Renewing The Covenant: Joshua

Renewing the Covenant
The Book of Joshua
Ray of Hope Christian Church
February 7, 2012
Joshua 1:1-18
Joshua, initially named Hoshea,
which means “salvation”
An Ephramite, the son of Nun
I Chronicles 7:22
Born in Egyptian bondage
Two months after the Exodus, he
was appointed Moses’ commander
and successfully repulsed an
Amalekite attack.
Exodus 17:19
Moses changed his name to
Joshua, which means “Jehovah
is salvation”
Numbers 13:8
Joshua attended Moses on
Sinai (Exodus 24:13) and
guarded both his tent (33:11)
and position.
Numbers 11:28
He was one of the 12 spies, representing
his tribe in spying out Canaan.
He opposed the majority report,
insisting that Israel, if faithful to God,
could conquer Canaan, for which he
was almost stoned. (Numbers 14:7-14)
Subsequently; however, because
he wholeheartedly followed the
Lord, he not only escaped
destruction, but also received
assurance along with Caleb that
he would enter the Promise Land
As Moses was about to
exit the scene, God designated
Joshua as Moses’ successor
Numbers: 27:18
The Central Message in Joshua
The Victory of Faith
1:5, 9; 3:17
Ephesians 1:3
We must walk by faith
and not by sight!
II Corinthians 5:7 KJV
“This is the victory that
overcomes the world
even our faith”
I John 5:4
The structure of the Book
• Entering the Land – 1-5
• Conquering the Land – 6-12
• Occupying the Land – 13
• Renewal of the Covenant and Joshua’s
Farewell 23-24
Joshua’s Commissioning
Chapter 1
The first promise is that of a
“secured possession”
Joshua 1:2-3
The second promise God made
is that of unending protection:
No one will be able to stand up
against you all the days
of your life. Joshua 1:5
Isaiah 54:17
Romans 8:31-32
Eternal Presence
As I was with Moses, so I will be
with you; I will never leave you nor
forsake you. Joshua 1:5b
Secured Possession,
Unending Protection, and
Eternal Presence are the
promises that God himself
makes to insure our success
• God gives us the plan but we have to
work the plan.
• God promises us secured possessions
but we have to go after it.
• God promises unending protection, but
we have to be courageous.
He told Joshua to be
strong and very
“the city of Palms” Spied
Chapter 2
Joshua 2:8-12
Crossing the Jordan
Chapter 3
which is March/April,
approaching the time of
barley harvest
Marking the Place
with a Memorial
Chapter 4
Gigal is the site of Israel’s
circumcision and the
Passover when the supernatural
provision of manna stopped.
Circumcision was the seal
of the Covenant between
God and Israel
Genesis 15
Circumcise your hearts and do
not be stiff necked anymore.
Deuteronomy 10:16
Colossians 2:11-13
The Land Conquered 6-12
Jericho taken
The City of Jericho
was taken by spiritual means
Joshua 6:18
the irrevocable devoting of
people and possessions to the
Lord, usually through
So Joshua took the entire land just as
the Lord had directed Moses, and he
gave it as an inheritance to Israel
according to their tribal divisions.
Joshua 11:23
Occupying the Land
Joshua 21: 43-45
Joshua’s Farewell
23 -24
Joshua 23:14
Joshua 24:14-16
Joshua died at 110