Home Work - Slab form Example

Home Work - Slab form Example
Design forms to support a flat slab floor 7 in. thick of normal weight concrete, using
construction grade Douglas Fir-Larch framing members and steel shoring. Ceiling height is
12 ft. and bays are 16x20 ft. Forms have to deisnged for one term use only. Use live load of
75 psf (with power buggies)
All lumber used is No. 2 Douglas Fir Larch; 4 x 4 for joists and shores and 4x6 for stringers.
Plyform is Class B-B. 7/8-in. thick. Windload is 30 psf for lateral braces. Use deflection limits
as given in formwork book example. Assume any other missing information as per
formwork text example.