• The Republic of Kazakhstan – a state located in the central Eurasia. The biggest part
of it is considered to be in Asia whereas the smallest part in Europe. Situated among
the Caspian Sea, the lower Volga river, the Urals, Siberia, China and central Asia.
• Regarding its territory of 2,724,900 square kilometers, Kazakhstan is the ninth
largest country in the world. Kazakhstan is divided into 14 regions, 86 cities and also
2 cities which are under republican submission (Astana and Alma-Ata city), 168
districts and 174 villages.
• The president of Kazakhstan is elected by the adult population of the
country and is based on an equal universal decision among
residents. The whole process of voting is done secretly.
• President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Nursultan Nazarbayev.
The President’s authority term lasts for 5 years, however, he was an
active president of constitution who kept authority for 7 years until
the year of 2012. On the other hand, back to the 3rd of April 2011
ahead of schedule elections, his duties were decreased to two years.
As a result of the previous elections, Nursultan Nazarbayev was
chosen as a president of Kazakhstan until the year of 2016 for the
fourth time.
• Nursultan Nazarbayev holds his presidential duties from April 24,
1990 who irremovably leads Kazakhstan from 22nd of June 1989 (25
years span until the year of 2014).
• Nursultan Nazarbayev in accordance with the constitutional rules
owns special political and leading position: extended security for his
family and himself, possibility to perform in front of the Parliament.
• Head of the Government – Prime Minister Karim Masimov (from
April 2, 2014).
• The population of Kazakhstan reaches 17 330
494 people (for September 1st 2014).
Regarding the number of population,
Kazakhstan is in the 63rd place in the list of
the most populated countries. The average
population density is slightly more than 6, 3
people for 1km² (184th place in the list of the
population density).
• Women population reaches to 51, 8% and
men to 48, 2% respectively.
• The average salary in Kazakhstan for
February 2014 is 104 959 KZT (237773, 78
• The Republic of Kazakhstan is a typical
multiethnic state in which apart from Kazaks,
representatives of other nationalities live and
manage to keep their native language, history
and cultural values. Some of those
representatives are: Russians (21, 8%),
Ukrainians (1, 8%), Uzbeks (3%), Tatars (1,
representatives of other nationalities as well.
Transport in Kazakhstan plays a significant role.
Huge territories of the country 2, 7 million square
kilometers, low density of population and also
remoteness from world markets make the possession of
a developed transport system highly necessary for
The extension of railways in Kazakhstan that exceeds 15
thousand kilometers connects the Kazakhstan railway
system with its neighbor countries. Kazakhstan and
Russia’s railways are highly interdependent. Within the
framework of transport development strategy, in
Kazakhstan, 1400 kilometers of new land will be built
and electrification of 2700 kilometers of land will take
place until the year of 2017.
Air transport plays a significant role and doesn’t have
any alternatives. There are 22 huge airports in
Kazakhstan the 14 of which serve international shipping.
“Air Astana” is considered to be the largest airline in
3 264 400 cars are registered in the territory of
Kazakhstan and the road network reaches more than 96
thousand kilometers, while most of them need to be
reconstructed and renovated.
Economy and Industry:
• Kazakhstan is known for its mountain developed industry where coal, oil, natural
gas, copper ore, uranium ore, nickel ore and a lot of other beneficial fossils are
• The main source of the country’s income is the exporting of oil and oil products.
Kazakhstan owns rich oil fields just like Kashagan, Tengis, Uzen, Karashiganak and
others. Kazakhstan’s transit of exportation passes mainly through Russia.
• The agriculture is not only rich in grain crops, but also in solid wheat varieties.
Besides, fodder and technical cultures are grown, such as sunflower, cotton and flax
curley. There are also fruit-growing and melon-growing.
• Animal breeding is presented with woolen meat, meat and milk cattle. Also, camel
and horse breeding exists.
Economic outlook:
Interesting places
Во второй половине XIX века, когда был основан Верный (ставший впоследствии
Алматы), в нескольких километрах от города, между горных склонов был построен аул.
Основателем этого поселения стал уважаемый в городе предприниматель Медеу
Пусурманов. Когда он умер, ущелье, в котором находился построенный им аул,
получило его имя. Спустя некоторое время в ущелье был построен санаторий, а в 1972
году здесь был открыт спорткомплекс «Медео», заслуживший мировое признание.
Выше по ущелью находится селезащитная плотина и горнолыжная база «Чимбулак»,
так же популярная среди жителей Алматы. Кстати, на плотину ведет лестница,
состоящая из 842 ступеней, и на ней часто проводят соревнования по скоростному
Возвышающийся над молодой столицей монумент «Астана-Байтерек», поистине стал
архитектурным символом Астаны, символом Казахстана. Более того, если в
символическом смысле Байтерек – центр мира, то в географическом, он – точный центр
Евразии. В 2002 году международное жюри присудило Гран-при монументу «АстанаБайтерек» как лучшему проекту и постройке года среди стран СНГ.
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