Holiday 2014 Gift Sets Pre-packed in a beautiful box

Holiday 2014 Gift Sets Pre-packed
in a beautiful box and gift giving
ready! Order yours today
quantities are very limited!
CENNATOIO is a Certified Organic Farm . The special character of the soil, which is gnarly, stony and
hard to work, and its exposure to the south , contribute in decisive fashion to the production of
wines that are robust, soft and endowed with the scent of wild fruits.
Gift Set #1 $34.00
Innominato- 2 bottles: Sangiovese Blend.
Shows all of the freshness and ripeness of
Sangiovese in a great vintage.
Chianti Classico Riserva Gold: 95%
Sanviovese/ 5% Colorino. Intense fruity
aromas of cherry and plum. Full bodied and
is characterized by a generous tannin which
becomes softer.
Gift Set #2 $99.00
Chianti Classico Riserva “Cru”
O’Leandro: 95% Sangiovese/ 5% Colorino.
Intense with harmonious blackberry tones,
spicy notes of cinnamon, vanilla and cocoa.
Etrusco: 100% Sangiovese. A
persistent wine with an intense and large
bouquet. Velvety and Harmonious. Great
body and an excellent balance between
acidity and tannins.
Archibaldo: 50% Sangiovese/ 50%
Cabernet Sauvignon. Intense, persuasive
bouquet characterized by rich tones such as
roasted coffee, leather and cocoa.
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