Outer Core - California Science Teacher

Layers of Earth
• Description: Outer
Most Layer. All life
on Earth exists
within few
hundred meters
• Thickness: 5- 60 km
• Composition: All 92
natural elements
• Temperature: 20600 Celsius
• Density: 2.7 g/cm3
• Description: 80%
Earth volume 68%
mass. High
temperature and
pressure makes
mantle a thick
flowing liquid
• Thickness: 2800 km
• Composition:
Silicon, Oxygen,
Iron, magnesium
• Temperature: 1003000 Celsius
• Density: 3.0 g/cm3
Outer Core
• Description: Surrounds
inner core. Tremendous
heat makes the outer
core molten or a hot
• Thickness ~2150 Km
Outer Core
• Composition: Liquid Iron and Nickel
• Temperature ~ 3000-6500 OC
• Density ~ 12 g/cm3
Inner Core
• Description: Solid
innermost layer of
Earth. Very dense,
enormous pressure
keeps it solid.
• Thickness ~ 1230 Km
Inner Core
• Composition: Solid Iron and Nickel
• Temperature ~7000 OC
• Density ~ 12 g/cm3
Birth of a Theory Video
• What led Wegener to his idea of
continental drift and what was the driving
force behind the movement of
• What is, and where does sea floor
spreading occur?
• How did paleomagnetism help support
the notion of sea floor spreading?
• How do transform faults help support the
theory of sea floor spreading?
• Plate tectonics is characterized as a
model that describes everything, Explain.