Chapter 2: Introduction to Value

Introduction to Value-Added
Goat Products
Karen Jackson, UT Extension
All parts of the goat are used
in 3rd world countries
In the US meat, milk, hides,
hooves, and organs are
mainly used
Presently, with the Boer
breed, the meat goat is the
most popular animal in the
Most goats can trace their
ancestry back to a dairy
goat, mainly the AngloNubian and Saanen
Meat Products of Goats
Specialty cuts
Laws concerning value-added
Remember that laws change from time to
time and it is the responsibility of the
producer to find the law and follow it.
When slaughtering your animal for resale a
USDA processing facility for goats must be
If selling prepared meats a commercial
kitchen or processing facility must be used.
Places to look for laws and
assistance on budgeting
State and local health departments
TN Department of Agriculture website
University of Tennessee and Tennessee State
University Farm Management Specialist
Center for Profitable Agriculture
Marketing Cooperatives
“A cooperative is a business that is owned
and controlled by the people who use it. Its
primary purpose is to provide goods and/or
services to its members for their mutual
benefit.” (University of Wisconsin)
In 2000, there were 213 dairy co-ops in the
U.S. of which 157 were pure bargaining coops (co-ops that work together to lower cost
and increase sale prices)
Marketing Co-ops continued
By forming a co-op goat producers will have
enough goats to sell in graded lots through
tel-o-auctions, internet auctions, and video
board sales.
If the co-op works well enough producers can
get contracts for their goats and possibly sell
into high-end restaurants, stores, and
individuals nationwide.
Marketing Co-ops continued
Marketing managers must be selected
Interest in the products is a must for a
good marketing manager, both from the
producer end and the consumer end
People skills
Timely, Responsible, and Loyal
Contracts are promises that the law will
Contracts vary from individual to
Contracts are pretty specific
Direct Marketing
Producer takes more of the risk
Producer must know what the
consumer wants and provide it
Liability and product insurance is a must
for the producer
Producer must be aware of the laws
and regulations and follow them
Unedible Milk Products
Soap and Lotion
Regulations depend on the type of
product and in which state the product
is made and sold.
Cost must be considered: oils, lye, and
equipment in addition to the milk
Classes should be taken to understand
the safety and chemistry of the product
Hide Products
Kid Gloves
Drum tops
Hides and Fiber continued
If selling hides, they can not be
You can make these items yourself or
send them to a manufacture
Artist and craft enthusiast may wish to
purchase hides for their product
Hides and Fiber continued
Some goats have a fiber in the form of
cashmere (winter fine hair undercoat)
This fiber is stretchy, silky, and usually
has a high yield
Producer can sell products from it or
sell the raw fiber to hand spinners and
clothing companies
Hides and Fiber continued
Angora goats produce mohair
Dollmakers use the locks to make doll
Craftspeople usually will want a raw or
semi-raw product
Breeding and Driving/Pack
Reputation matters, producer must know
people in the industry before they can sell
breeding stock
Quality stock should be selected for milk
ablity, mothering ability, disposition, height
(driving/packing stock), ease of kidding, rate
of gain (weaning and post weaning), birth
weights and environmental adaptation
Breeding and Driving/ Pack
Stock continued
Driving stock can be sold and/or rented
for parties, fairs and gatherings
Millington, TN has Goat Days Festival
each year which includes a goat driving
New York has a driving goat 4-H project
Washington State has driving goat
competitions at its fair
Breeding and Driving/ Pack
Stock continued
Goats can carry up to ¼ of their own
Better equipped than mules and horses
to handle rugged mountain sides
Pack well together in group
Survive well on brush available to them
in the woods and mountains
First thing you should consider when doing a
value-added enterprise is plan the product,
make a budget, find a market, make the
The purpose of a co-op is to provide goods
and/or services to its members for their
mutual benefit
High quality fibers that two breeds of goats
produce are cashmere and mohair
Conclusion continued
A product that all meat goat producers have
after slaughtering is hides
An animal needs to be slaughtered in a USDA
inspected facility if the meat is to be sold
Other products that goat producers can sell
and not slaughter their goat is breeding
stock, pack/driving goats, fiber, and beauty
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