Kazakhstan is a big country. Its
total area is 1,049,200 sq miles.
A terrific view on Almaty
Fairylike mountains, rivers and lakes
surround the Southern Capital
Charyn Canyon is a fantastic
tour destination
It can compete with
the World Famous Grand Canyon
Great statues created by erosion
charm your body and soul
Kazakhstanian Lakes
Khan Tengri Mountain (22,949 ft)
Landscapes vary greatly
There are a lot of steppes in
There also are semi-deserts and
Be careful! Camels on the road!
The natural landscapes vary
from the North to the South
Winter is a freezing cold time in
the North of the country
A beautiful resort area near
Okjetpes mountain
Bayanaul National Park is one of the
most picturesque places in the country
Medeu Sports Complex
A famous skating rink high in the
mountains close to Almaty
Hotel Kazakhstan in Almaty
Eifel Tower in the center of Almaty
Baiterek in Astana is a new symbol
of the young state
Building a brand new city on the
banks of the Ishim River
Business towers and blocks of
apartments rise quickly from the ground
Kazakhstan is striving for a better future
in all the life spheres
Religious Diversity in
Both Mosques and Christian Churches are
granted attention of the state
There is quite a number of
Catholic Churches and Shelters
This group represent all Catholic
priests serving in Kazakhstan
New synagogue in Astana, the only one built in recent
memory in a predominantly Muslim nation.
Kazakhstan is proud of its religious tolerance.
There are beautiful historic and historical
buildings and places all over the country
Kozha Akhmet Yasayi
The ruins of an ancient city Otrar
World-wide-known petroglyphs are
located in Kazakhstan
The Southern Kazakhstan is well-known for
apples which are grown there
National Kazakh Dastarkhan is
a tribute to the traditional hospitality
Banknotes of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Kazakh national dress
Constructing a Yurt
Kazakh Game Kokpar
Traditions bind the past with the
present and future
Villages in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is rich in various resources.
Especially agricultural.
Nursultan Nazarbayev is President
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
April 2010