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By: Nadim Ammari
• Species of lions
• Facts
• Habitats
• A full grown male adult lion weighs from 330
pounds to 530 pounds.
• A full grown male lion will grow to be about four
feet high.
A fullgrown
• 1. Lions mostly live in Africa and Northwest India.
• 2. There are seven different species of lions.
• 3. Their habitat consists of wide open plains and open
• 4. They are carnivores.
• 5. 2nd biggest cat in the world.
• 6. They can reach up to 80 kph or about 49 mph
• 7. A lion is expected to live between 10-15 years in the
• 8. They prefer hunting at night.
They are the only social cats.
They live in groups called “prides”.
Lions breed approximately every 2 years.
Cubs open their eyes when they are 3-11 days old.
Cubs walk when they’re 10-15 days old.
Cubs run when they’re 20-25 days old.
African lion
Asiatic lion
American Lion
Mountain Lion
Cave lion
White lion
• Their scientific name is Panthera leo.
• The range of where they are is in Central
• Their habitat is a open and lightly wooded
• They aren’t endangered or threatened at the
spot where they are.
• When in the wild, they eat zebras, giraffes,
buffalos, and warthogs.
• When they’re in the zoo, they have a
carnivore diet, which means they only eat
An African lion eating a zebra.
It’s scientific name is Panthera leo persica.
They are on the brim of being extinct.
There is about 200-350 of these lions left.
They live in Gujarat, India in Gir National Park.
• Asiatic Lions also have a carnivore diet.
• They are predators to deer, antelope, wild boars,
and water buffalos.
Fossils of an
American lion.
Their scientific name is Panthera leo atrox.
The American lion is extinct.
It was said to be the biggest cat ever.
It’s 5-foot tall.
It’s 11.5 feet long from it’s nose to it’s tail.
A picture of what the American
lion looked like.
• Its scientific name is Felis concolor.
• Another name for Mountain Lion is Cougar,
Puma, Panther, Mountain Screamer, Catamount,
Florida Panther and Painter.
• They live mostly in forests and on mountains.
• Mountain lions have a carnivore diet.
• They eat elk, big horned sheep, deer, and
A very fast
it’s prey.
Its scientific name is Panthera leo spelaea.
These lions are extinct.
They became extinct 12,000 years ago.
According to pictures, people know that these lions are
a little bit bigger than modern lions.
• Also according to paintings, we know that they used to
capture big herbivores.
• They used to capture deer, bison, horses, and lionesses.
• There was many more prey than this.
Painting of a cave lion
capturing its prey.
• Their scientific name is Panthera leo krugeri
• They live in the Timbatavi region of South Africa.
• There is said to be about 500 of these lions in
the world.
• They are extinct in the
This is a male white lion.
These type of lions are not albino.
They are white because of a genetic mutation.
Their eyes are yellow.
They wouldn’t survive in the wild because their color
would give them away.
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