Healthcare Restrooms - Multi

Restroom Cleaning
Restroom Cleaning may involve private, patient
restrooms and general public restrooms..
Note: Special procedures including more intensive cleaning
procedures may be required in isolation areas or in
areas housing immuno compromised individuals.
Restroom Cleaning
Daily Cleaning
Announce Yourself: Gently knock on the
door, if the patient is alert or restroom is
Set Up Safety Signs: Place a wet floor sign
outside and inside the door.
Equipment: Be sure to have on proper
safety equipment which means gloves and
protective eyewear
Only bring into the restroom the equipment
needed, leave the cart outside the room.
Equipment and Supplies
Restroom Cleaning
Getting Started….Gather your supplies
Wiping Cloths
Mop Bucket with Century Q Solution
Refills for dispensers, roll towels, toilet paper
Bowl Mop
Floor Mops
Wall Mops
High Duster
Spray bottle, labeled #2 Multi-Shine Glass Cleaner.
Bucket with Century Q Solution
Spray bottle, labeled, containing Century Q Solution
Trash Can Liners (standard, general waste)
Wet Floor Signs
Daily Cleaning
Restroom Cleaning
Announce Yourself
Always knock, politely announce yourself as housekeeping.
 Wet Floor Signs
Place wet floor signs in the hallway in front of the room entrance,
and inside the room.
 Enter room with supplies.
Do not bring the cart into the room, carry in necessary supplies.
 Toilets bowls and urinals.
Apply disinfectant to interior of all toilets and urinals.
 Empty Trash
Always wear gloves. Put on new gloves when waste is properly
sealed and placed in proper receptacles. Disinfect trash
containers before replacing with fresh liners.
Check and Fill Dispensers.
Towel dispensers, soap and sanitizer dispensers need to be filled.
Wipe dispensers with disinfectant cleaner.
 Clean Mirrors and Glass
Use Glass Cleaner to clean mirrors and glass.
Clean High Touch Surfaces
Use Century Q to wipe down all patient contact surfaces. Light
switches, door knobs, window sills and all horizontal surfaces.
Spot clean walls as needed.
 Clean Sinks, Countertops, and Partitions
Use disinfectant cleaner for these surfaces.
 Toilets and Urinals
Clean and wipe exterior surfaces, then use bowl mop to swab all
interior surfaces, paying attention to the underside surfaces. Flush
 Damp Mop Floors.
Use a Century Q solution to mop floors.