GJNH Student Induction (PPT: 260Kb)

Golden Jubilee National Hospital
Year 4/5
Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery
Tertiary Centre
• Cardiothoracic Services- West Scotland,
National Transplantation Service.
• Cardiology Services- Greater Glasgow, National
Congenital/Advanced Heart Failure Services.
• Research Unit- Cardiovascular & Pulmonary
Vascular Sciences.
• Elective Orthopaedics- Waiting List Initiatives.
• Interventional Cardiology
• Advanced Cardiac Imaging
• Special National Units
• Device Implantation
• Electrophysiology
• Congenital Intervention
Interventional Cardiology
Catheterisation Laboratories (Cath Labs)
4 in total
Level 2, behind Radiology Department.
Advanced Cardiac Imaging
• Echocardiography (Level 2, Cardiac Unit)
• Cardiac CT and MRI (Level 2, Radiology)
National Services Division
• Level 3 (next to 3W)
• Advanced Heart Failure
• Pre/post cardiac transplantation
• Congenital Heart Disease
Cardiac Surgery
• Level 3
• Cardiac Theatres 1,2,5,6
• Intensive Units- ICU 1 & ICU 2
• HDU 2 (Cardiac) & HDU 3 (Thoracic)
• Cardiac Ward- 3E
• Outpatients clinics (Level 1)
Thoracic Surgery
• Thoracic Theatres: 7&8- Level 3
• Thoracic Ward: 3W
• Thoracic Outpatient Clinic (Level 1)
Initial Group
Mr John Butler
Advanced Heart Failure
Level 3, NSD Unit
[Next to Ward 3 West]
• Starting with ward rounds (8.30am)
• Involved in all activities (transplant
clinics, MDT, biopsies)
Congenital Heart Disease
• Starting with ward rounds (8.30am) in
NSD unit
• Involved in all activities (outpatient
clinics, MDT, intervention)
Cardiology Wards & CCU
• Starting with ward rounds (8.00am)
• Involved in all activities of the ward –
shadowing clinical fellow and registrar)
Coronary Intervention
• Starting at 9.00am- Cath lab
• Observe all aspects of coronary
intervention (both diagnostic and
Cardiac Imaging
Level 2
Level 2
(Cardiac Unit)
Cardiac CT and MRI
Imaging takes place every day
starting at 9.00am
Multidisciplinary Meetings - MDT
Coronary Intervention
Coronary Intervention
Valvular Heart Disease
Advanced Heart Failure
Congenital Heart Disease
All taking place at 8.00am at
Cardiothoracic Meeting Room, Level 1
Cardiac Ward
Level 3
3 East
• Admission and care of patients
undergoing cardiac surgery
• Ward round start 8.30am
• Associate Specialist- Mr Robin Bhawal
Thoracic Ward
• 3W
• Pre/post operative thoracic patients
• Ward rounds prompt 8.00am start
• Meet for bedside teaching
Critical Care
ICU 1 & 2- daily ward rounds start
promptly 8.00am
HDU 2/3 daily ward rounds
start HDU 2 at 8.00am
Ward rounds led Mr Alan Coulson.
Every day, starting at 8.00am, Level 3afternoon sessions start at 1pm
• You will need to change your clothes and
wear ‘greens’.
• Do not leave valuables is changing rooms.
• Ask the theatre/nursing staff to direct you to
a theatre.
• Matric card visible at all times.
Outpatient Clinics
Level 1,
Main Outpatient Department
Every day at 9.00am/1.00pm
• Most tutorials held within the centre.
• ECG Interpretation, Blood Gas
• Anaesthetic Teaching- Dr David Reid.
• Theatre Etiquette
• Mock MDT- Dr Andrew Sinclair.
CardioSim Session
• Simulation training
• Scenarios based on care of the acutely unwell
Cardiology patient (which you don’t usually tend to
see in the wards)
• 2-2.5 hours session while on Cardiology Week, 89 students group
• 3-4 scenarios, divided into groups
• No formal assessment
• Completed timetables
• 1 Long Case and discussion- emailed/handed into
Kirsty Quinn
• Evaluation session ( MCQ session)- last day of the
• Attendance bedside teaching- please arrive on time.
• If you cannot attend a session, please email Monojit
Paul/Kirsty Quinn in advance of that session.
Additional Sessions
• Thoracic Meeting: Fridays 1pm, conference
room between theatres and ICU2, Level 3
• Unit Teaching- Fridays 2pm
• Journal Club/CT MCQs- Wednesdays 5pm
Monojit Paul
[email protected]
Kirsty Quinn,
[email protected]
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