Stewardship - Together In God`s Love

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Question for Reflection
• Complete the “My Gifts” self-assessment
• Discuss with one another: What are some
of the gifts you have been given? In what
ways do you share those gifts with God and
with others?
A Sign of God’s Truth
• It is the responsibility of the married couple
to let themselves be a visible sign of God’s
• Every good gift comes from God (James
• Stewardship – the way in which we use our
gifts and share them with others
• Stewardship calls us to share with others in
ways that give them a glimpse of God himself
and, in turn, lead them to give glory to God
(Matthew 5:16)
The Holy Trinity and Stewardship
• Although there is disparity in the world, the
cooperation and giving within our families
demonstrate good stewardship
• Children – “the supreme gift of marriage”
– Husband and wife are imaging God’s creative
– Parents image God in the ways in which they
provide for their children
Stewardship and the Image of
Jesus and the Church
• Self-sacrificing love
• Stewardship of time
• Crosses we bear together
Don’t buy what you can’t afford
Don’t get into unsecured debt
Plan for emergencies
Focus on needs first
Learn the art of compromise
Don’t keep secrets from one another
See “The Family Budget” p. 58
Questions for Reflection
• What are some of the gifts you hope to give to
God and to the world through your marriage?
• What challenges in the area of stewardship do
you anticipate?
• See prayers, p. 57