UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory

UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
Because you know
ocular tissue is different…
…and that the right diagnosis is
critical to your patients’ outcomes.
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
Sometimes it’s not what it seems
In a UW-sponsored study, the ocular pathology
laboratory was able to correct the diagnosis in
30% of the cases.
An early biopsy
submitted by an
sub-specialist enabled
an early diagnosis from
our ocular pathology lab
of sebaceous cell
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
We only do ocular pathology
We are ophthalmologists and pathologists:
We know eye
We know what
to look for
We know how to
handle it
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
You can rely on our diagnoses
We pride ourselves on being thorough
In a litigious society, you can appreciate
the security of a solid pathology team
that will support your needs
Our services are backed
by a great institution, with
multiple subspecialties, on
the cutting edge of
An electron micrograph
of photoreceptors in
retinal dystrophy.
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
Your specimens receive special care
Our CLIA-certified
laboratory sets the
highest standards in
evaluating your eye
Our work has been
By submitting your specimens, you are
also helping teach our students, residents
and fellows.
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
Ocular pathology is special
We are equipped with all the tools
and special stains needed to properly
analyze ocular tissue:
Immunohistochemical staining,
cytology, electron microscopy and
Gross photography,
photomicrographs and
digital imaging capabilities
Some ocular tissue
requires special
stains not used in
other path labs
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
World-class, accurate analysis
High-resolution scanning technology using
Aperio Scan Scope® CS, allowing remote access
to review individual slides
Teleconferencing services available
Expertise of skilled, fellowship-trained
ophthalmic pathologists (and even a Laureate!)
Molecular genetic technique capabilities in
conjunction with our sister laboratories
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
We specialize in
Ocular tissues
Lid lesions
Exenterations and eviscerations
Temporal artery biopsies
Orbital tissues
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
Free Shipping on all specimens
We even provide the
postage-paid specimen
kit, at your request
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
We can work long-distance
We receive specimens from across the country!
Tell your team...
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
Here’s how:
Have your Practice Manager
contact our
Department Administrator
at (608) 262-9092
Simplified billing options are
All specimens handled with
the strictest of confidence
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
Others have said:
“From routine H&E histopathology to special stain for microorganisms
and immunohistopathology , UW’s lab is prepared to provide a broad
range of services with a fast turnaround time and easy access to fellows
and faculty. The laboratory truly exemplifies a world-class operation.”
- David L. McCartney, MD
Chairman, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center,
Lubbock, Texas
UW Ocular Pathology Laboratory
Others have said:
“I enjoy the attention to detail and the clarification of disease process
that the University of Wisconsin Eye Pathology Laboratory brings to my
cases. The prompt return of an accurate pathologic diagnosis has
helped on many cases where the clinical diagnosis was not obvious. The
staff at UW Eye Pathology Lab is always willing to take the time to
personally discuss cases. Their knowledge of clinical ophthalmology
maximizes the usefulness of obtaining pathology consultation for my
diagnostic dilemmas.”
- David R. Hardten, MD
Phillips Eye Institute,
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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