Spirometry/ Lung function Testing

Spirometry/ Lung function
When you attend your outpatient appointment you
may be asked to carry out a lung function test. Lung
function tests measure how well your lungs are
You will be taken to
the lung function room
which has all the
special lung function
testing equipment in.
The cubicle that you
will be asked to sit in
looks a bit like a
shower cubicle.
The respiratory
technician will then
explain how the test is
carried out and give
you the chance to have
a practice at blowing
through the filter.
After your practice
blow you will be
asked to sit in the
cubicle and carry out
the test.
 You will be asked to
blow out as fast and as
long as you can
There are some
incentive games to
play while the test is
being carried out.
 The test will not take
long and we aim to
make them as fun as