Hazerdous Materials Response Team Unit, Operational Response

Hazardous Materials Response Team Unit
Our Mission
HM Units provides technical
and scientific support to
FBI investigations
involving hazardous
materials, including
Weapons of Mass
• Hazardous Materials Response Team Unit
• Hazardous Materials Science Response Unit
• Hazardous Materials Operations Unit
Support to FBI Investigations
WMD Threat assessment
Scientific or technical assessment
Hazmat crime scene management
Hazard risk assessment
Site safety and medical support
Incident Command support
Evidence collection
– Chemical, biological, radiological
• Hazardous evidence transportation
• Domestic and international missions
FBI Responsibilities
• Identify, detect, deter and disrupt terrorist
operations before they occur
• Primary jurisdiction to investigate, apprehend
and bring to prosecution those responsible
for acts of terrorism
• WMD Crime Scene Operations
• WMD Forensics
• Render Safe Operations
• Terrorism Investigations
Hazardous Materials Response Teams
• 28 Teams
• Respond to incidents with
support of HMRU
• Collateral duty – SA’s,
Task Force Officers
including JTTF,
professional support staff
Hazardous Materials Response Teams
• Initial assessment
• Identify, preserve, document, and collect
evidence in a hazardous environment
Evidence Recovery
• Effective laboratory analysis depends on
Quality Control
• Avoid cross-contamination
– Do not re-use sterile equipment or supplies
– Change gloves between each sample
• Control Blanks
– Always include for every lot number
• Control Samples
– Uncontaminated environmental samples
WMD Coordinators
• Liaison with Federal, State, and local
response agencies
• Conduit to FBIHQ for technical information,
advice, and assistance
• Pre-Event Planning and Prevention
• At least one WMD Coordinator in each office
• Contacted by State and local Emergency
Responders for WMD threat or incident
SSA Lisa J. Ference
[email protected]