Photoset: small businesses around the world

Picture credit:
Claudia Torres
“It’s hard to make a living in El Salvador. After business training we were able to sell food to earn
a small income. It gives us – the people in my community – hope for the future.”
Sibia Vasquez, Food stall holder, El Salvador
Picture credit:
Annie Bungeroth
“Our association owns a cassava farm which helps us to make money and I use my bicycle to
bring the cassava to the market. I would like to develop my association so that more young
people, like me, have a future.”
Jean-Pierre Kayisire, Part-owner of a cassava farm, Rwanda
Picture credit:
Simon Rawles
“It’s a good thing that I have an income from the shop, I live hand to mouth but I am trying to
manage. If my daughter needs money for something, I try, but I cannot always help.”
Profulla Sarkar, Shopkeeper, Bangladesh
Picture credit:
Bridget Burrows
“The hives are a good thing for us. Even if the drought comes, I’ll get something from them – it
won’t be as bad as having livestock only.”
Mepukori Ole Ntaika, Beekeeper and cow herder, Kenya
Picture credit:
Annie Bungeroth
“I make about $2.5 dollars a day from basket making. It’s not much, but it is light work and I can
do it from home. The profit I make from the baskets is not enough to survive on, so I also grow
vegetables in a home garden and sell chickens.”
So Hoeung, Basket maker, Cambodia
Picture credit:
Annie Bungeroth
“The money I get from my recycling business is cash in hand. I use it to buy food for my family.
Our diet depends on how much scrap I collect. Sometimes we eat three good meals a day,
sometimes we survive on rice.”
Kong Sophea, Runs a small recycling business, Cambodia
Picture credit:
Bridget Burrows
“Because we have a cockerel we can increase the production of eggs. This means more to sell
and more food for the children. If I get excess money, I buy vegetables, cooking oil and
schoolbooks for my kids.”
Deborah Marki, Egg seller, Tanzania
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“After my parents died from AIDS I was left to look after five brothers and sisters alone. I was just
doing any work I could. After training in hairdressing I can now send money home to my brothers
and sisters – even if it’s only 40p.”
Barnabus Odhiambo, Barber,Kenya
Picture credit:
Simon Rawles
“This mushroom business has changed my life. Before the mushrooms we didn’t have enough
food – we only ate twice a day, but now we can eat three times a day.”
Laxmi Mondol, Owner of a small mushroom business, Bangladesh
Picture credit:
Paul Smith
“Our business gives us hope. Sometimes, if we make enough we are able to save and plan
for the future.”
Derlis Tirado (far left of the shot), Greengrocer, Colombia
Picture credit:
Marcella Haddad
“After Hurricane Stan we weren’t left with much. Weaving gave me a chance to earn a living
and to buy food.”
Candelaria Takatoyaship, Weaver, Guatemala
“My main wishes are to have a
successful tea stall and seed
business so that I can buy a house
for my wife and me.”
Pobitra Adhikari, Tea stall holder, seed
seller and shrimp farmer, Bangladesh
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