BV Dairy: LCAG results

Low Carbon Action Group results
The nature of our business
means a large amount of energy
needs to be used, but we are
looking to compensate that with
the renewable energy
production from the AD Plant.
Due to a future rebuild there will
not be any major investments
made to improve current
Our baseline year for measuring
our carbon footprint is 2010. This
covered the following scope:
Electricity, Heating Oil, Company
In the baseline year the result of
our Carbon Footprint assessment
2466.54t CO2 /£m turnover
Carbon Assessment Results
Business Strategy
Energy Efficiency
Overall Rating
1. Build a carbon management system, to identify
carbon reduction targets
2. Consider using sub-metering to understand the
energy usage across each segment of the
business. This will help you understand which
areas use the most energy, so you can target
energy reductions more appropriately.
3. Look at improving communication to the staff
at all levels relating to carbon management, and
getting them more involved in generating ideas.
4. Look at ways of reducing draft and heat loss
through the windows e.g. through using window
insulation films.
Held a ‘Green Day’ on 22nd March. A week
earlier taster posters went up in the work
place, then on Friday 18th March we issued our
spring staff newsletter and then finally on 22nd
March our green day.
Followed up by talking to individuals and
groups about their ideas. The bulk of the
workforce contributed and quite a few ideas
overlapped but we do have some serious
contenders to follow up on which I am about
to do. We also promised rewards for staff who
came up with good ideas.
High efficiency travelling belt oven which recirculates used heat back into the
oven. There is minimal heat loss from this oven. The baking time is cut by
approximately 40 % plus minimal heat gain to the bakery. It is estimated that
fuel costs will be reduced by approximately 50% by using this oven with the
subsequent saving in C02 emissions.
T5 sized florescent tubes fitted, giving a 30% saving over T8 sized tubes.
Install light sensors in low occupancy rooms such as toilets and changing
By using Good Manufacturing Processes, in recent months Fudges have
reduced their ‘out of spec’ product waste by around 40%. This has resulted in
higher yields per batch with subsequent reduced need to produce extra
batches to cover manufacturing losses.
Speed limiters added to company vehicles, to promote the
reduction of fuel use.
Monitoring our electricity usage in the office to determine
where best to reduce consumption.
Holding an environmental awareness week which will include
carbon reduction and energy efficiency.
Implementing ISO 14001 to continually review the carbon
management and commit to a target of reduction.
Upgrade lighting to a more energy efficient
version throughout the facility and are
currently in the process of applying for a grant
towards this from IYRE & Business link.
Upgrade our computer system to a thin client
system to save energy.
Compressed air leak check by
Implemented a cross site monitoring system.
Lighting specialists endorsed the T8 to T5 tube conversion, for
Tool box talks with employees to increase their understanding of
how we as a company waste Energy and get some buy in on Energy
saving activities i,e if its not in use turn it off.
Installing control devices for equipment that only needs to use
energy at specific points during our processes, (rather than one on
and off switch for our entire process)
Installing speed doors instead of shutter doors where constant
access and egress is required of large goods. (Aids reducing energy
used heating)
What have we done, where are we going next?
Compressed air leak check 16.5t CO2, £2262
IRYE grant applied for £10000 and looking to add to it and replace the
entire system 33%more efficient saving 45t CO2
Trucks use an exhaust gas recirculation system reducing emissions by
2.6kg less CO2 per litre of fuel with an overall saving of 25t CO2/year
per vehicle
Recycled packaging and 50% landfill waste reduction achieved
Emulate Craftwood's green day plus ESH newsletter
Lighting survey to be carried out and switch-off monitoring
Staff communication via the Company conference
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