Event Debrief Template

[Date of Event]
There should be one main facilitator who guides the conversation.
There should be one note taker that typically does not speak
during the session (perhaps someone outside the organization)
 Each slide should contain a key part of the event; for example:
Keynote speaker
The time listed is the time to spend on each slide.
 This should be divided based on the total time wished to spend on the
 Have a time keeper to stay on track
The notes that are written on the slide should be notes about what
went well, what to improve, what to keep, what to change, and
other important elements.
 Be sure to collect both positive and negative feedback. Too often,
debriefs focus on what did not go well and can bring morale down.
What went well?
What could be improved?
What should we keep?
What should we change?
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