cl iv Ear To Ear

Ear To Ear
Class – IV
Sub – E V S
Ears of animals
 Different
animals have different
kinds of ears
 We can see the ears of some
 Some animals’s ears cannot be
seen from outside
Ears can be seen
Ears cannot be seen
All these animals have ears even though we
cannot see the ears
Observe these animals’s ears
Name the following
An animal with ears like fans
An animal with ears like leaves
An animal with long ears
An animal with a long neck and small
A bird’s ear
A bird has tiny holes on both sides of its head
The holes are generally covered with
They help the bird to hear
Animals like lizard crocodile etc also have
tiny holes as ears but we cannot see them
Observe these animals carefully
Animals which have hair on
their skin
 The
different patterns on
animals’s skin are due to the
hair on their skin
 Those animals whose ears
we can see,have hair on
their body
How these animals increase in number
Group the following as egg laying animals
and animals which give birth to young ones
 Those
animals whose ears
we can see, have hair on
their body. These animals
give birth to young ones
 Eg.- Dog Cat Horse Cow
 Those
animals that do not have
ears on the outside do not have
hair on their body
 These animals lay eggs
 Eg – Crow hen Duck Lizard
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