Make It Work

Stewardship of Digital

Information.. Thinking Big

Jane Mandelbaum

Library of Congress

XLDB 2011

bigish ideas

› one big distributed collection

› open distributed infrastructure

› mindset: records -> data

Beyond thinking like cards

to thinking like data

what recollection does

take this

or this

and make…

the workflow

› ingest data

› augment data

› design views

› publish and embed views

› share data and views

seeing the big picture

helps find little fixes

the result come for the views, stick around for the linked data…

share data and views share not only the end results, but also the raw data for others to create their own views.

what’s next?

full open source release: imminent

› public/private views and data: soon

› public launch: soon-ish

› big data sets: in a while

› as a portal: in the future

› remix across data sets: long view

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