CYNAR PLC - Biomass and residues to create future fuels



• Cynar PLC are pioneers in developing a technology that turns end-oflife plastics otherwise destined for landfill, incineration or outsourcing into alternative/replacement synthetic liquid fuel (diesel, kerosene and naphtha).

• This is done through an environmentally-friendly closed-loop technology that converts plastic to fuel through a combination of pyrolysis and oil refinery technology.

• The Cynar’s Technology uses only end-of-life waste plastics that cannot be recycled or reused, creating a sustainable domestic source of high-cetane, low-sulphur fuel while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from landfill and traditional hydrocarbon extraction.


Seeking specialist partners to combine our Cynar waste plastics to fuels technology with biomass and residues to create future fuels, providing sustainable energy and process efficiency

• Cynar – presently producing off and on-road diesel fuel from low grade plastic waste

• Cynar’s alternative diesel capable of combining with renewable bio-diesel providing enhanced

1. Sustainability

2. Lower GHG

3. Cost benefits

4. Fuel & Environmental Security

5. Renewables utilisation

• Cynar has developed other usable fuels besides diesel capable of mixing with renewables biofuel and biomass creating

- Enhanced energy output and calorific value

- CHP Plant and Electrical Generation

Cynar is in advanced discussions with

• Parties interested in the development and deployment of alternative, sustainable and renewable fuel energy potentials

• These include-

Irish Rail Carrier and Network operator

International Shipping Owner

EU Data Centre Owner

Irish Transport Operator

• Cynar is seeking additional interested partners from these areas and from the process and chemical industry to advance our proposal

Cynar – Consortium Requests

• Our alternative fuels combined with Biofuel and Biomass residuals offer wide potential in future

- Energy generation and storage

- Electrical generation and locomotion

- New product and process development in Chemical Industry, Manufacturing,

Processing and Food Production

• Next generation synthetic and biofuel combinations will

- secure environmental and competitive advantages

- create further innovation in renewables development

- bring significant social and societal benefits

• We are looking for opportunities to partner with suitable colleagues for a consortium bid in SPIRE or other H2020 calls

Conclusion and

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