Venezuela Connor Perry

The countries people
 There
are about 27,635,743 people in
Venezuela. There are Spanish, Italian,
Portuguese, Arab, and African people
living in Venezuela. Most Venezuelans are
roman catholic. The language that is
spoken is Venezuela is Spanish. These are
what the people are mostly like down
There government
 Venezuela's
government is a federal
republic. The leaser of this country is Hugo
Chavez. In there legislative branch there
are 165 seats and are all served in a 5
year term. There is also a supreme tribunal
in there judicial system where there is only
32 seats but has a 12 year term. This is
what Venezuela's government is basically
Venezuela's elections
 Venezuela's
last election was held on
December 6. Hugo Chavez has made it
so that he is the president every term.
They have 6 year terms. Most people
don’t like him and think that he is a
borderline dictator. This is how the
elections here are.
Venezuela's economy
 They
make most of there profit on selling
oil to other countries. They make most of
there money on trading and exchanging
goods. But they do have a electricity and
housing crisis. In 2010 they had over 200
billion dollars in exchanges with other
countries. This is what Venezuela's
economy is like.
Major problems
 One
of there problems is about fighting
about what part of there country is
actually is theirs. They are also having a
problem with human trafficking. They also
are having problems with drugs. There
problems are that people are smuggling
them in and out of the country. These are
the problems that Venezuela has.
Political factions
am going to tell you about some of the
political parties. The party that Hugo
Chavez was on was United Socialist Party
of Venezuela or supv. They also have
many more like A New Time or UNT. They
basically have the same things as us just
different meanings and methods behind
how they work.
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