Norwegian Solutions

Norwegian Solutions
Nordic Power System
• A new green industry in the community of
• To be established 2011 at Kyrkjebø and will
employ appr. 100 workers.
What is Nordic Power Systems?
• Nordic Power Systems is developing an
entirely new product that is essentially a
diesel aggregate.
• This aggregate is called APU(Auxilary Power
Unit), which means it can produce electricity
from different types of fuel, for example
diesel, rape-seed oil and other organic oils.
Fuel Cell Technology
• A fuel cell is an electrochemical
cell that converts hydrogen into
electricity, by chemically mixing it
with oxygen. The fuel cell can
continuously generate electricity,
as long as fuel(hydrogen) and
oxidants(oxygen) are maintained.
It is basically a large, powerful
battery that can be useful in many
The Cool Flame Fuel Cell
• The evaporation of diesel is the most
challenging step in a diesel reformer. The cool
flame reformer uses a new, unique concept for
evaporating and mixing the diesel with air and
• The cool flame fuel cell generator represents a
major environmental improvement compared
to conventional power systems based on
diesel- or petrol combustion engines.
The Cool Flame Fuel Cell
• Significantly higher efficiency results in
reduced fuel consumption and C02 emissions,
as well as less logistic costs. Using bio-diesel,
the system operates on a renewable, CO2
neutral basis.
• Equally important, the emissions of (diesel)
particles / soot, NOx and CO are eliminated.
• The cool flame fuel cell generator operates
silently and without any fumes.
The Cool Flame Fuel Cell
The Cool Flame Fuel Cell
• The difference from NPS’ aggregate compared to
others is that it is a fuel cell that produces the
current, not a normal generator.
• This makes the product almost completely silent,
and because of the new technology, it produces
more electricity out of each liter of diesel than a
normal aggregate.
• This makes the product much more friendly to
the environment and more attractive at today’s
Products and market.
Products and market.
defence industry
buses and trucks
yachts / marine sector
mobile homes
automotive sector, for example EV range extender
UPS/back up systems
transport refrigeration
combined heat and power (CHP)
The cool flame fuel cell generator is the ideal power source for a
variety of markets, both for mobile and stationary applications
The team.
• The Nordic Power System represents new
technology and a new kind of climate friendly
industry wich will be very important in the
future by reducing climat change.
• A presentation of Norwegian Airline Company
and its environment policy.
• Reduction of noise by 20 decibel
• Fuel efficiency, 70% per passenger
kilometer - reducing CO2 and
Nitrogen oxide emissions.
• Renewing of the Norwegian fleet
with Boeing 737-800 aircrafts
reduce emissions greatly.
Weight reductions
Electronic manuals in the cockpit
Engine and aircraft wash
Waste sorting and recycling
• Norwegian has a clear climate
policy and is working hard to
reduce its environmental footprint.
• Norwegian is active in several
environmentally oriented projects
in the Scandinavian countries
working together with SAS Group
to promote a sustainable aviation
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