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Experience the exquisite taste of the
world’s finest beef and pork.
Agri Beef Co. & SRF
• Family owned and operated since 1968
• Agri Beef Co. operates in all aspects of beef production including
ranching, cattle feeding, and beef processing.
• Snake River Farms was the vision of Robert Rebholtz, Sr., the
founder of Agri Beef Co.
− After a visit to Japan in the 80’s, he determined that the Pacific
Northwest would be the perfect environment to raise the
famous Japanese wagyu cattle because of its ample space,
agricultural resources, and easy access to Asia
• For the first ten years its existence, Snake River Farms wagyu beef
was exported exclusively to Japan
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Snake River Farms
Supplied through Agri Beef Co’s tightly
controlled and vertically integrated beef
production model
The first dual registered ISO and
HACCP beef supply company in North
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Processing Plant
• Modern, state-of-the-art processing plant
located in Toppenish, WA. (two hours from
• Processing plant is both ISO and
HACCP certified for food safety and in
full compliance with the standards of the
Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
• ISO Designation:
• ISO 22000
• Food Safety System Certification:
• FSSC 22000
• Snake Rivers Farms cattle are
processed weekly
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Agri Beef Co.’s Core Values
There is no standard definition of “sustainable,” so from a broad perspective, it means doing
whatever we can do to use our resources responsibly and working with the ranchers in our area
to give them local options
Total Quality
A “total quality” philosophy focused around the impact
of each step’s contribution to the end product is
embedded in every step of our supply-chain to insure
high-quality consistency
Animal Well-Being
Crafted in conjunction with leading industry
experts, like Dr. Temple Grandin, high standards of
care and handling of all animals throughout our
supply chain are part of the dignity and respect
that comprise our “animal well-being” policies
Upholding our “responsibility” as a valued employer in our community is critically important.
Safety, health and education programs are the cornerstones of our human resource programs for
our employees and Agri Beef Co. is extremely proactive in its philanthropy, including the creation
of an industry-wide foodbank program called “Beef Counts,” focused on providing a steady supply
of high quality beef protein to our NW neighbors in need
For more information, visit our web-site at
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Wagyu Cattle History
History of Wagyu Cattle in the United States
The original import of Wagyu cattle to the
U.S. was in 1976 and consisted of two
Tottori Black Wagyu and two Kumamoto
Red Wagyu bulls
This was the only importation of Wagyu into
the U.S. until 1993 when two male and three
female Tajima cattle were imported
• In 1994, 35 male and female cattle consisting
of both red and black genetics reached the
• These importations are the base of the U.S.
Wagyu breed
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Our Standards
50% or higher Wagyu genetics (Tajima-gyu breed line)
The Tajima bloodlines are generally recorded as producing the best quality
meat in all of Japan
Wagyu crossed with high quality Angus
Angus cattle are sourced from partner farmers and ranchers
No growth promoting hormones or animal by-products
used in production
Minimum days on feed is 350 days
– Days on feeding averaging 500 days, up to four times longer than regular cattle
• Fed a sustainable diet including: Idaho potatoes, soft
white wheat, corn and alfalfa hay
– Most feed ingredients are sourced within an 80 mile radius
• Sorted into Snake River Farms 3 grade system for
consistent quality
• Healthy fatty acid profile (2 parts mono-unsaturated to every
part saturated fat)
Inverse fatty acid profile to commodity cattle
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Wagyu Genetic Lineage
Snake River Farms wagyu genetic lineage comes originally from the highlighted
regions of Japan
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Foundation of Snake River Farms
Born in the Kobe region of Japan
Born of famous Bloodlines still used in the
Production of “Kobe Beef”
His progeny all grade 100% USDA Prime or
Was ranked the top marbling bull in the US by
Washington State University
Fukutsuru and other bulls from the famous
Tajima bloodlines are the foundation of our
wagyu beef program
Original Pedigree Certificate
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Long Cattle Feeding Program
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Grading Standards
Snake River Farms grading begins where USDA grading system leaves off
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Higher Than “Prime” Marbling
Snake River Farms uses a combination of Japanese and US grading systems to measure marbling
USDA Marbling Levels
Japanese BMS Marbling Levels
Minimum: Slightly Abundant (SLA00)
Minimum: Moderately Abundant (MDA00)
Minimum: Very Abundant (VAB00)
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Highly Consistent
Extremely Tender
Intensely Flavorful
Hormone Free
Healthy Fatty Acid Profile
Highly Exclusive
Consistent Pricing
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Wagyu Cattle Herd on the Ranch
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Kurobuta Pork History
History of Kurobuta Pork in the US
The Berkshire breed was discovered in Reading, England
in the Shire of Berk by Oliver Cromwell’s army over 300
years ago
Berkshire breed became famous in England for its flavor
and tenderness
The British Royals maintained a large herd of Berkshires
at Windsor Palace for many years
Exported to the U.S. in 1841. The oldest and purest
registry in the U.S. was established in 1875
100% Berkshire breed pork became prized as “Kurobuta”
or “black hog,” in Japan where it is considered to be
equivalent in status to “Kobe Beef”
In 1999 the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and
Fisheries (MAFF) mandated that only 100% purebred
Berkshire could be labeled as “Kurobuta”
Half-bred Berkshire programs do not qualify as “Kurobuta”
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Berkshire Genetic Lineage
• Snake River Farms 100% purebred
Berkshire (Kurobuta) genetics come
originally from the highlighted area in
England (Shire of Berk).
• Pedigree ancestry is on file with the
North American Berkshire Association
(NABA) in Cottonwood, MN.
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Our Standards
100% purebred Berkshire (Kurobuta)
genetics certified by the North
American Berkshire Association
No hormone implants, paylean-free
Slow fed approximately 10% longer
then commodity pork
Grown in Snake River Farms network
of small family farms( fully traceable
on-line to network of family farms via
pack date on box)
No gestation stalls used in production
Meets standards for marbling and
meat color
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American Kurobuta Pork
Berkshire Pork Rankings for Sensory Quality
High Ultimate pH
Relates to low cooking loss, better
water holding capacity, high degree
of tenderness
First in 6 of 7 measures
Loin Firmness/
Drip Loss
Improved processing quality,
First in 4 of 4 measures
Meat Color
Consumers consistently prefer
darker pork
First in 5 of 7 measures
Cooked Loin
High scores for intramuscular fat
percent, tenderness and juiciness all
predict better consumer satisfaction
First in 4 of 5 measures
This information is excerpted form meat-quality tests conducted form 1990-99 as part of the National Barrow Show, at Austin,
Minnesota. The tests differentiate pork quality among the eight major pure swine breeds that provide the foundation genetics for
most pork produced in the United States.
Kurobuta (Berkshire) Pork is ideal to differentiate a menu or specialty retail case
Ranks #1 in 19 of 23 sensory characteristics that are critical to pork consumers
Provides confidence that a pork item can deliver satisfying consumer experience
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Kurobuta Hogs on Family Farms
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Highly consistent
Extremely tender
Intensely flavorful
Hormone free
Highly exclusive
Consistent pricing
“The Other Red Meat”
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Specialty Items
• Besides fresh beef and pork, Snake River Farms offers a host of
specialty products produced from the finest raw materials for
discriminating customers
• Snake River Farms sources only the highest quality ingredients for all its
further processed items and, whenever possible, also sources local
culinary ingredients, like premium herbs.
Snake River Farms Roast Rub
from Starlight Herb & Spice Co.
(Boise, ID).
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Specialty Wagyu Beef Items
Gourmet hamburger available in
pre-formed patties and bulk chubs
American-Style Kobe Corned Beef
made from premium brisket flat
Gourmet frankfurters made from a
signature blend of spices and
smoked over hard woods
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Specialty Kurobuta Pork Items
Gourmet ham collection available in
both bone-in and deli style
Authentic hardwood smoked bacon
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Media Coverage
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Why Snake River Farms?
Family owned, independent, business with a stake in its over-all success
Extreme consistency that starts with production and goes through the entire
supply chain
Over 15 years experience in niche beef and pork segments
Unique branded products that can help create memorable experiences
Full Marketing and Sales support to assist in any way to insure your success
Thank You
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