewards Who Are
Faithful . . .
1. Are happy and feel highly honored
2. Are also determined to live up to their
duties as long as life may last
III. The Conduct of Those Who
Are Faithful in Their
Stewardship Includes Various
Factors and Phases
A. A Christian steward –
1. Walks humbly in the sight of God and man
2. Gives God all credit and praise
3. Confesses God’s name and salvation
before men
B. A good steward of the Lord is a diligent
worker in the kingdom of God, keeping
first things first in his/her life
C. Faithful stewards persevere -1. When others tire and leave them to labor
2. When ingratitude seems to be their reward
3. When their own ‘Old Adam’ protests their
attempts at carrying out faithful stewardship
D. Faithful stewards seek not their own
glory, but that of their divine Lord
IV. Is Too Much Being Expected
of Us in These Teachings on
Christian Stewardship?
A. There are always some who fear that their time,
strength, financial capacities, will be overtaxed
B. A faithful Christian steward will not be able to follow
the example of the children of this world
C. But what if we should like to do better and cannot,
because of certain limitations beyond our
D. Whenever we become conscious of our failures to
practice good stewardship – Let us in true penitence
of heart turn to Him who came to fulfill all
For Inspiration and Stimulation
of Our Stewardship Life . . .
Let Us Turn to the
Cross of Jesus Christ
Part III.
The Joy of
Christian Stewardship
“Serve the Lord with gladness!!
Come into his presence with singing!!”
(Psalm 100:2)
There should be joy in our stewardship . . .
There is joy in Christian stewardship!!
I. “Serve the Lord with gladness.”
This Shows That There
Should Be Joy in Our
A. What does this mean and imply?
B. Why should our serving and giving be
gladly done?
C. All this will lead to the realization that
much of our life has been fruitless and
futile – When we have left gladness
out of our stewardship!!
II. Not Only Should There Be Joy in Our
Stewardship – But True Christian
Stewardship Actually Causes Gladness
and Is Really Enjoyable
A. Let us once more emphasize that we are discussing
only that kind of stewardship which deserves the label
B. In such stewardship there is really joy
C. There is the satisfaction of knowing oneself to be engaged
in the great and glorious undertaking – the support and
extension of God’s kingdom
D. There is also the stimulating consciousness of knowing
that as a Christian steward – one is doing good things
E. Best of all, there are the great and gracious rewards of
faithful Christian stewardship promised by God
III. To Cultivate Such Stewardship
and Find the Joy That Is in It
A. Let us then –
1. Often remind ourselves of our own unworthiness
2. Daily cast our eyes upon the cross on which the
Good Steward of our salvation gave His life for us
3. Realize how richly we have been blessed as
children of God
4. And often think of the glorious heritage awaiting
us in heaven
B. Then we shall -1. Not wait until we are called on for services or
gifts – we shall volunteer
2. Be about our Father’s business –
a) Really give as the Lord has prospered us
b) Continue to be faithful -1) Even when sacrifices are required of us
2) When others become shirkers
3) And when no rewards are in sight.
When All the Pleasures and Joys
of This life Have Been Weighed in
the Balance
-- It Will Be Found that the Joy of
Christian Stewardship
. . . Outweighs Them All!!