Livelihood Enhancement Program
(ON Farm)
1. Small Agri Farm Model: So far 80 small agri
farms have been developed, since this model
has been piloted during the last one year
2. Agri Input: During the year 2011-2012, 17150
farmers benefited through this model and
19400 have been benefited so far.
3. Agri-Kit for farmers: During the year 2011 2012, 475 farmers were provided agri - kit and
overall 895 farmers were provided agri - kits in
previous years.
Livelihood Enhancement Program
(ON Farm)
4. Provision of Livestock (goats): During the
year 2011 - 2012, 300 individuals were provided
livestock and till now 1650 have been benefited
through this model.
5. Provision of Poultry Package:
1770 beneficiaries received poultry package during
2011-2012 and 4928 were the cumulative number
for the beneficiaries of this packages. In this
package 177 MT feed was provided for the poultry
and 24640 birds were distributed to the
Livelihood Enhancement Program
(ON Farm)
6. Kitchen Gardening: During the year 20112012, 630 beneficiaries received support
through kitchen gardening model and so far 630
have been benefited.
7. Small Poultry Hatchery: About 100 small
poultry hatcheries are in the process of
establishment in 02 districts of Sindh. During
last year 20 women received benefit from this
Livelihood Enhancement Program
(ON Farm)
8. Community Nurseries: 8 community
nurseries were established during the year
9. Cash for work and food for work:
55464 beneficiaries received support through this model
during 2011-2012 and overall 82294 had benefited so far.
Poverty was measured according to the triple bottom line
objectives i.e. financial, social and environmental results.
By ranking clients by relative poverty, it helps managers
target the poor, track changes in poverty, and manage
Livelihood Enhancement Program
(ON Farm)
depth of outreach. According to Poverty Score
Card 61% of the households were found poor
scoring 0 to 18 in Noor muhammad village,
District Karachi, 35% of the households were
found poor in 13 paras of Ibrahim Hydri, 38%
of the households were found poor in 14 paras
of Rehri, , 54% of the households were found
poor in 10 villages, District Jamshoro, 60% of
the households were found poor in 10 villages,
District Jaccobabad.
Livelihood Enhancement Program
(ON Farm)
Livelihood Enhancement Program
(ON Farm)
10. Micro Finance model: During the year 20112012, 2782 community members were
provided microfinance through this model and
till now 40015 have benefited.
Livelihood Enhancement Program
(ON Farm)
11. Capacity Building Trainings
Duration 02 days, 1340 trainings were
conducted on different topics by Livelihood
Enhancement (on farm) program and overall
67638 trainings were conducted in previous
years. During last year 29732 community
members were trained in different trainings
including 17230 in agricultural development,
1770 in poultry management, 300 in livestock
management, 2782 in CMST and 7650 in
Nationwide Financial Literacy Program (NFLP).
Livelihood Enhancement Program
(Off Farm)
1.Enterprise development / entrepreneurship:
During the year 2011-2012, 1645 men and women
benefited through this program whereas until now total
4950 people have been benefited.
2. “SUGHAR” (local skilled women) model:
During the year 2011-2012, 1620 SUGHAR benefited
through this program whereas until now 3120
Sughars” have benefited from this model.
3. Hunarmand Markaz (Display Centre): During
the year 2011-2012, 04 Hunarmand Markaz were
established and now overall 08 Humarmand Markaz
are operational throughout Pakistan.
Livelihood Enhancement Program
(Off Farm)
4. Knit Garment Unit: During the year 20112012, 4236 garments were produced and until
now 60000 garments have been produced.
5. Village Based Entrepreneurs Centre: During
the year 2011-2012, 02 village based
entrepreneur centre were established
currently total 12 centers are operational.
Livelihood Enhancement Program
(Off Farm)
6. Hunarmand Training Centre (HTC): During
the year 2011-2012, 232 candidates received
different trainings and until now 7000 men and
women have been trained.
7.Enterprise Development Training (EDT)
During the year 2011-2012, 1400 community
members were trained in 46 trainings and
overall 5000 community members were trained
in 166 trainings in previous years.
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