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• Caracas is the capital of Venezuela
• It is located in northern part of Venezuela
• Close by the Caribbean Sea with the Cerro EL Avila,
a mountain range that is 2,200 miles high
• Caracas has 4 other municipalities: Chacao, Baruta,
Sucre, and El Hatillo
• Caracas’ population was estimated to be 3,055,000
• Francisco de Miranda was the creator of the Venezuelan flag
• He created it in 1806 after an unsuccessful expedition
• The inspiration came from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
• The flag has the three primary colors: red , blue and yellow
• In the center stipe, there is an arch of 8 stars
• Also, in the top left hand corner, there is Venezuela’s coat
of arms
• Venezuela has over 25,000 species of orchids
• The flor de mayo orchid is the national flower in Venezuela
• The orchids grow in Venezuelan cloud forests and lowland
• The national tree is the aranganey tree
• It has bright yellow flowers on its branches
• It grows to medium size and lives in the tropical forests
and on the arid hills of Venezuela
• The moriche palm tree lives in the swamps of the Orinoco
• It grows up to 35 feet in height
• Red and yellow flowers bloom on the branches in the summer
• Edible fruit also grows on the tree between December and June
• Some birds in Venezuela include the Rose-crowned conure,
the Rufous-cheeked Tanager, the White-throated Barbtail, and
many others
• Some mammals include Merida Brocket Deer, the Fiery
Squirrel, and the Venezuelan Lowland Rabbit
• A few of the reptiles are Uracoan Rattlesnake, the Zulia toadheaded turtle, and the Diamond Tetra
• Some amphibians special to Venezuela are the Aragua Glass
Frog, the Demonic poison frog, and the Marahuaka Bush Toad
• A few freshwater fish found only in Venezuela are the Maracaibo
river stingray, Swordtail Longfin, and assorted types of catfish
• High quality fish, shellfish, crayfish, fish soups and stews
are a few types of food from the coast
• Arepas are the most famous dish in Venezuela and are
split open and filled with cheese , meat , vegetables, and other foods
• Cachapas are like American pancakes and is made from a puree
of corn, sugar, salt, and oil
• Cachapas are normally folded over with a piece of soft white
cheese and is sometimes accompanied with a piece of fried pork
• Casabe is the oldest type of bread and Venezuelans consume
more than 300,000kgs of it each year
• Empanadas are deep fried, stuffed corn flour patties and the
most typical empanadas are filled with cheese and minced meat
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