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Today’s Question:
Would you take the
dangerous journey west?
1. Notes/class discussion: Why did people
move west?
2. Gallery Walk: Westward Expansion
primary sources
3. Advertisement: would you travel west?
Why were people moving west?
How did they get there?
Why did people move west?
Manifest Destiny: The idea that the United
States should expand its territory from the
_________ Ocean to the _________ Ocean.
Why did people move west?
In the mid-1800s, the population in the eastern
states was _________ quickly.
There was plenty of cheap, fertile ________
available out west.
The west had more natural resources: _________
for logging and fertile _________for farming.
Why did people move west?
In 1848, _________ was discovered in California.
People from the eastern United States,
Mexico, China, and South America came
pouring in for the California gold rush.
Why did people move west?
__________ __________traveled west in search of
How did they get there?
Pioneers traveled by covered wagon on overland trails:
--_______ Trail
--_______ Trail
--_______ Trail
Transportation was becoming ______ and _______
--canals (Eerie Canal)
Trails heading west:
Primary and Secondary Source
Gallery Walk:
You will be walking from source to source with your table
group. Look at each source carefully and fill in your chart.
You will have 5 minutes for each source.
What do you see/What does it say?
Source #1
Does this convince you to travel west or
stay in the east? Why?
Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:
Diary of Catherine Sager, young girl traveling with her family on the
Oregon Trail in 1844
“We had by this time got used to climbing in and out of the wagon when in
motion. When performing this feat that afternoon my dress caught on an
axle helve and I was thrown under the wagon wheel, which passed over
and badly crushed my limb before father could stop the team. He picked
me up and saw the extent of the injury when the injured limb hung
dangling in the air.
In a broken voice he exclaimed: "My dear child, your leg is broken all to
pieces!" The news soon spread along the train and a halt was called. A
surgeon was found and the limb set; then we pushed on the same night to
Laramie, where we arrived soon after dark. This accident confined me to
the wagon the remainder of the long journey.”
Source 4:
Source 5:
Source 6:
Source 7:
Create an advertisement convincing people to
either travel west or stay in the east. Use
primary sources to support your argument.