The principle of immunotherapy using dendritic

The principle of immunotherapy using dendritic cell vaccine: (1) monocytes are isolated
from the peripheral blood and (2,3) manipulated in experimental culture conditions in
order to differentiate and mature into dendritic cells, which are capable of recognizing
and eliminating cancer cells (4).
Mechanism of action of PD-1 blocking antibody Opdivo (Nivolumab): After binding the PD1 receptor, this blocking antibody prevents the activation of signaling pathways
indispensable for cancer cells to evade the immune system. PD1 receptor on the surface of
T lymphocytes is blocked by Opdivo (Nivolumab, red), which prevents its binding to PD-L1
ligand on the surface of the tumor cell and subsequent activation of signaling pathway,
which suppresses the immune system’s capacity to recognize and eliminate the tumor cell.
Graph showing decrease in tumor burden in Opdivo-treated (Nivoumab) patients:
Clinical studies (Phase I-III) show incredible results for patients with inoperable and/or
recurrent melanoma (stage IV), where in comparison to chemotherapy /dacarbazine),
patients’ survival is extended by 10.8 months. One year survival rate of patients treated
with Opdivo is 73% (which corresponds to 58% decrease in deaths), while for decarbazine
treated patients it is only 42% (
For more information regarding ongoing clinical studies click on this link:
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