Zim Prayer Powerpoint 2011

Zimbabwe Appeal 2011
In Zimbabwe, there are 1.8 million orphaned &
abandoned children.
Over the past year Tearfund has supported the
local church in Zimbabwe.
• 150 orphans given basic training on how to look after
livestock and provided with animals and veterinary
• 150 orphans provided with training, seeds and tools to
establish nutritional gardens.
• 150 orphans trained to set up a small business with
workshops on basic business skills.
• 900 volunteers, representing 90 churches, trained to
advocate for orphans, promote children’s rights and
provide trauma support to orphans.
Your prayers & support have helped Zimbabwe’s
church to survive
Help us ensure these children are not
Act today
€45 will provide agricultural training for five church
volunteers. With this training they could then help 120
orphans to farm their own food.
€81 will provide orphaned families with seven chickens
– providing them with nutritious eggs and food and
helping them on the way to self-sufficiency.
€119 will provide an entire community of 30 families
with seeds from which to plant up to eight different
crops, so they are less vulnerable if a particular crop
As the children of Zimbabwe strive for a
better future, please pray.
• For the love of God to surround and strengthen
children like Shadreck & to provide foster families
for them
• For Tearfund’s local partner ZOE to have sufficient
resources to support the thousands of orphans
• For the upcoming elections to be fair & for leaders
of integrity & justice to come to power
• For the church to continue to be a witness & an
advocate for the poor & vulnerable
Shadreck & Primrose’s story – 1 year on
‘Yes, we feel hungry but
there’s nothing we can do.
We have been living with
hunger since our mother
Shadreck, aged 12,
Zimbabwe (in 2010)
In 2009 Shadreck & his sister Primrose (age 10) were
orphaned. He had left school so that he could provide food for
his sister and grandmother.
Most days, they could only eat just two meals & went very
But your support
transformed their lives.
‘God is good and has
blessed us..’
Shadreck (in 2011)
Thanks to you & Tearfund’s
partner ZOE Shadreck &
Primrose are receiving the
care & support they need.
A mother to orphans
• Sellinah Farakeza, from
the local church, now acts
as a mother to the children.
She is training Shadreck to
grow maize on his small
plot of land.
• Once a month, Shadreck’s
church gives his family
porridge and beans.
Help us to reach thousands more
Please pray
• For the church in Zimbabwe – for God to
sustain their hope and their faith
• For Tearfund partner Zoe helping local churches to
reach the orphans in their community, providing food,
agricultural training and education
• Give God thanks for the courage and endurance
shown by the Zimbabwean people in the face of
Find out more, or donate online, please visit
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