Amendments to ISPM No. 5 Glossary of phytosanitary terms

Country Consultation 2006
Amendments to ISPM No. 5
Glossary of phytosanitary terms
Steward:John Hedley
Outline of presentation
Definitions for the following terms are included
in these amendments:
phytosanitary security
integrity (of a consignment)
buffer zone
compliance procedure (for a consignment)
biological control
reference specimen(s) (of a biological control agent)
Brief background information is provided with
each of the proposals.
This includes information on:
- why the definition is being considered and
- significant points relevant to the definitions
where appropriate
New Terms and Definitions (1)
Proposed definitions
phytosanitary security – Maintenance of the integrity
of a consignment, without loss or substitution, and
prevention of its infestation, by the appropriate
phytosanitary measures
integrity (of a consignment) – Composition of a
consignment as described by its Phytosanitary
Certificate or other document
New Terms and Definitions (2)
It is proposed that integrity would cover the
physical state of the consignment as declared
on the PC, and security , as in the sense of
Article IV 2. (g) of the IPPC, would cover
composition, substitution and reinfestation ie
both the maintenance of integrity and the
prevention of reinfestation.
New Terms and Definitions (3)
The IPPC reads – Article IV 2. (g)
2. The responsibilities of an official national plant
protection organization shall include the following:
(g) to ensure through appropriate procedures that the
phytosanitary security of consignments after
certification regarding composition, substitution and
reinfestation is maintained prior to export;
Revised terms and definitions (1)
Proposed definition:
buffer zone – An area surrounding or adjacent to an
area officially delimited for phytosanitary purposes,
subjected to control measures to minimize the risk
of spread of a target pest in or out of the delimited
This definition removes the list of types of areas which could
use a buffer zone in the earlier definition and provides a
generic wording “area officially delimited for phytosanitary
purposes.” and refers to “control measures” so the term can be
used for a pest which is not a regulated pest in that country.
Revised terms and definitions (2)
Proposed definition:
Compliance procedure (for a
consignment) – Official procedure used to
verify that a consignment complies with
phytosanitary import requirements
Compliance procedures (for a consignment) would
check compliance with import requirements, for
which a phytosanitary certificate was issued.
Review of definitions (1)
The definitions of ISPM No.3 (2005) were reviewed by
the Glossary Working Group, following comments at
ICPM-7, and it was proposed that the existing
definitions for the following terms remain unchanged:
beneficial organism
biological control agent
host range, natural enemy
sterile insect technique
Review of definitions (2)
Minor amendments were proposed for two definitions:
biological control – Pest control strategy making use
of living natural enemies, antagonists, competitors,
sterile insects or other biological control agents
- sterile insect has been added
reference specimen(s) (of a biological control
agent) – Individual specimen(s) from a specific
population conserved in a reference culture collection
and, where possible, in publicly available collection(s)
- (of a biological control agent) has been added
Additional note
The Standards Committee reviewed two further
definitions prepared by the Glossary Working Group
for the terms:
- prevalence (of a pest) and
- tolerance (for a pest).
The Standards Committee asked for these definitions to
be re-examined. It is hoped that revised definitions
will be available next year.
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