Visit to AMUL- dairy co-operative, Gujarat

Visit to AMUL- dairy cooperative, Gujarat
Thanammal and team
– Bhuwan Pant
– Lalit Tiwari
– Lalit Mohan Tiwari
– Ramesh Joshi
Field co-ordinators
Field facilitators
– Shankar Devtalla
– Jegat Rawat
Field co-ordinators
Ramesh Joshi, Shankar Devtalla, Lalit Mohan Tiwari,
Bhiuwanpant, Lalit Tiwari, Jegat Rawat
• 22/10/2013
– Visit to Mehsana Dairy co-operative- dairy plant
– Visit to breeding station, Mehsana
– Visit to feed plant, Mehsana
Visit to Suryoday engineering company, Ahmedabad- for
cream seperator
Local shops, Ahmedabad for packing machine sourcing
Visit to AMUL (Kaira Dairy co-operative)
Visit to FES (Foundation for ecological security) and nearby
village, Jahangirpur
Objectives of the visit
• Staffs felt they heard lot about Gujarat dairy cooperative, they wanted to learn from visiting there
• To see the co-operative principles and structure and
• Exposure to different options of feed managementchaff cutters, feed mangers, feed formulations etc
• Exposure to different milk products and their feasibility
in our project area
• Sourcing for machines and tools related to dairy
• Exposure to system approach of dairy co-operative,
Mehsana dairy plant
• 25lakh litres of milk handled every day- Asias
largest dairy co-operative
• Visit to
– Chilling and pasteurisation unit
– Butter processing unit
– Ghee processing unit
– Milk powder processing unit
– Quality control laboratory
– Engineering department
Dairy plant- Mehsana
Different products
Amul diamond- new can keep this milk
outside for 3 months
Ghee processing tank
Motorised chaff cutter- Mehsana breeding
Manual Chaff cutter- Hath suda
Mehsani buffaloe breed
Feed plant
Visit to
Jegudhan village
Jagudhan village society
• 1800 to 2000 litres of milk every day and sent to dairy plant
• Chilling unit for 200 litres of milk- purchased under
NABARD scheme before 5 years- 60% subsidy
• Evening milk stored in this chiller
• 350 farmers
• Input service- feed, insurance to animals and farmers, loan
for purchase of animal, AI service etc.
• Started with 20 litres of milk before 25 years
• Quality based price- fat and SNF (using milk analyser)- max
INR 42 for buffaloe milk, INR 25 for cow milk
• More buffaloes in this area (Mehsani breed) with average
milk production 10-15 ltrs/day
Visit to AMUL-Kaira district cooperative, Anand
• Visit to dairy plant is not allowed
• Only to systems exposure for 2 hrscomputerised demo
• 17 lakhs litres of milk every day
• Least support- for exposure- not help for
village visit
• Main tourist attraction
Visit to Jahangirpur village (Anand) through FES
Simple cattle feed trough (left)
Housing with good ventilation (right up)
Feed storage (right down)
Sourcing- dairy machines- Ahmedabad
Cream separator
Sealing machine for packing milk
Feed back
• Good to see the systematic approach of dairy co-operative
• Many models of cattle feed trough, chaff cutter
• Gave order for 20 chaff cutter- manual small one for demo in field
here to get feedback from farmers (CHIRAG)
• Procedure for dairy products processing and technologies
• Had chance to see Asia biggest dairy co-operative
• Will be trying to use some principles learned
• Feeding management- cuttingf grass, concentrate feeding etc.
• Mehsani buffaloe is very good breed
• Even though there is shortage of feed in Mehsana districtinteresting to see how they manage the feeding- import wheat
straw from neighbouring districts
• If there is will there is a way
• Will get some innovative farmers to visit Mehsana dairy cooperative (CHIRAG) next year
Useful links
• Mehsana district dairy co-operative
• Dairy instruments
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