Registration of Main Administrator for Your Account

Registration of Main
Administrator for Your Account
for login with e-identification
Fora AB, 101 56 Stockholm
Telephone +46 8 787 40 10
Visitor address: Vasagatan 12, Stockholm
Corporate Identification Number: 556541-8356
Please use this form to register the company representative who is to be Main Administrator for
Your Account at
Please note:
•If you already have a username and password for Your Account, please register the main administrator directly via
Your Account and do not use this form.
•It may take a few days to process your registration. The main administrator will receive an email message as soon
as they can login.
1. Information about the company
Company name
Corporate Identity Number
Fora customer number
2. Information about the Main Administrator
Alternative 1: Personal e-identification from bank or Telia, Swedish personal identity number (yyyymmdd-xxxx)
Alternative 2: E-service identification from Steria, service identification number
First name
Last name
Daytime telephone number
3. Signature
By signing this registration, I confirm that I am an authorized signatory or have approval from an authorized signatory to register a main
administrator for Your Account at
Signature of authorized signatory
Signature of authorized signatory
Printed name
Printed name
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do we need a main administrator?
In order for you to be given access to Your Account at, you need to register the person who is to act as
main administrator and specify the e-identification that person
is to use to login. You administer your agreements with Fora
via Your Account, e.g. report preliminary and final salaries.
BL000186 1412
Who can be main administrator?
The main administrator can be a company employee or can
be an external representative – for example, a person working
at an accountancy firm or similar, who administers your
company’s agreements with Fora on your behalf, can act as
main administrator.
What can a main administrator do?
• Perform all tasks on My Account, e.g. salary reporting
• Add a new main administrator
• Add additional people authorized to administer your
agreements on Your Account
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