This is Stokab
An independent actor
Stokab is owned by Stockholm City Council, and is an
independent actor that provides passive infrastructure
in the form of optical fibres that do not have active
termination equipment, known as dark fibre. Since we
started in 1994, the goal of the company has been to
build a competition-neutral infrastructure capable of
meeting future communication needs, spur economic
activity, diversity and freedom of choice, as well as
minimising disruption to the city’s streets.
Stokab leases fibre optic networks that telecom
operators, businesses, local authorities and organisations use for digital communications. Leasing
agreements are structured on favorable terms to
encourage IT development and strong growth in
the Stockholm region.
In addition to fibre optics, Stokab provides space in
nodes/hubs where customers can install communication equipment needed to connect their own networks
to others’ networks.
Unlimited capacity
Fibre optics is an optical system for transferring light.
Its unique characteristics make it ideal to all types of
digital communication such as computer traffic, TV and
telephony. An optical fibre is lighter than a strand of hair,
and can transmit millions of phone calls or hundreds of
TV channels simultaneously.
With high capacity digital communication becoming
so important to companies and individuals – a readily
available, powerful and robust IT infrastructure is
needed everywhere and around the clock.
Flexible business solutions
Fibre optics can be leased individually in various packages designed to support customers’ specific requirements. Our published prices can be reduced based
on volume, calculated in Swedish kronor, and contract
length. Customers can also opt to lease equipment at
a price based on the distance between two addresses,
or a fixed price for connections within a given area.
Service Level Agreements (SLA) and redundancy are
offered with leases of all connections across the entire
The network stretches from Norrtälje to Nynäshamn
and covers large areas of Stockholm, as well as a large
number of offices and business centres in the region.
Stokab also offers fibre optic connections from and to
networks in Enköping, Västerås, Eskilstuna, Strängnäs
and Södertälje, and to several islands in the Stockholm
Stokab’s network stretches the equivalent of 30 times
around the Earth, with 1.25 million kilometres of fibre
optics, 5,500 kilometres of cabling, 600 cross connect
switches and more than 15,000 connectors.
Flexible products that make
business easier
Simplified management in a dependable
Stokab’s connection nodes are specially designed,
reliable areas in optimised environments offering a
high degree of security. By installing active equipment
in connection nodes outside properties, servicing is
made easier and overflow is reduced.
Stokab offers all customers who hire optical fibre
connections competitive terms through a variety
of product packages and business models. Customers receive new, exclusive access rights to a
connection, or an entire network structure so that
doing business becomes easier and more cost
Four options at fixed prices
Our Fixed Price Greater City business model we offer
our retainer customers a fixed price and a well-defined
network structure. The network created in this model
can be completed with four types of connections to a
property. Customers can choose between single fibres,
individually or to entire properties – each option comes
at a fixed price.
Straightforward pricing
Stokab Point to Point provides exclusive access
rights to an optical fibre connection between two
points. Equipment used for the fibre link determines
transmission capacity. The rental amount is always
­calculated by measuring the shortest distance between two points.
A meeting place in a secure environment
Stokab’s Hub-point places customers and their equipment in the right environment with a high degree of
security. Hubs also incorporate a place from which customers can establish contact with other companies in
the Stockholm area. Stokab has several hubs, strategically placed across the region. A number of companies
are connected, including service operators, banks, IT,
healthcare and media businesses, as well as councils
and local authorities. Other city networks are also connected which makes it possible to contact companies
both in the Stockholm area and the rest of the country.
Multi-faceted products at fixed-prices
Stokab Ring and Stokab Star offer our retainer customers a price level that makes purchasing easier, as
well as contributing to quicker decision making by third
parties. These products’ combination possibilities create an affordable and structured background on which
our customers can grow. The rental amount is fixed,
regardless of the distance between locations.
Enhanced availability from a single point
Stokab Hub Connection A-nod, and Stokab Single
Connection Business, consists of single fibre to multifamily residences whether or not commercial activities
are conducted on the property. This business model
/ these products are primarily designed for service
operators and make it possible via connection nodes
to reach even more end-customers in Stockholm.
Service levels and discounts
We have three SLAs to choose from, depending on
end-customers’ needs. All leasing agreements are
discounted according to volume and contract length,
and for higher security applications, we also offer
redundancy connections.
Regardless of sector, Stokab offers tailored solutions ­
on the best possible terms with end- customers that
are ­user-friendly, cost effective and result-orientated.
We have service and coverage around the clock, all
year round and our network structure makes it possible
to change connections, for example in the event of
power cuts.
Fibre networks enable business
Guaranteed IT infrastructure in the public sector
The need to develop new technologies in the public
sector continues to grow. By connecting data communications, telephony and TV, processes are streamlined
and simplified, and communication with inhabitants
is also improved. The possibility to lease c­ onnectivity
from Stokab ensures a secure and powerful IT infra­
structure for all public sector entities, for example
hospitals, schools and local authorities.
More than 800 customers use Stokab’s fibre
networks to do business. These clients are drawn
from a variety of sectors with different network infrastructure and IT solution requirements. Stokab’s
network is therefore designed to enable customers
themselves create their own network structure.
Stokab leases dark fibre, fibre without active equipment. fibre without active equipment. This gives customers total freedom to create their own applications
to suit their specific business models. Together with
customers, we optimise network structures for their
individual requirements.
Increased property value and attractive living
The sustained expansion of households’ need for fast
communication and continuous connectivity continues
to drive demand for improved bandwidth. This in turn
increases demand for a powerful and future-proof
IT infrastructure. Stokab has therefore extended its
network so that it reaches virtually all multi-family residences in Stockholm. A connection to Stokab’s open
fibre network allows property owners to rationalise
running and maintaining of key services (such as heating, electricity and water metering, CCTV and security
systems). If a property owner also installs an internal
fibre network, tenants’ increased demand for Internet,
telephony and TV from different service providers can
also be met.
Adaptable customer solutions
Through Stokab’s network, we supply some 100
operators and service providers with, amongst other
services, Internet, TV and telephony. Regardless of
your business model, Stokab’s product range allows
you to reach end-customers easily and cost effectively.
Freedom of choice with your own fibre
Companies that need high capacity, and who are looking for effective, secure data communication lease
their own fibre connection from Stokab. By taking
responsibility for communication themselves, customers improve cost efficiency and enjoy full control. This
makes it easier to influence their own data transfer
and communication equipment requirements.
Telecom operators, commercial companies
or public sector entities – regardless of
­sector, fibre networks allow customers to
­design their own network structure depending on their needs and business model.
Secure, sustainable IT
Our own environmental contribution
Stokab’s environmental work is designed to reduce the
environmental impact of our activities. Ways in which
we achieve our environmental goals include, whenever
is practicably possible, using green vehicles, handling
materials so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
and limit environmental impact, and disposing of waste
as sustainably as possible.
We buy only environmentally friendly electricity; and
we use green vehicles, bikes and public transport for
business travel. We use videoconferencing and energy
efficiency measures are taken on a continuous basis.
With a well-built and secure fibre network with over
600 nodes, our network is robust and flexible. This
enables our customers to more easily design and
maintain their networks securely and sustainably.
Security around the network and nodes is sound
and our customer service is available around the
clock, every day of the year.
With a powerful network and reliable operations, our
customers can feel confident to conduct business and
in their dealings with end-customers.
Environmental demands on our partners
Beyond our own activities, in procurement processes,
we demand that contractors and consultants have
strategic environmental programmes in place. Those
bidding for contracts must have an environmental
management system and any subcontractors must
also fulfill our environmental requirements.
Improved security with CCTV
Security is an integral element of a company’s overall
operations. We are constantly working to improve
security at all our facilities, for example, we have
installed security cameras at node areas. This, in
combination with the automated handling of physical
keys, streamlines procedures and contributes to
reduced travel.
Stokab: the environmentally friendly option
In addition to optical fibre being an environmentally
friendly product, Stokab’s entire concept is to reduce
­environmental impact. One way we do this is by only
once digging up streets to lay sufficient fibre so that
everyone can have access to the connectivity they need
without having to dig up the street themselves.
Our customers provide schools with heat
Customers who place their equipment in our newest hub actively contribute to heating a large part of
Östra Real High School. Heat from equipment in the
hub is converted, by a heat exchanger, in the school’s
heating system. By using heat and generating cool air,
the service life of the hub’s cooling system is extended
and operating costs are reduced. This climate-smart
facility is held up as an example and has been praised
nationally and internationally.
Stokab works systematically with security and sustainability issues, both internally and externally. By continually
improving security measures, we build peace of mind for
our customers. And by working strategically with sustainability, we limit environmental impact in Stockholm.
Stokab – the foundation for IT
in Stockholm
Fibre innovations
With unlimited access to so-called dark fibre, an
entirely new, innovative way of working has been
­established. By connecting TV cameras directly to a
fibre optic connection for outside broadcasts, neither
support vehicles nor satellite broadcasting is needed.
This means that TV programmes can be produced in
much higher quality at far lower cost, in an environ­
mentally responsible way.
Stokab’s fibre network has established the foundation for IT in Stockholm. It delivers business
benefits to our customers, boosts competition,
increases diversity and freedom of choice. The
network encourages innovation, employment,
improved ways of working and opportunities to
develop sustainable solutions.
That IT infrastructure should be everywhere and available to all on the same terms has been Stockholm City
Council’s vision since the deregulation of the telecommunications market at the start of the 90s. So Stockholm has successively, according to market demand
through Stokab, expanded an operator-neutral fibre
network. With fibre that would stretch the equivalent
of more than 30 times around the Earth, Stockholm
has the world’s largest open fibre optic network.
Socioeconomic benefits
A research report has concluded that Stokab’s fibre
network has resulted in socioeconomic benefits
amounting to at least SEK 16 billion. The network has,
amongst other things, kept broadband prices low and
increased property values, created job opportunities,
enabled the expansion of the 4G/IT mobile network
and reduced data and telecommunication costs for
councils and local authorities: all this and more without public subsidies.
Affordable broadband
Because operators are able to lease fibre optic infrastructure from a neutral actor such as Stokab, the barrier to entry in Stockholm is low. Today, there are more
than 100 operators active in the city. This has resulted
in an almost halving of the price of broadband compared to the rest of Sweden, where prices are already
low compared to the international market.
The smart city
Thanks to our fibre networks, there are many oppor­
tunities for environmentally friendly IT solutions in
Stockholm. High-speed broadband in the network
enables distance working, planning and optimisation
of travel, and use of streamed media such as film,
music and books. The network is also the framework
for a smart city with e-services, the collection and use
of big data, the possibility of using resource pools,
for example car pooling and controlling energy smart
systems for housing.
Broadband that creates employment
For many years, it has been knowledge-intensive companies that have created the bulk of new job opportunities. A fundamental prerequisite for these businesses
has been access to a highly developed, robust and
reliable broadband network for both companies and
their employees. Stockholm is considered to be one
of the world’s best cities for broadband quality, for connecting schools to the Internet and for exploiting the
full potential IT offers.
Access to high bandwidth fibres increases the capacity
for logistics and transport optimisation, traffic control and
information in real-time, as well as energy smart control of
housing. It also creates job opportunities and makes remote
working possible.
Tulegatan 11, Box 6813, SE-113 86 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0) 8 508 30 200 Fax: +46 (0) 8 508 30 210
[email protected]
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