Triple-E TM requirements

Ship specific
Company specific
Triple-E TM requirements
Level 4
Environmental policy in place
Current environmental
regulations within emissions
to air and discharge to sea
complied with
Bunker fuel records kept and
maintained including fuel log
books and bunker delivery
Quality testing of all bunker
deliveries by internationally
recognised fuel testing
Level 3
Level 2
Environmental Management
System incl. clearly
defined policies, KPIs and
targets implemented
Certified Environmental
Management System
Level 1
An environmental risk
assessment carried out
Environmental training of
crew and management
implemented, based on
findings from awareness
Environmental awareness
survey completed with training
needs and improvement areas
Ship Energy Efficiency
Management Plan (SEEMP)
established and targets set
Calculation and monitoring of
Energy Efficiency Operational
Indicator (EEOI)
Calculation of annual average
sulphur content (%) of fuel
Ship Energy Efficiency
Management Plan (SEEMP)
with targets has been
implemented, monitored and
followed up
No discharge to sea from
harmful substances
Energy Efficiency
Operational Indicator (EEOI)
used to document energy
efficient performance
Exhaust gas measurements
to document efficiency of
installed exhaust gas
cleaning systems, when
operating in areas with
specific emission regulations
Verifiable fuel oil
consumption measurements
Inventory of Hazardous
Type approved Ballast Water
Treatment System
Sulphur content of fuel used
< IMO average (%)
EEDI to be calculated and
verified for new ships
according to IMO Guidelines
Detailed specification of all Triple-ETM requirements will be provided to clients entering the rating scheme.
Triple-ETM requirements may be amended according to emerging regulations.
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